“100 National”. Century Team, voted by the People’s Football Arbitration Committee. The perfect team was (and still is) at Wembley

The team’s perfect and very special formula resulted from the voting choices for the People’s Jury for Football.

But, until we see the “eleven” chosen by them, let’s get to know the decision makers.

These are the characters who today complete the Romanian football scene from different locations. Here they are: Gabe Balint, Paul Kazan, Silvio Bogdan, Daniel Stancio, Florin Iacob, Florin Manya, Fifi Rochetto, Marian Copello, Joseph Rotario, Andre Fochin, Costel Urac. 11 are. 11 for Romania!

The Century Team voted by the Football Arbitration Committee.

So: Gibe Balint, huge footballer, European Cup winner with Steaua and Argentina’s equalizing top scorer, Copa del Mundo in Italy, current DigiSport Analyst, has agreed to reveal his vote and thank you! Paul Kazan, the legendary defender of student sports, represented 464 games in League 1 for the “black and white” of Reggie, and is the fifth in the top footballers with the most games in the first stage. Silvio Bogdan, former arbiter and current absolute of great talents, if we only mention Mihăil, helped us in what we set out to do, and like Marian Copilo, current CEO of the University of Craiova, he voted on the perfect formulas of a team with a certain sadness of simple perfection. Thanks to them too!
Daniel Stancio, Journalist and TV Analyst at DigiSport, current Club President and CEO of FC Argeș, as well as former important player at Petrolului and Steaua, Vivi Răchită, regular guest at Pro Arena, in turn came up with voting options to support our approach, for which we are grateful. In short, their experience is extraordinarily extensive and well worth welcoming!

Joseph Rotario, the great soccer player Steaua and Timisoara, the man who eliminated Maradona in the World Cup in Italy in 1990, gave us his vision regarding the all-time winners of Romanian football, as well as another huge player, the Dynamo player. Costel Orak, the winger who scored against Inter Milan, Hamburg and Liverpool, in the unforgettable 1984 Champions Cup semi-finals. Thank you, gentlemen!

Andrei Fochin, former journalist from Gazeta Sporturilor, Prosport şi Sportul românesc, and for many years advisor to the President of the Romanian Football Federation, Răzvan Burleanu, gave us the voting options, after an experience, which we have already highlighted, up close four decades in our football, and pass on our good thoughts to him . Thanks Andre!

Last but not least, our gratitude to exceptional footballers, players’ agents Florin Manya, “son” of Guletti and Florin Iacop, an authentic resident of Timisoara, who covered decades of Romanian football, as careful observers of a phenomenon that defines them and them.

Their votes have completed and completed the “100 National” formula, which looks like this:
Vasyl Yurdach-Dan Petrescu, Tevan Samic, Miodrag Belodedici, Christian Chevaux, Nikolai Dobrin, Giorgi Popescu, Georgy Hadji, Palassi Marius Lokotum, Floria. Coach: ANGHEL IORDĂNESCU. The general. Century coach. Which for the first time was on the “absolute” bench, having been the responsibility of Mircea Lucescu, Stefan Kovacs and Emmerich Jenny.

There are many beautiful ideas to comment here! First of all, Steaua obviously has a big share, no less than seven players, in addition to the coach, came in the “National 100” with strong rises in the military team: Iordache, Dan Petrescu, Sameș, Belodedici, Hagi, Lăcătuș, even Gică Popescu has a past few months with the Ghencea team. But what is most interesting to note is that the entire ‘National’ chosen by this jury has a great match at Wembley, against England, on record. Thus, the two new appearances in this “11”, goalkeeper Vasili Yurdach and Stefan Samoy, were the heroes of the match from the spring of ’81, along with the genius Eli Balashi. Then the score was 0-0, in the World Cup qualifiers in Spain, with a correct goal by Balaci, and the referee did not give him a foul.

Hadji also played in 1985, in the preliminaries of the World Cup in Mexico 1986, and that was 1-1, but also in the friendly match in 1994, also 1-1, when he played Dan Petrescu, Belodici, Djiko Popescu and Lokoto. Floria Domitrac scored at Wembley, on January 15, 1969, in the match where he was born, as Ioan Cirillo said, “Guadalajara’s generation” in the 1970 World Cup.

Otherwise, the fixed points are kept in the “Football Jury” team formula, Dan Petrescu, right defender, Miodrag Belodice, as central defender, Cristian Chivu, left defender, Nikolai Dobrin, Gica Popescu, Gica Hagi and Eli Balaci, as midfielders, While Marius Lokoto and Floria Domitrac returned to their positions, as the extreme force and “top” of the attack, after Marcel Rodocano, Adrian Mutu and Florin Rhodesio respectively in these positions.

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