Editorial Radu Paraschivescu, a cultural issue on Şumudică

Culture is not limited to the number of books read and the number of museums visited. Culture isn’t just art galleries, palaces, cathedrals, and libraries that got you there. The cultural record is not rigidly formed on the basis of the diligent accumulation of what the dowry of the great cities of the world has to offer. Absorbing the culture of a place, beyond the balance of visual (and usually photographed) wonders, involves a form of fixation in the environment where life sends you at some point.

If you want to get results and be accepted/appreciated by the group you are joining, it is good to know its rhythm. to accommodate his habits. Feel its rhythms and try to make it match your own. No matter where he is going, the newcomer must know what is being done and especially what is not being done in the respective country or city.

of its kind Marius Omodic is a casual man. His jokes do not guarantee his entry into the House of Lords, but they make him beloved by a large part of the Roman public. Şumudică is “our”: a coach with a fist of the buporite, a man without complimenting fabrics, from whom you can always expect an unusual-looking nod.

Editorial Radu Paraschivescu: A question of culture!

People still remember his 2011 sprint races after Teo Crăciunescu and the way he accepted the former referee after he knocked him out. And if only that. umudică is also the one who simulated the dismantling process, in the middle of a press conference, in order to prove his strength. Such initiatives, along with sometimes funny, sometimes aggressive statements, remain in the memory of the football spectator and push him to all sorts of considerations, not every kind.

However, Omodic’s Balkan cries could not elicit the same reactions elsewhere. Before leaving Al-Shabab, at the end of the match, Omodic grabbed the hand of Khaled Al-Baltan, captain of the team, and tried to raise his hand to declare him the winner, as in boxing. The leader notices the awkward situation and tries to withdraw his hand. But since perseverance in error is devilish, according to the Latin word, Şumudică takes it to the next level and kisses its leader on the scalp, turban, or whatever it finds. And not just in the field, but outside, when Paltan makes the microphone phrases.

It’s really weird Marius Chomudić did not try such methods of expressing illness in Romania, for example, in addition to John Nicholas (it is possible, true, that he was frustrated by his surroundings and his sudden morals). It is strange that he does such a thing in a strange place, far from home, in an environment where the protocol of approach does not allow him to act like a wedding or a baptism. About three decades ago, at the Jorge Enescu Festival, the then president of Romania, the as yet unpunished Ion Iliescu, took the stage and acted as a ringleader. with who? No one but Jew Menuhin, one of the world’s greatest violinists, who was raised at the sight of an embarrassed nurse who noticed the glint of frightened pupils.

“Local culture is not just about gastronomy, architecture, jazz clubs, and customs.”

The philosophy of touch has levels of subtlety and symbolism that an explosive and open-minded coach might not have imagined like Şumudică. It should, at least for now. Nobody knows where his life will take him. If he signs a contract with a team from Japan, Şumudică could find his enthusiasm too. Touching another person is a serious crime in Japan, especially when you don’t know them or know them superficially. Osaka is not Giorgio from any point of view. In a Latin country, yes, maybe Somodica didn’t take much risk. In an Asian country, you do not know the consequences of a rush that cannot be stopped in time. This simply means taking in the parameters of the culture in which you will live for six months, a year, or two years. Local culture isn’t just about gastronomy, architecture, jazz clubs, and customs. It also includes a set of manifestations in society that it is desirable to know so that he does not wake up sealed as Jafur. A mismatch is good only if it does not impede a gross mismatch.

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