Cave Jazz Festival at Ilumica Cave

The weekend of July 1-3 is reserved for jazz lovers and hikers in the second edition Cave Jazz Festival. Ialomița Cave of BucegiAnd the Representing humanity’s first creative space, it will host some of the newest forms of music being composed on the spot.

Those wishing to spend three days away from the sweltering temperatures, are expected to take refuge in the coolness of the cave where the temperature is constant all year round. Each event will be accompanied by a light show highlighting the Jurassic inscription of Ilometa Cave. The full program of the event can be accessed at, tickets and season tickets are also available through the and networks.

The festival program is designed to give listeners many acoustic experiences of different styles of jazz, both in Europe and abroad. Famous guitarist in New York Freddy BryantAnd the together with KALEIDOSCPE TRIPLE (USA/France/Netherlands), you will perform songs from the field of Brazilian music, exploring the possibilities of traditional African, Cuban and klezmer music, for three different sounds of guitar, bass and percussion.

The band is from Italy/Albania The same triple sea Instead, it will bring a jazz repertoire based on traditional Balkan music for accordion, flute and electronic piano. The artists will perform a piece in the first absolute test inspired by the legend of Master Manol, a universal story also encountered in Albanian folklore, part of the multicultural project “Anna and Rozafa”.

The program will extend to further regions, such as those in sunny India. Italian saxophonist Isabella Fabri He will present the author’s concert for three saxophones that will include songs from the latest album “Rainbow”, following a Hindu-inspired introductory journey of the seven chakras.

One of the greatest voices of Romanian jazz, soloist and composer, luisa zan She will perform on Sunday with Gyárfás István, He is considered one of the most important guitarists in Europe.

At the same time, bands that are revered in the most important profile stages in Romania will propose to listeners a musical rollercoaster that includes jazz standards, new compositions and unique forms of electronic jazz.

band members blue noise They will “bring” a cappella music back to the cave and the soloist AC Leonte with a saxophone player Alex Arco He will present a multimedia project with Romanian folk interventions, a project implemented in collaboration with the videographer Andrei Koslak. The event will begin with meditative notes during the saxophonist’s concert Kotlin Melia continuous together with Gabriel Balata – Hand. Also on the first day, fans of the art of improvisation will have the opportunity to participate in the concert Soren slips quintuple, A well-known Romanian pianist’s project that caused a stir in the United States. Saturday will begin in dialects of reinterpreted interwar sounds Sorina Rotaru And the pianist Alexandro UltianoAnd the The end of the festival will be dedicated to the unspeakable through the concert of a rookie band that combines the sounds of fusion and a wonderful recovery. It’s about the band beyond description.

During the breaks between concerts, spectators will be able to visit both the cave rooms and the other Historical Photography Exhibition First introduced: “Cabin Peştera din Padina Crucii”, Made in partnership with the Brakow County Museum of History, the curator was the historian Nikolai Bibini. The exhibition will collect important sequences about the beginnings of mountain tourism in the Bucegi Mountains, with special attention to the Cave Chalet in Padina Crucii, photographs taken by famous photographers of the 19th century.

the tickets It can be purchased online and at the entrance to the event, and includes a free visit to Ialomița Cave during the festival. The ticket price includes a glass of organic wine offered by the Bogdan range for those who wish and who have reached the minimum legal age.

Cave Jazz Festival Organized by the association “UCIMR” – Consortium of Interpretive Creativity of Romanian Musicians in partnership with Exces Music. Recommended event by Europa FM.

Key Partners: UCIMR “OTA” Program for Young Romanian Musicians, National Museum Complex “Curtea Domnească”, Târgoviște, Dâmbovia County Council, Dâmbovia County Cultural Center, Peştera – Padina Tourist Association, Jakiul County Historical Museum, Domeniul Braș Bogrovdan, Apa Keya, Stalinskaya Music, Voldo. Media partners: EnjoyTV Romania, Radio Romania Cultural, Radio Romania Muzical, Cronica Română, Zile şi Nopți, Agenția de Carte, Munteanu Recomandă, România Positivă.

Additional information about UCIMR /

The Association “Union of Interpretive Creativity of Romanian Musicians” is a non-governmental public benefit organization that has been working for 25 years to support Romanian performers in the field of music and choreography. Through the continuation of its projects, UCIMR has established itself in cultural life at the national level, promoting young talents and top musicians, along with elements of Romanian and world heritage.

Among the most popular projects with an annual frequency are: Icon Arts Transylvania Festival (now in its twentieth edition), Sibiu New Year’s Party (now in its 14th edition in 2022), Jazz Cave Festival (2nd edition), Brasov Promenade, “Audio Painting” Maps “Season, Conferences – Round Table Romania Show, AFI Fan Jazz, ICon Arts Season @ ASTRA Library, ‘Road to Celebrity’ Competition, Arts District Here Short Documentaries, Seasons of The Sound of Music” and “Castle of the Arts” from Peles Castle,” A quarter break” from the National Library, etc.

In addition to multi-year events, UCIMR is constantly developing new cultural projects to attract new audiences such as: “100 Years at 100 Concerts”, “Last Ahead”, “Transylvania Live”, “What are we talking about when you sing about love?” “,” Music, a bridge between people “etc.

Being in constant contact with national and international cultural institutions, UCIMR is an essential link in the Romanian cultural scene between artists and the public, through each approach aimed at emphasizing the quality of the artwork, while presenting a unique spectacle for artists.

Under normal circumstances, the events organized and promoted by UCIMR annually exceed the number of 100 performances, with a minimum of 10,000 spectators in concert venues and accumulate more than 1,000,000 views in the online environment.

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