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The firmness of the new mattress is a very important aspect that makes the difference between a comfortable mattress and one that can cause back pain, and between interrupted sleep and restful sleep. Buying a new mattress should take into account the level of stiffness according to the needs of each person, which also determines comfort during breaks.

Comfort is directly related to the firmness or, conversely, to the softness and elasticity of the mattress. Of course, there are other factors that determine how comfortable a mattress is, but this article shows how the firmness of the mattress plays an important role in getting good sleep.

Mattresses are usually described as soft, medium, medium hard, or hard (strong). Medium to medium firmness beds are the most popular because they suit a wide range of needs. When choosing the level of stiffness, it is important to consider the sleeping position and body type.

Choose the mattress according to the position during sleep

  1. Sleeping on one side It is the most common preferred position and one that doctors usually recommend to avoid back pain. The best mattresses for single-sided sleepers have a soft to medium firmness level and help keep the spine aligned. If it is too stiff or rigid, there may be too much pressure on the hips and shoulders.
  2. sleep on your stomach. A firmer mattress is more suitable for anyone who sleeps in this position and does not want pressure points to sink too much into the mattress in this position.
  3. Sleep on your back. Medium hardness is ideal in this case. If the mattress is too soft or too hard in this position, the person may not have the correct alignment.
  4. Sleeping in different positions. There are people who do not have a preferred sleeping position and can also sleep on one side, on the stomach, but also on the back. A medium firm mattress is recommended to best support the different positions in which they sit during the night.

Choose the mattress according to the person’s weight

  1. People who are overweight, over 100kg, need a stronger mattress. This is recommended for heavier objects, as more pounds means more pressure on the bed. Excessive pressure can sink the mattress and compromise the straightness of the spine, resulting in back pain. Some high-performance mattress brands also produce models specifically designed for people weighing more than 100 kg.
  2. Light people who weigh less They need a softer mattress, as they do not put too much pressure on the bed. If the mattress is too stiff, the person will not sink enough to reduce stress on the joints.

When choosing a mattress, both the position during sleep and the person’s body weight are taken into account, trying to reconcile the recommendations for firmness of both criteria. Thus, if a weaker person usually sleeps on his stomach, then a medium hardness is chosen to make compromises between the different types of mattresses recommended for each specificity.

Usually with regard to the stiffness of the mattress, manufacturers have specifications in this regard. The firmness or strength of the mattress is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest. These ratings can help the buyer compare package levels when making a buying decision. However, this scale may differently estimate the stiffness of the mattress depending on the manufacturer, and the rating may not match the customer’s expectations.

Purchasing a mattress directly in the physical store offers the advantage of being able to directly estimate the durability of the mattress, but before going to the store it is recommended to obtain sufficient documentation to obtain clear instructions on the characteristics of the product according to personal needs and to request information and clarifications from the staff of the specialized store. You can try to contact those from Online shopping is a solution that gives many options to the buyer. But it should also be done after careful documentation of the characteristics of the mattress that is suitable for a restful sleep.

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