“What animal is more sinful, more lewd, more immersed in a heap of beliefs and desires, living on this planet, equal to man?” – wake up

Interview with Alexandru OCOLAȘU (alias: Alex Oko), Student, “George Enescu” National University of Arts, Iași, College of Visual Arts and Design, Editor-in-chief of “13 Plus” Culture Magazine

What is the value of the word to you? carved In the opera?

The word “sculpted” in the painting is the idea/symbol that ensures the continuity of the work. In my drawing “Deja-vu” I updated “the myth of Sisyphus – the symbol of the condemned to immortality, to a seemingly absurd punishment, a punishment that” could not take consistency, but, by its imagination, could mimic the illusion of life.” According to Homer, Zeus punished Sisyphus for his boldness On putting death in chains. The symbol itself indicates the eternally absurd state of man. Sisyphus’ wisdom is evident. He understands his particular condition, turning his destiny into a goal. He finds himself “condemned to freedom” (Sartre). When I “carve” the subject of the work, I in fact I comprehend life; Sisyphus’ rock is a living metaphor for life and way of life.The artist repeats volens-nolens, legend of sacrifice / Master Manol, building in the work of the immortal man.

– Who is close to your soul? The prodigal son or his brother?

Personally, I prefer balance, i.e. the best of the two brothers. In my opinion, the two symbolize Coincidence shows: near and far, family and world, dream father and ideal son, and only together they form the idea of ​​balance.

Do you sometimes talk to God?

God is for me a source of inspiration and a means of manifestation. The Indian guru, Sathya Sai Baba, said, “God is equal to man—without ego.” Apart from the ego, we can be whatever we like, two things: nothing or Machine. In other words, we can hide our absence or not. I am amused by the young people’s need to exclude God, just out of a desire to be amazed, to be different. They do not understand that you can be religious without being a believer, that is, without knowing God. Being religious means not believing in anything, this is an act of trusting the unknown. A religious man is holy, but not a believer, that is, he does not commit suicide mentally, on the contrary, he leaves room for interpretation in anything. I would rather know the religious and intimate people associated with the Church, than to know them, led by political canons, killing any sacred relationship that should occur, almost by chance, with God.

– Is the utopia of Heaven and Hell, or real variants of Doldora from your future home?

– Of all the great creators of the world, only God was the one who dared to exterminate nothingness and turn it into a paradise. It is perhaps the most luxurious idea I have ever heard, and for this reason it is absolutely worthy of the status of an everlasting dream, because it completely transcends all the ideals of centuries. Mircea Eliade’s opinion was that “we all live forever, but first we must die.” Alas, I, Alex Oko, are so greedy for eternity that I want, first and foremost, to beat time as an artist, not necessarily as a soul. From a religious point of view, I am more moved by what might break us all in a miracle before the first/last moment, than the utopia we all dream of, called heaven, or its opposite: hell.

When did you sometimes betray what you felt: satisfaction, hatred, liberation, regret?

“All my ideals are, after all, betrayal.” I betrayed my life when I sold myself to art, that is, to the passion of imagining the unseen. Perhaps the artist is the only one who betrays life, with sacrificial elegance, because a drop of gloom easily crept into his soul. I love life as an absurd experiment or as a study. I get so much acquainted with the world, I notice it, as if at the end of my life I will wake up in an office and make a photo report, dedicated to existence, in which I do not forget to thank three creative courts: Revista de Culture “13 Plus”, National University of Arts “George Enescu”, Faculty of Art “G. Apostu ”Bacău, which makes it possible to absorb the creativity of the present. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the teachers from the gymnasium, college and university!

“If you can.” patching Basically something from pregnancy originWhat will this patch look like?

– Imagine that I have this strength, without any remorse and with strong conviction from the heart, I will exclude the man. What animal is more sinful, more vulgar, more immersed in a heap of beliefs and desires, living on this planet, equal to man? If I sit down and look at the universe, then an image of a thief appears before me, because of man’s obsession to assert himself in evil. The man was distinguished by his appearance, entering into chaos. All crimes of the animal order are committed as if they were in perfect equilibrium. For us humans, brutality takes on cosmic proportions, just by the fact that we don’t know how to use our wisdom. The more we are created in his image and likeness, the less we resemble them! Looking at all the horrors of the planet, we see in their forehead the man, born to hang himself, in a heap of indifference, the face of eternal turmoil reading on his face.

Not to be misunderstood, perhaps man is the being with the greatest potential, among those we know, precisely by his ability to overcome his limitations, and not to remain non-existent. I judged it as additionally, because by imagining nature as an entity separate from man, it is self-sufficient. The only person fighting against it is the man.

To indicate the absurdity of our existence, I posed the following question: “How could the opposite have been done?” Let’s fix nature from The general. world, not by chance and unscientific, as we do today. The answer would be tragic: “Man was cast alone on a wasteland. All of their own accord, in the name of Cain.”

– The verse, the sentence that bothered you the most? …

I remember what I was like two years ago: I was constantly feeding my ego with phrases like, “I know, I realized, I understand!” Other than that, I was learning to live with the illusion that I was different from others. I was floating somewhere in my mind and I didn’t have to take it seriously. When I look at them, I am reminded of a quote, a pun given by Alan Watts: “It was a young man who said, ‘However, I seem to know, but what I would like to see is I who know me when I know I know which I know’.” That’s when I posted album, present the artist “. Re-reading myself, from time to time, I notice a character who recognized the world as a representation, but who knew no other representations than her own. The one who cut off his entire generation from the roots, and utterly desecrated him, is convinced that he is living in exile. He constantly denied his existence as a human being, fantasizing about himself as a painter. When I say a painter, I mean that entity, full of ‘superiority’, the selfish, who believes that it always acts on completely different levels of thought, compared to the average human being. We classify people as ignorant, indifferent, stupid, etc. Today I noticed that I was more ignorant than my entire generation. No matter how impartial and natural the current generation was, I didn’t have the ability to understand it. I gave up being a critic, and put up the bars, which, then, I’ll consider defining. The real challenge is to find something essential in any change. The artist generally suggests such changes, which is why he is the most vulnerable to criticism and misunderstanding. If someone lives with a fear of making art, afraid they may not do it well, ask them: Start writing, drawing even if you don’t do it right. If you write, you are a writer. If you paint, you are a painter. But when you do, tell us something that can save us from ourselves.

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