Marius Simeon, organizer of the Arad Symphony Festival: ‘I bet too much’

Actor: Marius Simeon, you are the organizer of the Arad Symphonic Experience Festival (SEA) It will be held from August 19-21 at UTA Stadium. How did you come to the decision to organize such a huge event?

Michael: Honestly, any major project in its early stage requires a dose of craziness and enthusiasm without which you can’t get on the road. Two elements trusted me: once convinced that Arad was not only worthy, but also could appreciate and lead such a festival, and on the other hand, my team of collaborators, who reinforced the belief that such a deployment of technical, logistical and administrative forces could have capabilities. So, from now on, I’m going to talk about organizing in the plural, we are a team. We have all bet that this event can happen with maximum success in Arad.

Rep: Can you give us some details about the team?

Michael: Very briefly, because there are well-known people in the industry and not only. Together with In Times Concept, the association we founded with a nice group of friends, a kind of general contractor for the festival, together we have partners from Bucharest, Radu Furnia and Francesco D’Ambrosio from UMGE, who brought with us Aranka Takacs from Cluj, one of the organizers of UNTOLD. Also, our friend Florin Galic, who has been a part of this project since the vision stage, is a well-known figure in Arad, at least through his contribution to various cultural projects (Frontier Club, Arad County Dining Room, etc.).

Rep: A rather complicated structure…

Michael: That’s right, but in addition to those you mentioned on the management team, we have many other collaborators in theater design, sound, marketing, etc. We would like to thank Arad City Hall and RECONS for the exceptional support they have provided to this project. We also thank the sponsors and are very happy to support and participate in the University of Aurel Vlaicu in several stages related to this festival. And let’s not forget the Arad Orchestra, which in addition to being the oldest and most prestigious cultural institution in Arad, was instrumental in the event’s success. We believe that Arad Orchestra will be one of the main stars of this festival.

Rep: Because you’ve talked about celebrities, who are the artists who are going to take to the stage?

MS: From the very beginning it must be said that it was an unprecedented event in Arad, which contains a large number of elements for the first time. It is practically impossible for me to remember all those who will stand on the stage, because there will be more than 300 people who will delight the audience in the three SEA days. I guess you are referring to the main lineup, and in connection with this I am happy to tell you that we will have such outstanding artists as Mr. Jorge Zamfir and his guests, Niko Kovaci with the always revived Phoenix Symphonic. Then, under the direction of Professor Daniel Jenga of Bucharest National Opera, we will have the wonderful performances of famous performers such as Laura Britan, Marcel Pavel, Vlad Meric and Jurdach Basalek. The international character of the festival is given by the fact that with Romanian performers, live Hungarian artists such as Kerekes Band or the Budapest Philharmonic Project will play. Obviously, we will also be cheering the young artists of Arad, who will have a special place in the opening parts of all three festival evenings. We will have the opportunity to talk about other notable artists who will be enjoying their artistic performance and upcoming events. So as not to reveal all the surprises at first…

Rep: However, the title of the festival Don’t you find it easy to take a risk? I mean, some people would think it’s strictly symphonic repertoire.

Michael: Of course, there is little risk. However, we decided to move on from the first edition with this title because we set out to explain the concept to the audience as much as possible. We see that there was, a long time ago, a fusion of musical genres that until yesterday seemed incompatible. Rock, pop, jazz, race, blues, and even electronic music gain new, almost unexpected values, when they receive the backing of a symphony orchestra. Most of the great artists, even if they are of different generations, today are successfully experimenting with interpretations or reinterpreting their repertoire with a symphony orchestra. The examples are endless here, from Deep Purple to Metallica and from Abba to Lady Gaga, to give some notable examples. We sit with our festival on a very global trend, offering the audience that we hope will fill the UTA Arena, access to great artists and music whose amplitude will lead symphony orchestras to a whole new perfection. Yes, the musical is aimed at an audience that is higher in terms of musical culture, but I think the dense and varied program has a talent for all tastes.

Rep: So, in the end, do you think you’ll win the bet you were talking about before?

Michael: Yes, I hope, with the help of Arad and the people of Arad, to whom we will give three days of high-end performances. In this context, I must say that we really appreciate the initiative of some multinational companies in the industrial area that have decided to reward their employees with subscriptions to Symphonic Experience. I don’t think they could find a better way to show their appreciation for both the staff and the culture. That’s why I say we can win this bet, and it’s not just us, it’s a community bet that wants to put Arad in a cultural circle of showcasing quality.


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