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The new Cultural Foundation of the Municipal Local Council was created at the end of May this year, and now has a temporary director: Stefan Yordonescu. However, the decision to appoint him was not without discussion at today’s CLM meeting.

Famous director Stefan Yordescu was born on September 27, 1958 in Baia Mare. He graduated from the IL Caragiale Institute of Theater and Cinematography in Bucharest, specializing in theater and film directing, and throughout his career he was the director of the Polandra Theater, the National Theater of Timisoara and the Arad Classical Theatre, but he was also the initiator of the festival – celebrating the 200th anniversary of the existence of the oldest theater in the country, The ancient theater “Mihai Emensko” in Oravica.

He is currently working as an art consultant at both the Timiشوارoara National Theater and the Ioan Slavicy Classical Theater in Arad, a position he has held in our city since 1987. After the local council members voted in today’s meeting, June 29, the activity event at Arad Theater will be put on a “break”, For a period of 120 days, he will hold the position of interim director at the newly established MARTA Cultural Hub.

The legality of a temporary appointment for a newly established institution, which was hotly discussed in CLM

Since the announcement of the establishment of this new cultural institution in Arad, a kind of clone of the already existing Arad Municipal Cultural Center, contradictory discussions have emerged. Once for the option to create another “office” institution, with 17 new employees (2 more in addition to the initial plan: 15 for executive positions, 2 for management), while other cultural institutions, such as Philharmonic, lead to an acute shortage of staff. On the other hand, due to the haste it was decided to establish this institution, which replaces the “Museum of Transport” which was planned in the space restored by City Hall, the former MARTA factory in Calea Aurel Vlaicu. We are talking about approval of a budget already for the current year 2022, and the appointment and appointment of a director, given that the MARTA building is still in an advanced state of deterioration, and the rehabilitation steps are still only initially, in the documentation stage, and possibly after work begins in a few years Just. From the information we have, until then, HUB CULTURAL MARTA will have offices in the Palace of Culture.

During today’s Municipal Local Council meeting, all members of local councils, with the exception of members of the USSR, voted to appoint Stefan Yordesko, interim director of the Marta Cultural Center. Those from the USSR were not motivated by the person in question, but, as Daniela Arietta Sobo explained to us after the meeting, precisely with the haste with which everything is done. The group did not understand why a director was not appointed through competition, since it is an enterprise that starts its activity from scratch, and the temporary period is usually an option to replace an already existing person, for a temporary period, until the competition.

“We have opposed provisional because it does not exist. In order for there to be provisional, it must be a management contract that is prematurely terminated. Since there is no such contract, we cannot speak of provisional. We can read what provisional means. I said that Article 33 of the order 189 does not apply, because there is no temporary. So this decision is illegal. The local council is only obligated to conduct competition for the director, not to conduct competition for references, as you can see on the City Hall website, not to replace itself in signing certain employment contracts. I said that this The rush to a temporary appointment is precisely for this purpose, to sign the employment contract with the future employee from July 6 onwards.” Daniela Arietta Sobo told us.

However, the position of the city council is consistent. Liliwara Stepunscu, Secretary General of the Municipality of Arad, claimed at the meeting that there was no doubt about its illegality:

“The provisions of the Emergency Law of 2008 have been made in general, and there is no special article dedicated to the issue we are in, but because we are going to publish Decree 189 of 2008, we have chosen that article. In fact, we are not in a situation where the management contract ends prematurely, but we are in a position to be in which it is necessary to appoint a temporary in the absence of the management of the public institution. In connection with the organization of the competition for an executive position, to be taken up on the authorization given by the local council on the date of the establishment of the MARTA Cultural Hub, until the mayor and the relevant officials of the Arad City Council are charged with a guarantee, as transitional provisions , activities. We consider the draft resolution to have the presumption of legitimacy, and I don’t think there is any problem. It is indeed necessary to appoint a temporary, but its duration is limited in time, a maximum of 120 days. Within this term, we are obligated to organize the recruitment contest, in accordance with the law”Liliwara Steponescu said.

Regarding the rest of the staff in the newly created institution, consultant Levente Bognar wanted to make a recommendation, given that it is a cultural institution, that should be taken into account when hiring people with specializations in a cultural field.

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