MaiMultVerde and Bloc Zero associations launch the “Documentation for Change” project with an outdoor film show in Deva

We invite you to attend the launching ceremony of the “Documentation for Change” project that will be held Friday, July 30, at 20.30 in Central Park Diva. The documentary ROȘIA MONTANĂ, A PLACE AT THE EDGE OF THE GAP / ROȘIA MONTANĂ, TOWN ON THE BRINK (p. Fabian Daub, Germany – Romania, 2012, 92 min) will be shown at this event.

Access to the #DocumentarePentruSchimbare project launch event is free and limited to places available. Wearing a mask in the exhibition space is mandatory throughout the event. The event will be held in compliance with all safety measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, based on current regulations.

The situation in Rocia Montana is characterized by confusion caused by the arrival of a Romanian company with Canadian gold mining shareholders. The company plans to clear a large part of the municipality and its surroundings from the surface of the earth, in order to gain access to the largest gold deposits in Europe. The exploitation will include the use of cyanide to extract gold, a risk necessary to promote economic development in the region, but one with fatal potential for the environment and beautiful landscapes of the region. More than 2,000 people are about to lose their homes. Many of them chose to move to the big cities, but a small group of residents stand up to the company and defend their homes with everything they have. A long struggle led by the people in a deeply divided municipality, where the feud between opponents and supporters of the mining project separates even families.

Documenting for Change uses the documentary as an educational tool, in order to encourage adolescents in Hunedoara District to become aware of and participate in the solution of environmental problems in their community. In the project with the motto “Do not give up with I have seen Environmental issues”, young people from 11 schools in Diffa will delve into topics such as the environment, activism and human rights and discover an alternative and innovative approach, where film screenings become a context in which teachers and students collaborate and learn together.

In the educational modules included in the project, for a period of one year, a series of Documentary film screenings followed by Discussions about environmental issues and civic activism Which will be attended by film professionals and experts in documentary film education. To complete and apply the knowledge gained from the performances, young people will participate in Activist practice workshop, where they will discover concrete measures to combat local environmental problems. Also in the workshop, young people will identify the most pressing environmental issue in their area and take action Awareness campaign in order to solve it. The campaign will have a role in raising awareness and mobilizing the local community to participate in decisions that affect their quality of life at the local level and will be documented by video.

The project also includes:

  • create something Environmental Film CatalogIt can be accessed free of charge by teachers and students at
  • development Environmental Education Manual which will contain a theoretical component on the main concepts in the field of environment, sustainability and civic activism, but also a more applied component, which will propose a series of practical activities for students
  • Implementation Training courses in teaching environmental education through documentary filmsaddressed to teachers from partner schools.
  • organization greening procedures locally

The project was developed by MaiMultVerde, in partnership with Bloc Zero Association, with financial support from Active Citizens Fund Romania, a program funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through 2014-2021 EEA grants. The aim of the project is to mobilize young people from schools and secondary schools in Diffa City and Comune Oymo in order to position themselves as responsible actors and civic participants, aware of the problems of the society to which they belong.

Local Partners: Diva Lions Association
National Media Partners: IQads, Spotmedia, ȘtiriONG,, Iqool, Aivimediahub.
Local Media Partners: KISS FM Deva, Big FM Deva, Hunedoara Libera, Accent Media.

The Active Citizens Romania program is funded by EEA grants 2014-2021. The general objective of the grants is to reduce economic and social disparities and to strengthen bilateral relations between the fifteen recipient countries and the donor countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). The program is managed by the Civil Society Development Foundation Consortium, Partnership Foundation, Roma Communities Resource Center, PACT Foundation and Frivillighet Norge, which act as fund operator designated by the FMO – EEA Grants Office and the Norwegians. The Fund for Active Citizens in Romania aims to strengthen civil society, active citizenship and increase the capacity of vulnerable groups. With a total allocation of €46,000,000, the program aims to develop the long-term sustainability and capacity of the civil society sector, intensifying its role in promoting democratic participation, active citizenship and human rights while strengthening bilateral relations with Iceland’s donor countries. Liechtenstein and Norway.

MaiMultVerde Association is an environmental non-governmental organization whose mission is to build a new culture of responsibility and volunteerism for the environment in Romania. Since its inception in 2008, MaiMultVerde has worked in 50 communities in the country, worked with 26,850 volunteers, planted more than 1,700,000 seedlings, collected more than 350 tons of waste, and implemented the first bicycle system. Outside of many national environmental media and education campaigns, she organized the first fundraising event for environmental projects, the Green Gala. In nearly twelve years, MaiMultVerde has attracted €5,827,714 for nature conservation actions, money from large Romanian corporate sponsorships, individual donations and non-reimbursable public funding.

Founded in 2019, Bloc Zero operates projects and programs at the intersection of education and culture that aim to create active cultural networks in culturally disadvantaged areas, as well as develop cultural management and cultural presentation in those areas, and actively engage local communities in the process.

The methodologies and business models proposed by the Zero Block Association include elements from a variety of artistic and cognitive fields, from film and the visual arts, to anthropology, ecology, civics and human rights.

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