Look who holds the flag of freedom up!

what But will it be amalgam? Freedom, fear, unleashed, historical slowness? Is it chaos, disorder, disorganization, or perhaps a self-seeking trend? Or is it a world of undulating images whose movements escape us? This mistake was also made by writers who do not know or do not know that in the age of complexity such myths or legends are inhaled.

Oh man, the story with theorists is beautiful of course. To understand a phenomenon, a good image consultant gets to work whether he has to bathe in the keeper of the ship or take pictures or, moreover, more metaphysical, more miraculous and angelic or entirely demonic, to construct a photographic space. Photography is a mysterious, dynamic and mystical world. A bad photographer takes a cliched, tasteless, and stupid photo of me.

And, of course, he uses focused instruction in a scholastic manner, where for him the frame is just a trivial story, up, down, backward, left, right. You may have walked around Arnheim who once spoke about the power of the visual center. Well, the story of photography has changed drastically in the age of complexity. It’s not a picture, it’s an experience. The great idea is to immortalize the process. For that, you must not only be a good theorist and practitioner, you must have vision. An ant can be seen or photographed in many ways.

It is an encyclopedia or, more deeply, a blog. I think a self-respecting photographer hits his head with these photo icons. Why can I take pictures in this kind of universe? What in the universe allows me to take pictures? Chemical interactions, physical frictions between particles or somehow separate topologies of the universe? FICTION deserves to be written with the letter F. Why? It’s a beautiful philosophy for this FICTION concept. First of all, it has nothing to do with this thing that could be. Well, let’s introduce in this script the idea of ​​fantasy objects, fantasy artifacts, etc. It is a strategy related to forecasting, forecasting, global models, etc. Infinity, for example, is an imaginary thing or an imaginary object.

The large category of things, of which images are a part, is great. Imagination does not mean something that does not exist. It’s a framing problem because photography, for the most part, is also a framing problem. Imagination, as an expression of a very interesting universal paradigm. Small beings value the freedom of knowledge. Here is an example. Library mice from VA Urechea of ​​Galați started writing all kinds of open letters the other day.

They wrote to political parties reprimanding them for election slips, wrote to environmentalists for their lack of activity, wrote to ambulance doctors asking when the Romanian doctor would be excited to deal frankly with the rescue of the people of Romania by SMURD, ambulances and helicopters, in the sense of being a real president, inspired by God and by the grace of God, he wrote dozens of letters to the president, government, parliament, etc., even to SRI, DNA, and CFR. They have also written to actors, illustrators, and writers from the USR, UNITER, and UAP. They have also written to restaurants, museums, the police, the military, and even to BOR.

Finally, in their civil and enthusiastic Greek, the Library Rats of VA Urechea in Galați wrote to their comrades on Jupiter, and wrote to whales in the Pacific and some penguins in Iceland, hoping that the paper world would not die with global warming. They also wrote a top-secret, confidential letter to the Nobel Prize jury. They also wrote to Einstein telling him green in the face that the Big Bang story is a joke and that they have comprehensive readings about the birth of the observable universe.

On this topic, the Library Rats of VA Urechea of ​​Galați also wrote several letters to the Humanitas Publishing House. They expressed their bewilderment that many books published by Elegant Publishing House would be of a socialist core, and that is true, so to speak, of utopian socialism so well wrapped in doctrines of all kinds. Namely, the Darwinism promoted by Elegant Publishing House would be anachronistic and ludicrous, because political doctrines are outdated, depraved and inadequate in an undulating and undulating world. But it seems that the point did not exist either conceptually or materially! Discrete space topologies do not contain the point.

What we think of as a point is actually a hypostasis of a process. Punctuality, punctuation, dot shape are all fantasies. Why do we need imagination? We may place ourselves in the world, in the universe, in our relationships with others. Corn is also a necessary imagination. And evolutionary theory is a fantasy, really exciting. Even a picture can be imaginary. It is a hypostasis of a particular moment in the process of experimentation. We photograph the hypostasis of some operations. An encyclopedia of these processes can be found in this publication. What about freedom?!

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