The ZEST4EDU project continued at Horia High School “Carmen Silva”

The ZEST4EDU project – Non-formal Activities of Quality Education – in which the Neamt District School Inspection Directorate participates, continued at Horia Secondary School “Carmen Silva”.

After last month, 20 teachers from the School Center for Inclusive Education in Târgu Neamt participated in a training workshop on “Positive Art” (See the article here), the ZEST4EDU project was continued in the “Carmen Silva” sports school of the municipality of Horia.

Here, students from the target group of the Zest4Edu project were introduced to the secrets of the language of financial banking, wrote a school newspaper and made phone accessories that they would auction off for charity.

The concept of non-formal education was introduced relatively recently in the active vocabulary of the Romanian language related to the field of semantic education and refers to all learning experiences that students have inside and outside of school in an organized way, but not required and without an explicit or imposed curriculum.

Students got acquainted with the secrets of the language of financial banking, addressing such topics as: types of banks and bank accounts, the history and evolution of our money and our national currency, drawing up a personal budget and a clear and tangible savings plan. Steps to achieve personal goals.

With the help of the teachers, students from the target group of the Zest4Edu project wrote a newspaper, which was published as a supplement to the “Family” magazine for the “Carmen Sylva” school.

ZEST4EDU Project – Freedom High School “Carmen Silva”

The newspaper is called “Education for Life from A to Z (g)” and presents students’ experiences during the Zest4Edu brand activities, carried out in the 2021-2022 school year.

The newspaper is the product of the educational project “Democracy = Participation” carried out by school teachers in partnership with the Neamt District School Inspectorate, as a complementary activity to the Zest4Edu project.

Through the implementation of the educational project “Democracy = Participation”, the aim was to achieve goals such as: developing a civic attitude among young people; Develop the ability to document, argue and use evidence in crafting an argumentative discourse/text, critical and rational thinking, fair play, and communication in school and in the community; Create a publication (newspaper/magazine/school magazine supplement) to highlight the information, knowledge gained and skills developed in informal activities; Understand and evaluate concepts related to freedom of expression, socio-political responsibility, equality and justice, and human/child rights in a non-formal educational context.

ZEST4EDU Project – Freedom High School “Carmen Silva”

In order for the informal activities to have a practical purpose, it was decided for the students of the target group of the Zest4Edu project, under the guidance of the teachers, some very unique and useful end products: mobile phone cases, made of burlap and decorated with carefully stitched patterns and imagination in Roman dot.

Thus, every student in the target group earned a living with a four-color handle and original stitching. Neither of them is the same as the other, because each student works on their creativity, skill, and ability to document and use the identified resources.

Some students were inspired by the Internet, while others turned to parents, grandparents, and teachers for ideas and help.

ZEST4EDU Project – Freedom High School “Carmen Silva”

Regardless of the inspiration, ingenuity or simplicity of the chosen model, and the subtlety of the seam, sixty original bags, worked with joy, attentiveness and maximum engagement on the project’s Minimarket platform, are sure to be loaded up and auctioned off in the fall of 2022.

The money generated from the sale of these products to charity will be used to support children with limited financial resources to purchase school supplies.

Such activities in which students enthusiastically participate draw our attention, teachers, to the fact that learning should not be a chore, a stressful and stressful process for children, but can be a celebration, joy, lasting discovery and a real journey to start learning.– said the school inspector general Florentina Moyes.

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