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It is astonishing how stubborn false education can become, spread with treachery, persistence, immense energy and insolence without limit or, in the case of the Romans, with pride and naivety. Over time, it becomes a weapon against the truth. In this case – history. I like to look like a nail stuck in an oak core. Often, the repeated lie acquires the features of the truth, resembling reinforced concrete.

I will give as an example of armed lies, the idea – the Hungarian obsession regarding the truth about Transylvania; The notion supported by the Russians that the inhabitants of Moldova are not Romanians; the idea that the Bulgars are descendants of the Turks: the idea that the Dacians had all perished in the wars of 101-107 against the Roman conquest; The idea that Romans were born Christians and the opposite idea, that Romanians are direct descendants of Romans. The idea is supported for political purposes, by scholars of the Transylvanian school, with the exception of Pietro Mayor, which we will discuss in this article, in connection with the Romanian language.

Let’s try to decipher them, expose the lie to the truth. For this, we had to pat the historical past on the shoulder and wake it up from its millenarian sleep, only for the truth about the Roman language, now that its fate has changed radically, to become Princess Cinderella.

We attack the year 1054, which breaks the iconostasis of European Christianity, the source of heinous crimes, barbarian wars of religion, which reverberates from the original to the present. Who were the authors of the political-religious act that took place in Constantinople in the previous year? Two “Christians with only shovels” – Leo IX, Pope of Rome and Michael Cerulari, patriarch of the Byzantine Empire.

Let’s see what the Universal History of the Church, edited by the Bible Institute and Orthodox Mission, says. Bucharest, 1956, p. 362: “The disregard of the popes and their pride, as well as the pursuit of rights contrary to Scripture – led to the final end of the one body of the Church.” We regret that in this sentence there is only a half-truth, that Satan is only the other, in the Orthodox vision.

Hence it becomes clear that what “binds” a person out of interest, God cannot “relax” it from the soul. Evidence, even the ecumenical meeting in Sibiu, in the spiritual framework presented by the European Capital of Culture, which we do not see a happy ending, although some Christians will also participate. This is “Not he who reads the Bible is a Christian, but only he who lives the faith” (Lucian Bologa, Psychology of Religious Life. Kluge, 1930).

Then no one suspected the terrible and infamous consequences, spurred on by the ambition of the Pope and the stupidity of the Patriarch. The worst victim – for 1,000 years – is the Roman people.

Pre-Christian Rome wanted only Transylvania – 14% of the real Dacia land – Dacia gold. Christian Rome could only get what it wanted in Eastern Europe by hating the Orthodox. This hatred has cost us so much! “No one knows how many misfortunes the battles between the two communities have brought us – says the great historian Nikolai Lorga, starting with boundless and lawless greed, evidence of this oath taken by the pope before the pope or his wedding by the future Hungarian king: “I swear to bring The Wallachian schismatic is on the right path, with good words, or else – by the sword” (Ştefan Meteş, History of the Transylvanian Church).

The crimes and atrocities perpetrated by Catholicism on the Roman people, through Christians only “with fanfare” – difficult to forget and difficult to forgive. Until 1942, after the barbarisms perpetrated on the people of Slag in the fall of 1940 – also because of this religious rupture in 1054, which was added to the destruction of more than 1,400 Orthodox churches and monasteries in 1760 with a cannon – the consequences were above all Christian love and a complete lack of humanity.

As for the Austrians, having saved their capital, goods, and lives with Roman help in 1683 and 1686 (Urban Fodi put straw in cannonballs – and letters warning of where the Turks would attack), he forgot that the Romanians were too. Christians. And so, in 1760, they wanted to make all the Catholics, having set foot on Transylvania through ordinary deception.

For material and political rights – stolen by the horrors of the Hungarians, Saxons, and the Algerians, after the uprising of Bublina (1438), some Roman priests and priests became officially Catholic, and in fact remained Orthodox, especially those belonging to the diocese of Blaj, easier to corrupt and buy than those who belonged To the Diocese of Făgăraş.

