The grand arena is filled up again! Performance Exchange opens on Monday

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The second day of the Sibiu International Theater Festival brought back the emotions and talents of the 80 venues proposed by the organizers to fans of the performing arts.

The day after FITS: The Great Square was filled up again / Photo: screenshot – proper video

Exhibits from the visual arts platform were admired by those who crossed the threshold, and FITS conferences had distinguished guests.

It is scheduled (daily) at ten in the morning that the press conference will open a series of dialogues on Saturday. The first guest, His Excellency Arthur Mattley, Swiss Ambassador to Romania, discussed the power of theater and cultural diversity and how they should be taught in schools, but also about the future of the European Capital of Culture in 2023 – Timisoara – and the XXX edition of FITS that will take place next year.

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He was joined by the French actor Mounir Markoum, who was seen by the audience in the program “The Need for Truth” presented by teeter Vidi Lausanne. Talk about his life and journey to the stage as a professional actor.

The third guest at yesterday’s press conference was actor, director and writer Bebo Delbono. Perhaps the most important thing I learned from this creator is: “I don’t put my mind into the show, but my heart.”

Show “Love”

As for the program “Love”, with which we were delighted, at FITS, in the first two days, Pepo Delbono told us: “Yesterday I saw a lot of people crying at my show. I do not cry for my story. I cry for their love story. “

At the special conference “George Banno in Dialogue with Klaus Behmann, Emil Hryzino and Ioan Hollander” (State Orchestra, 2 p.m.), Klaus Behmann, who is also receiving a star in Alley of Fame, told us that “theatre should also not be a place of solitude. On the contrary, From that, the theater steps in and takes the floor. I have always wanted to turn art and theater into something that everyone loves, and everyone can turn to, into an open space. This was the basis of my activity.”

The Therme Forum also held an event the day before yesterday, among five scheduled, at FITS: “Theater and Architecture – Building Cities: Public-Private Partnerships” attended by John Alschuler in dialogue with Robert Haniyeh, Constantin Chiriac, Mah Bow Tan and Tateo Nakajima .

The following Therme Forum events:

  • Environmental Sustainability, on and off stage (online event, June 28, 3 p.m.)
  • People, Places, and Resilience: The Role of Identity (online event, June 30, 3 p.m.)
  • Harnessing the Power of the Arts (online event, June 3 at 1 p.m.)

Scheduled theatrical performances were appreciated by the audience, the Great Square was very small in the evening, at CirkVOST and at the Holograf concert.

On Monday, June 27, at 10.00, the opening “Performance Grant”, at My Continental Hotel.

FITS Recommendations – 27 June

  • The Riddle NOCTURN & Spin Arts, Hoyt Square, 09:00 (Details)
  • George Bano in conversation with Andre Zahlak, Sibiu State Philharmonic, 11:00 (Details)
  • Improvisation workshop based on themes from Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, Closed Circuit Workshop, ULBS, 12:00 (Details)
  • Creative artistic and cultural communities, performance exchange, Calea Dumbrăvii 2-4, 12:00 (details)
  • Delightful and gentle, Ubakar, Nikolai Belcescu’s infantryman, 12:20 (Detail)
  • Octavian Sayo in conversation with Pietro Haderke, book presentation, Habitus Cultural Center, 13:00 (Details)
  • FITS Talks with Marius Schivu – Online, 13:00 (Details)
  • Cultural Talks, Performance Exchange, Atrium Café, 14:00 (Details)
  • Nightclub, “Aeon Bisuyu” Cultural Center, 16:00 (Details)
  • The Chief, GONG Theater – Ground Floor Hall, 17:00 (Details)
  • Lifelong Friends, Carré Curieux, Vivant Circus, Habermann Square, 18:00 (Details)
  • The Gospels, London International Gospel Choir, “Holy Trinity” Roman Catholic Diocese Church (Details)
  • The Soul of Portugal, Pedro Jóia & Miguel Ramos, Calvinist Reformed Church, 20:00 (Details)
  • Need for Rest, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Ensemble, Culture Factory – Construction SA – UniCredit – Faust Hall, 22:00 (Details)

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