It is imperative that historians and researchers continue to have the widest possible access to documents and archives that highlight the crimes and abuses of totalitarian regimes, Prime Minister Ciuca said in a message commemorating the largest anti-Semitic massacre in Romania.

Prime Minister Nikolai Siuka sent a message to commemorate a tragic event in national history, recognized as the “Iai program” in the summer of 1941, when the largest anti-Semitic pogrom in Romania took place in the capital of Moldova.

Ciucă stated in his letter that it is essential that historians and researchers continue to have the widest possible range of documents and archives that shed light on the crimes and abuses of totalitarian regimes.

“All these efforts contribute to a change for the better for the country and the image of Romania in the world, which proves, at the same time, that the progress made by our country in this direction is profound and significant,” Siuka said.

“For 81 years, women, men and children, without any guilt, have become victims of genocidal anti-Semitic politics and political and military decisions that forever changed the history of the city, its demographics and Living with an ethnic and religious past for hundreds of years. harassment, humiliation, Tortured, brutally beaten, boarded freight trains, separated from their families, shot or killed in brutal ways, and dumped in mass graves, the victims of the Yash massacre need lasting remembrance from the state and society.

We must continue to speak, investigate, investigate carefully, ask questions, identify evidence and documentary answers to the manner in which the authorities at the time, military, administrative and civil, responded to the order of Ion Antonescu and the Roman. Collaborators and Germans, who participated in an unprecedented process that paved the way for subsequent deportations, massacres, unimaginable barbarism, and hundreds of thousands of crimes against the Jewish population.

The program in Iaşi changed the course of history and within a few days more than 13,000 Jews had died, and thousands more remained traumatized for the rest of their lives.

I have said repeatedly, that the Holocaust was the greatest tragedy of humanity in our entire global history, since dehumanization, crime, and the use of state institutions and bureaucracy to wipe out millions of people have no parallel in our past since that moment. The scale, organization, development and consequences of the Iasi massacre prompt us to reflect, take responsibility and constantly remember the facts, a position to acknowledge and condemn Romania’s participation in the Holocaust, the most disastrous and criminal political decision in our totality. Date. But it also urges us to consider the few gestures of solidarity that have saved important lives and given meaning to humanity.

In the over eight decades since the tragedy of the Jews from Iai and Romania, we identify entire periods of concealment, relativism, and underestimation of responsibilities before and after 1989, but also encouraging developments that give us hope for years and decades for the to come. I would like to congratulate and emphasize the positive role that the Yash administration has played in recent years Promoting and protecting the memory of the massacre victims. Celebrations, memorial events, naming the events of 1941 in public, awarding honorary titles to survivors, but especially the establishment of a memorial museum in the building and yard of the former police station, are all landmarks and examples in which the memory of the victims is supposed to be preserved and civic awareness is disseminated and circulated.

Romania has made impressive progress in the past two decades in the field of Holocaust memory, which is recognized by international forums and our Euro-Atlantic partners. A powerful country assumes its past and the more it candidly talks about it, the more resilient it becomes in the face of contemporary vulnerabilities, conspiracy theories and revisionist propaganda. I also encourage local and central authorities to celebrate this event and the statements from our history that speak of responsibilities and responsibilities (…) “added Ciuca in his message.

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