Mircea Diaconu and Cozmin Gușă, attack soprano Angela Giorgio: musically uneducated, culturally corrected and patriotic

Angela Giorgio Photo: Facebook

Soprano Angela Giorgio made some statements about Roman culture, which drew harsh criticism of her. Actor Mircea Diacono and Cosmin Go’s reaction to The Sopranos.

In an interview with a site, Angela Giorgio made controversial statements about great national values, such as Jorge Enescu, Cibrian Borombiscu and Maria Tonas, calling them “false legends”. The backlash did not last. Actor Mircea Diacono and political analyst Cosmin Go did not spare the sopranos at all.

Mircea Diacono, on Angela Giorgio: Musically uneducated and dominated by her social frustrations and whims

“It is disappointing to see how one of Europe’s greatest sopranos is musically uneducated and dominated by her frustrations and worldly whims. The truth is that it is not enough to sing or play on stage to obtain a rigorous understanding of the history of music and theater. Proficiency can only mean external access official to music and does not necessarily imply a comprehensive assimilation of artistic content,” Mircea Diacono wrote on Facebook.

On the other hand, when you sing Italian opera, which is a mid-level chapter in the history of modern worship music, being carried away by the arrogant wave of stylized ceremony that always accompanies and surrounds the specific environment of this type of opera you can get the impression that the value of music lies especially in this Media ceremony.

He hits it with the Ciprian Porumbescu, but everyone knows that Porumbescu belongs to the beginning of Roman music, and its value is more historical. So he didn’t say anything new. But with Enescu, he messed it up badly. When you are not able to distinguish Verdi’s cliched operas (which is more of a pedant musical metaphor) and Enescu’s symphonies, you clearly have no serious business acumen and should probably limit you to singing and not make you a music critic or historian,” Mircea Diacono wrote on Facebook.

Kuzmin Go: “You are right about culture and patriotism”

Cosmin Gu did not forgive Angela Georgiou either. “Shame on you, Angela Giorgio. You sing well, but in my opinion, which can be subjective, you are right in terms of culture and patriotism. On a website, Angela Giorgio said that Enescu and Borombisco were not great artists, and that Maria Tonas sang on the tables, and that they are all false legends.He stated that Borombescu is not of great value, that he wrote few things, and that he also composed an operetta, but this does not matter.

It also cancels out the great George Enescu, and confuses some names of Stalinist origin. Nikolai Brentan, Pascal Pintoyo, Paul Constantinescu … In her opinion, she will surpass Georges Enescu, who did not do much, sang in a museum in the United States. And Maria Tonas sang at the tables, although she was invited to the United States.

Georges Enescu had great success in Paris with the Oedipus opera, where it was highly complex and understated. The festival, perhaps the most important of its kind in the world, has just ended. Cosmin Gu said angrily in the show “What’s in Gușă, and in the mark” by Gold FM.

“I didn’t like the fact that Angela Giorgio did it. The fact that she assumed that she lowered her status from a cultural point of view. It is true in terms of patriotism and culture, even if it was used. I would never have allowed myself, instead of her, to say such things about some The artistic and musical landmarks that we have and that define us.They are valuable even throughout the world.Angela Giugio resonates in the eyes of many.

If he only wants publicity, he’s got it, but it’s passive. I’ll give him some advice if he doesn’t apologize in the meantime. When she comes to the country, I advise her to be careful that she may get the same treatment as her “brother” in expression towards the Romanians or at least from thinking, by her name Klaus of Sibiu,” said Cosmin Jo.

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