standard of indifference. Galati’s ‘Olympic Basin’ is in ruins after 17 years of modernization

Performances by David Popovici at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest have excited Romanians who no longer expect such an important Romanian performance, but we are also seeing revitalization from politicians who want to congratulate the world champion, some more to associate him with him. image with its performance.

But beyond this collective enthusiasm is the disaster in which the bases of swimming sports from across the country fall. The sport has almost disappeared, because in news magazines there is almost no mention of polo, which thirty years ago was one of the most popular sports in our country.

There is also a criterion for this disaster: the state of the “Olympic Basin” in Galati, which has been modernized 17 years ago, but is still in ruins. One thing is for sure: if he had been born in Galati, David Popovici would have missed his swimming career, because he had nowhere to train at a pace that would allow him to get results at European or world level.

The “Olympic Basin”, a venue for city lore, has been converted by mayors into a swimming pool with a bar. Like Lido!

In 1970, the “Olympic swimming pool” was opened in Galati, which met the conditions for organizing international competitions. The new swimming pool completed an area dedicated to sports, because it was built near the “Danube” stadium, the gymnasium and the bowling alley, a sport in which the people of Galati excelled and won several titles of world champions.

The construction of the Olympic pool was in the direction of the tradition of Galați, a port on the Danube, where it was difficult to swim across the Danube, whose bottom is 800-900 meters wide, but there were also annual swimming competitions at the distance Brăila – Galați, more than a dozen races kilometres.

In the 70s and 80s, in the “Olympic Basin”, national swimming competitions, polo matches, including a school tournament, were organized, because it was fashionable for high schools in the city to have a polo team. It was an open-air swimming pool, but it had to be covered in order to become a pioneer plant. Until 1990, it was successfully operating, hosting many national and international polo and swimming tournaments, but also a sports school that awarded Romania many national champions.

After 1990, city officials gave sports fun and the “Olympic pool” for a few years became “Tahiti”, a pool with a bar, like “Lido”! Although he brought in the money, the basin was not maintained, the facilities were not checked, and in 2005 the basin was closed due to a sewage system failure resulting in significant infiltration in the area, and the leveling of the ground weakened the basin, but also the hall Sports.

Land consolidation work was carried out between 1999 and 2000, at a cost equivalent to €2.5 million and by 2002 the basin was reopened for a short period and because the problem of intrusion was not resolved, the basin was closed again in 2005.

17 years of promises, allowances, fraudulent auctions and funding cuts have passed

This was followed by an epic long allocation of funds for the repair of facilities and modernization of the complex. In 2005-2009, 80 thousand euros were spent on repairing the water supply and filtration system, but the pool remained closed. In 2009, 1,050,000 lei, or 250,000 euros, was allocated to rehabilitate the pool, but the auction failed after it was discovered that the auction had been rigged.

The auction was resumed, and another company, Euro Pec Galați, was appointed, whose owner promised to complete the works within 6 months, but the National Agency for Youth and Sports stopped funding, and the company stopped the works.

Since 2016, City Hall and CJ Galați have tried several times to seize sports stadiums and school camps from the Ministry of Sports, among which was the “Olympic Pool”.

Meanwhile, Galați City Hall has resumed an old project, from 2010 to 2011, to build a swimming complex in the iglinei valley, near the “Olympic Basin”. The Minister of Sports at the time, Marius Dinka, promised that “within a month, the problem of the Olympic pool will be resolved, and the municipality will take over its responsibility.”

But nothing happened. The last event in this series of indifference was the fact that in 2020 he came to Galati, to see the state of the “Olympic Basin”, even the Minister of Sports at the time, Yunoy Straw. It was a visit that did not pay off.

The DNA file has also been accessed

It was also an episode with criminal connotations. Between 2011 and 2012 there was an operation between the business outlet – SC 3G Sport IP SRL and the modernization designer – SC Uzinsider Enginering and the District Directorate of Youth and Sports in Galati. From this litigation, a file in DNA was accessed.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has been notified by DNA Galați of the opening of the criminal case No. 124 / P / 2017 on the award and implementation of the works contract No. 80 / 08.09.2009 between the District Sports Directorate and Youth Galați and its associated companies, the subject of which is “Design and implementation of the capital reform of the bathroom Olympic swimming at the Danube Sports Complex Galați. The DNA profile had no consequences either.

Swimmers travel from Galati to Braila for training

Galați has a swimming pool in Baia Comunală and 2-3 recreational pools, but none of these pools meet competitive requirements and there is no place for legitimate athletes to train. In the swimming division of City Hall Club, CSM Galați, 23 athletes were legalized, and the swimmers from Aqua Sport had notable results in the ninth edition of the National Masters for Athletes Over 25 Years, dropping several national records.

Serpan Frueli has emerged by two national records, in the 800m freestyle and 200m freestyle, respectively, being triple national champion (800m, 400m and 200m) and double vice champion (50m and 100m), both It’s free. Marius Foro also set a national record, also in the 800m freestyle, but in another age group, he also took second place in the 400m freestyle.

In order to train, swimmers from Galati have to travel to Braila. While moving to the neighboring city, the “Olympic Basin” is in ruins and in recent years poplar seedlings have started growing on the bottom of the basin.

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