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TikTok continues to inspire artists, content creators and support local culture in a creative and fun way, so it joined the 21st Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF).

On June 24, nearly 120 TIFF film and content-making fans participated in the TikTok Get Together event at the Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca / Photo: Facebook – TIFF

Through this partnership, TikTok aims to give film lovers the opportunity to get behind the scenes of the festival and find inspiration at Romania’s biggest film event.

The partnership included a hashtag challenge # tissues Which culminated in this event TikTok together From the Cluj-Napoca Museum of Art and awarding of winners, broadcast live on TikTok, as well as the VFX Masterclass inside EducaTIFF by Robert Tatoi, also broadcast live on TikToktransilvania_iff. All activations were close 74,000 users The only one who watched the festival online during the hashtag # tissues Almost gathered 385,000 jobs.

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“We are delighted that with TIFF we were able to provide an opportunity for film and video lovers in the TikTok community to find inspiration and participate in the experience of this iconic event. TikTok is where people come to discover new things, have fun and make connections with those who share a common passion, and we are thrilled that by attending TIFF, we were able to show you a little bit of the TikTok world and how they can develop their own.Paula Kornaszowska, CEE COO, TikTok, said, “Emotions through the creative tools on our platform.”

120 creators in the TikTok Get Together . event

On June 24, nearly 120 film and content-making fans participated in TIFF TikTok Get Together event at the Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca, where they had the opportunity to enter the world of TikTok and interact with representatives of TikTok and TIFF, including Paula Kornaszewska, CEE COO, TikTok, but also with members of the jury of the hashtag competition # tissues It was launched at the beginning of the festival.

By challenging the hashtag # tissuesTikTok aims to connect with the next generation of movie fans and support the TikTok community to discover their passion for cinema. To participate in the challenge, users are invited to create a video on TikTok that tells them creatively about the movement of a movie or series without mentioning the title. Beatrice Ungureanu and Denisa Dudeanu gained a complete two-person experience at the festival and were honored at the event TikTok together Inside TIFF.

How did the jury members feel at TIFF 2022?

The jury members are Cătălin Ionuț (content creator with over 2 million followers), Mara Oprah (actress and content maker) and Karol Ionuț (actress) who analyzed the videos entered into the competition and selected winners based on creativity and installer. Originality in using the platform’s features and the way they present their favorite movie or series.

“This year I had the honor to be a member of the jury for the TikTok x TIFF competition and it was great! I chose the winners from among dozens of participants in the #PovestitoruldeFilm competition and it was a unique experience for me. I had the opportunity to see so many talented and creative people, but also to meet some of them and share the stage With them at the TikTok Get Togheter event in Cluj. I had some feelings, but I was full of good feelings and can’t wait to repeat the experience next year,” said Cătălin Ionuț.

“I am very happy that I made it to TIFF this year with TikTok and that I was part of the jury for the #PovestitoruldeFilm competition! I was thrilled to see so many creative participants and I am glad to have the opportunity to judge them, but also to know personally the winners of the competition. Overall This Get Together game was a great experience for me and I am grateful that TikTok trusted me in this role,” added Mara Oprea.

TikTok is also the place where users can easily discover and learn new things. Thus, in order to support young people who are passionate about video and cinema and give them the opportunity to expand their necessary knowledge and skills, the partnership with TIFF also included Advanced lessons in visual effects Inside EducaTIFF, the educational section of the festival, through which 11 Young They had the opportunity to meet Robert Tatouyan expert in visual effects and one of the most appreciated content creators in Romania.

„TIFF is a special concept for Romania and I am glad that I was part of the panel of speakers within EducaTIFF. Organized to order and a very cool experience for all ages! As usual, TikTok is associated with great projects! Thanks to the TikTok team for the invite. “It is always a pleasure to represent this wonderful platform,” said Robert Tatouy.

TikTok continues to provide users with the tools to enable them to create original content, redefine entertainment and bring together a talented community whose creativity fuels the rich and diverse content available on the platform. On TikTok, users are constantly exploring new ways to find inspiration to create and deliver moments in life and make connections with those who share a common passion – with more than 11.4 Billions of views and hashtags # Movie And the #FilmTikTok Film lovers from all over the world gather.

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