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Higher fines starting in August 2022 for drivers traveling on national roads and highways without tolls.

For drivers of cars without fees, the fines increase by 25-50 lei, and in the case of passenger cars and trucks, the amounts they would pay if they did not pay the fees could be up to 7900 lei compared to the current fines.

The House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a bill to increase fines for toll-free national road traffic, after it received an affirmative vote in the Senate at the beginning of May.

The new fines will be implemented 30 days after the law is published in the Official Gazette, likely in August.

What fines will they pay drivers without fees

The fine now paid for cars without a tariff is between 250 and 500 lei. After the bill is approved, fines will reach 275-550 lei.

Significantly higher amounts will increase the fines limits for passenger cars and goods traveling free of charge.

  • Cars with a mass less than or equal to 3.5 tons will pay fines increasing to between 950 lei and 1,900 lei, from 750 to 1250 lei now.
  • For trucks weighing up to 7.5 tons, fines increase from 1250 – 1750 lei to 1550 – 3100 lei.
  • Trucks over 7.5 tons and less than 12 tons, fines will be even higher, up to 2750-5500 lei, from 1750-2250 li now.

Fines for goods vehicles weighing more than 12 tons:

  • for those with a maximum of 3 axes – between 3550 lei and 7100 lei, from 2750 lei – 3000 lei now;
  • For those who have at least 4 axles – between 5950 lei and 11900 lei, from 3000 to 4000 lei now.

Motor vehicle fines:

  • For vehicles with more than 9 seats – between 1550 lei and 3100 lei, from 1250 to 1750 lei now;
  • For cars with more than 23 seats – between 2,750 lei and 5,500 lei, from 1,750 to 2,250 lei now.

The fine can be paid at half of its minimum, within 15 days of contact.

The new fines stipulated in the law amending Annex No. No. 2 of Government Decree 15/2002 on the application of the usage tariff and toll imposed on the Romanian national road network will enter into force in August.

The reason for the increase in fines is the lack of rovinieta

The government proposed to increase the fines for the lack of tolls in the conditions in which they remained at the same level from 2010, while the fees for using the national road network during this period increased by 20%.

Moreover, in recent years, the number of fines imposed on drivers who drive their cars without tolls has increased. In 2021 alone, 734,143 fines were imposed, compared to 357,531 in 2015, writes Impact.

“The massive increase in the number of applied infractions has led to the conclusion that the current value of fines is not able to discourage the phenomenon of infractions,” said the initiators of the bill.

The amount of fines was calculated as twice the annual tariff for using the national road network in Romania, for the minimum fine and four times the annual tariff for using the national road network in Romania, for the maximum fine.

How much does rovinieta cost now

The fee can be paid for 1 day (except for cars and cars weighing up to 3.5 tons), 7 days, 30 days, 90 days or a year, prices vary depending on the time period, but also the type of car.

For cars, rovinieta now costs:

  • for 7 days – 14.83 lei (3 euros)
  • for 30 days – 34.61 lei (7 euros)
  • for 90 days – 64.27 lei (13 euros)
  • For 12 months – 138.43 lei (28 euros)

Rovinieta prices are paid for cars up to 3.5 tons:

  • for 7 days – 29.66 (6 euros)
  • for 30 days – 79.10 lei (16 euros)
  • For 90 days – 177.98 lei (36 euros)
  • For 12 months – 474.60 lei (96 euros).

For trucks weighing up to 7.5 tons, the cost of rovinieta:

  • For a day – 19.78 lei (4 euros)
  • for 7 days – 79.10 (16 euros)
  • for 30 days – 158.20 lei (32 euros)
  • For 90 days – 454.83 lei (92€)
  • For 12 months – 1582.02 lei (320 euros).

For trucks with a mass equal to or more than 12 tons, the fee price varies depending on the number of Axe.

For cars with max 3 axles, rovinieta is:

  • For a day – 44.49 lei (9 euros).
  • for 7 days – 177.98 (36 euros)
  • for 30 days – 355.95 lei (72 euros)
  • For 90 days – 1018.42 lei (206 euros)
  • For 12 months – 3,559.54 lei (720 euros).

For cars with a maximum of 4 axles, the rovinieta is:

  • for a day – 54.38 lei (11 euros)
  • for 7 days – 271.91 (55 euros)
  • for 30 days – 598.20 lei (121 euros)
  • For 90 days – 1705.6 lei (345 euros).
  • For 12 months – 5982 lei (1210 euros).

For passenger cars with more than 9 seats, but up to 23 seats, the cost of rovinieta:

  • For a day – 19.78 lei (4 euros)
  • for 7 days – 98.88 (20 euros)
  • for 30 days – 257.08 lei (52 euros)
  • For 90 days – 592.26 lei (120 euros)
  • For 12 months – 1582.02 lei (320 euros).

For passenger cars with more than 23 seats, the rovinieta is:

  • for a day – 34.61 lei (7 euros)
  • for 7 days – 173.03 (35 euros)
  • for 30 days – 449.89 lei (91 euros)
  • For 90 days – 1038.20 lei (210 euros)
  • For 12 months – 2768.53 lei (560 euros).

How to pay the amount of rovinieta

Fees can be paid via SMS, at distribution points, at auxiliary/unsupported terminals, at portals or through mobile applications.

When you pay the fees for using national roads via SMS, you have to follow several steps:

  • send to the assigned phone number, by text message, the vehicle registration number and type;
  • You receive a text message informing you that rovinieta will be released for the data provided;
  • You receive a text message stating that rovinieta has been released, which will contain the following information registered in the SIEGMCR database: rovinieta string,
  • Vehicle registration number, vehicle type, year, month, fee expiry date.

In addition to this data, the database will also record:

  • unique chain of transaction;
  • Vehicle identification number, as it is automatically provided by the Driving Places Directorate database and the vehicle registration system;
  • The year, month, day and time for which the rovinieta is in effect.

For example, to get rovinieta in the case of a car with registration number AB-00-WWW, from June 30, 2022 for 7 days, the steps are:

  • send an SMS to 7500 with the text “AB00WWW”;
  • You receive an SMS with the text “Do you want rovinieta cat. A (car) – 7 days for AB00WWW, tariff X EUR. Total cost X, Y EUR + VAT. Send Yes to confirm”;
  • Send to 7500 SMS “Yes”;
  • You will receive an SMS that reads “Rovinieta issued…Class A, for AB00WWW, valid until………………. 23:59:59.

Please note that after receiving an SMS confirming that rovinieta has been issued, you will receive another SMS with “Rovinieta not issued. The confirmation SMS for rovinieta could not be sent.

do not send. Sign followed by the cat. rovinieta coresp. Vehicle type” means that the operator cannot charge the transaction fee and the fee is invalid.

The most common mistakes that drivers make when buying rovinieta

The National Road Infrastructure Management Company warns that drivers often get the wrong car number when they want to pay tolls.

Thus, the most common mistake is to reverse the car registration number digits (eg 89 instead of 98) or write the letter O instead of 0 (zero). Errors are also in the three-character combination of the registration number (for example, WWV instead of WWW).

How to check the validity of rovinieta

On the CNAIR website there is a special section for validating tolls.

The rovinieta verification address is as follows: cnadnr.ro/ro/vericare-rovinieta or erovinieta.ro

Through this service you can check the validity of rovinieta when searching by registration number and identification number (chassis series).

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