Those who betray – for whatever reason – will be called traitors forever. In this case, all the priests and priests mentioned above are traitors to the nation and to the law. And so they will remain forever. Among their sons, the most capable are sent to study in the Vatican, to turn them into instruments of Catholic religious propaganda, to be able to twist the minds of the Romans in Transylvania by the will of the new masters, more despicable than the Turks, who were a yoke of wood though of another religion As for the Christian Austrians he of iron! That’s why they and the Hungarians, the politically positioned barons are “only Christians with a spear,” according to the ruthless Eminescu.

Thus, they write books on history and linguistics in Latin and Roman for a clear political purpose – but the enemies sought to swallow Romanians a false religion and history. The Jesuit schools cultivated the idea of ​​the primacy of the Latin language and the birth of the Roman people from the Roman people, in order to break the Romans from orthodoxy, acquiring official Catholicism, followed by Lutheranism, Calvinism and other doctrines in earnest. .

Thus, Calvinists in Bethen translate the Calvinist New Testament for the Romans. The Roman popes burn the manuscript. The Saxons enter the race of awakening, inviting the learned monk, Philip of Moldovanole, in Sibiu, to print the Lutheran teaching of the Romans, with the same beautiful idea: to draw the Romans to their side. Imagine the Romans who became Lutherans! Thus, Transylvania was forever broken by Moldova and Wallachia. Everyone wants to hurt us with our hand…

The construction of the Catholic Church in 1733 in the Great Square and the planting of the statue of Bishop Nepomuk had the same purpose and was the result of the Great Schism of 1054, when the Turks were not allowed to build windows in the Romans. Countries.

Let us not forget Myron Kostin, who teaches at the Polish Jesuits in Leo, where he learns by the will of the new masters that we, the Romans, are “from Ram we shoot” …

And this explains all the historical forgeries, the destruction of deeds, and the books that prove the historical truth, first by Mark Bulgarian, Bishop of Ephesus who fell on the head of the weak ruler Elijah – son of the good Alexander – and on Metropolitan Theoctest, after the Council of Florence (1438-1439), to destroy all The works are “in Latin”, so that young people do not fall prey to the religious prey of cunning popes.

By consciously or unintentionally sacrificing historical truth, on the altar of personal interests, the Orthodox priests who claimed their national conscience to be formally seen and materially rewarded—things quite contrary to Christian moral principles—inadvertently rendered a tremendous good to the culture. The so-called Transylvanian School: they awakened the national consciousness, which nourished with new life the dream of Michael I, the first integration of the Roman nation and country, after the conquest of Dacia by the armies of Rome.

This has been shown to be the case by the History of Pietro Mayor, in 1812, which on pp. 65-78, Volume II – Ch. A treatise, writing about the atrocities committed by the Greeks, Serbs, and Bulgars against the Romans, in order to abandon their Latin language and replace it with the Slavic language then in the fifteenth century. XVII to reject Slavic words, which even priests did not understand, and replaced them with Latin, after “strangers had deceived them into thinking that they were sacrificing God, burning the writings of Latin words” (p. 75 ).

On page 74, Pietro Mayor says: “Writing in Latin words, it is clear that the Romanian language is a sweet sister to the Italian language, and the Romanian language is the ancient language of the Roman eminent people.” (sn).

“And here we mean that there are two Latin languages: one (spoken) by the people, and she taught her mother, and the other to the educated, and she taught in the school to the teachers” (sn).

And the last unbeatable argument: “That’s right, it’s not the bad mystical language (folk, nn) ​​made of correct latin (learned at school, nn) ​​but this (correct, nn) ​​of that (spoken, nn). So, At least we used to say that the Romanian language is the daughter of Latin, that is, the correct language (grammatically and literary according to the written standards, nn), however, if we want to speak twice, (correct nn) the Romanian language is the mother tongue Latin (p. 37) , so not the poor sister of the new Latin languages: Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish, but their grandmother Roman, as we say.


With this we join all those who today give historical priority to the Romanian peasant language over the cultured Latin, so that in the future any confusion, willingly or unwillingly, will disappear and find its place in school and student textbooks, in dedicated books. The language and history of the Romanians – the oldest European peoples, with the richest folklore, the most beautiful customs, and a huge millennium culture inherited from the Pelasgian, Thracian and Dashian, captured by the Greeks and passed on to the Romans and Dacians. modern world.

Professor Vasily Russo,

Member of the international association DACIA REVIVAL,

Based in New York

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