Unveiling of the statue of Dumitru Virkach, an authentic event of patriotism, culture and tradition

On the Little Union Day, the people joined together for an authentic event, a true lesson of patriotism, gratitude, culture and traditions, which will remain for a long time in the memory and soul of those present and why not, in the history of the place: the unveiling of a bust of Mister Dumitru Virkach.

A story attributed to Gio Bogaza reads: “When God was walking with St. Peter on the ground, on a rainy night, they came to the edge of a village and hardly dared to strike the stick at the first gate. The big dogs hastened to tear them apart, but at once a male voice was heard asking ‘Who is that?’ Beating?” “O people!” Then the man calmed the dogs, invited them into the house, where his wife and children had just woken up, and began to give orders, but gently.” Mario, put a few more vines on the fire. Tudor, run to the well for a drop of fresh water. Ilenua, you can see it in a pot of fresh milk.” And he gave them to be washed and anointed with a white towel, and to eat, and to take them to sleep in a room that smelled of quince and basil. The next morning, he washed them again, fed them, and put them in a bag of apples they had never seen before, and wished them well. And when they left the village, Saint Peter began to pray to God: “Lord, do something for these people, because they received us so well!”. “What do you want me to do, Saint Peter, for you have seen that they have everything.” “God, do something to see his soul at least once!” “Let Petrie see his soul?” “Yes, Lord, he may see his soul as we see poplars there!” God answered, “Well, Saint Peter,” looking closely at the village in the valley. And after a while, Mihai Emenscu was born into that nation of the people.” Paraphrasing this story, the Grossians were also fortunate enough to see their souls, because in their midst God sent people like Dumitru Fărcaș, a complete artist, a Roman and an authentic Grossian. That is why society – in whose midst is the greatest Romanian ragout, Dumitru Virque, who took the Roman song incomparable all over the world – led by Mayor Florin Boltea, wanted to show that love, respect and appreciation transcend death.
Appearances dedicated to the unveiling of a bust of Mister Dumitru Virkach took place near Little Union and rose completely to the height of the prestige of the great artist. The bust, a bronze work by the sculptor Ioan Marches of Baia Mare, was placed on the plateau in front of the Grouchy Municipal City Hall, so this location was also chosen for the organization of the event, as it was scheduled, as it could not be better, for Sunday 23 January . The events organized by the Grouce Baia Mare Local Council and City Council, together with the “Dumitru Fărcaș” Foundation, brought together all the elements that make up the spiritual fabric of the Grouchy people: faith, tradition, patriotism, hospitality, culture and passion. feelings. The host and host of the event was Father Virgil Jekerin, who was adopted. The event began with the singing of the state anthem, at which point the participants, often dressed in beautiful folk costumes, wearing tricolor reins provided by City Hall and tricolor flags, were overwhelmed with emotion.
After the unveiling of the bust, she followed the canonization service, which was conducted by a council of priests led by HG Bishop Justin, who said at the end of the service: “Today we are here together to give him a gift of gratitude. We thank him for all that he has done, we kneel before him, and we worship.” To him and give him this small gift, which is a sign of the unforgettable nobility of the people of Grouchy, the people of Grouchy and those who knew him and of the Church eternal remembrance, unforgettable, and promotion of values ​​and personalities.The Church is the institution that is inseparable from the promotion of values, identity, culture, faith and folklore and language. The church is the only and last frontier that helps us move forward and preserve our Roman identity, faith and culture.”
Then spoke actress Dorel Vişan, Professor Grigore Leşe, Dr. Teodor Ardelean, Director of the District Library “Petre Dulfu”, wife of artist Elena Fărcaş, former Governor Anton Rohian, son of the village, daughter of Mr. Fărcaș, Andreea, Mayor Florin Boltea, who said that ” Dumitru Verschach was and will always be in our hearts a symbol of the authenticity of the Grouchins and the Romans, and this bust is the living and eternal proof that we, Groshini, cherish and love him as he loved in his life.”
This was followed by another emotional moment, the laying of wreaths to the sound of tarakht coming from all over Transylvania to sincerely honor the most beautiful voices he loved and lifting them from his chest and heart in brilliant eternity, leaving them forever.

This event was honored by artists from all over Transylvania: the folk ensemble “Martisor” of the House of Student Culture “Dumitro Farkas” in Cluj-Napoca, founded in 1962 by Professor Dumitru Farkas, and now managed by his compatriot, accordionist Dorel Rowe. With fellow junior Tudor Căucean, actor Dorel Vişan, Lăpuş professor Grigore Leşe, Taragotist insider Adrian Neamţu from Sibiu, Romania’s best traguti writer, at this moment, a worthy successor to Dumitru Fărcaş, Targotist Gheorghe Radu from Cluj and vocalist Magna From Sighetu Marmaţiei, Taragotişti Cristian Tot Pati and Ionel Sabo from Satu Mare, Dănuţ Goia from Cluj-Napoca, grocer Dumitru Dobrican, and Silviu Ponoran, National Mayor of Zlatilna” from Baia Mare, with director Iuliana Maria Dragoș started his troupe, The great Ragut artist his artistic life even close to its inception and where he learned, self-made, tragut singing sculptor Ioan Marchic etc. The wife and daughter of the great Ragut could not be missing, but neither could the figures of culture and political life of the region be missing.

Not only the appearances were a fairy tale, but also the weather, which alternated between snow and sun. And in order for the passion to become stronger, in the end, all the participants joined the union choir.

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