Withdraw the Communist censorship from the National Archives! The President of the Romanian Academy, Professor Ioan Aurel Pope, has made an appeal to the Minister of the Interior, Lucien Bude, from the Academy to stop the serious blow he has dealt to research on national history.

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The President of the Romanian Academy, Ioan Aurel Pope, addressed a letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Lucien Bude, requesting the Academy’s Presidency Office to retain free access to documents from the National Archives, stressing this limitation as a “serious blow” to national history research.

The National Archives has recently given Dry and unsigned advertisement – also posted on the organization’s website – Through which the resumption of communist censorship is announced without the right of appeal:

„To attract the attention of users of classroom services in the Central National Historical Archives

Due to the need to pre-check the content of the required archiving units in the study room, in order to ensure compliance with the measures for the protection of confidential information, we inform you that there may be delays in the execution of requests immediately and even in the possibility that some of the required archiving units may not be given for search.

Until a record has been completed allowing the expected knowledge of the contents of the archival units from the point of view of the confidential information received, we apologize for the possible inconveniences created,” which is written in the Communist Declaration “anonymously submitted”.

„The Office of the Presidency of the Roman Academy noted with concern the announcement of the National Archives regarding the possibility of restricting access to documents (from its own deposits) by secret marks, from the communist era and even older. This fact is a serious blow to the research of national history, in complete contrast to the practices of past decades, with the precedent created by the activity of the Presidential Committee for the Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania and with European recommendations. Bodies have access to archives.appears in the Academy’s President’s letter, sent on Monday to AGERPRES and published by fax on the website of the Romanian Academy.

At the same time, Ewan Oriel Pope expresses concern over “media reports about the destruction of public documents at the expiration of the legal term of secrecy, without the normal evaluation of their historical documentary content by archival professionals, a fact aimed strongly at national identity” and calls for “the removal of those restrictions and the integrity of information relevant to the history of this country.”

„The institutions of a historical nature (faculties, institutes, centers, etc.) within the Romanian universities and academies carry out their activity based on investigations from the archives. Most researchers of modern history have planned work that includes such research in the archives. We therefore call on the relevant public authorities to intervene as soon as possible in order to remove the mentioned restrictions and to ensure the integrity of information related to the history of this country. It is necessary that the prestigious institution called the National Archives of Romania, which is the main repository of national memory and the only organizational authority in the field of archives, over time by members of the Romanian Academy, maintain its rank and purpose, to be updated, strengthened and respected, in accordance with the practices of the European Union”, Bob adds.

The President of the Romanian Academy considers it “essential” that the Archival Bill PL-x no. 31/2019, which correctly solves the above problems, to return with priority on the agenda of the House of Representatives.”

“We attach the possible solutions proposed since 2016 by the previous administration of the institution with the action recently taken by the National Archives Administration, after the oversight of the bodies that deal with confidential information from the Ministry of Administration and Interior, and can not understand the details of the historical research.” As explained in the letter of the President of the Romanian Academy, Ioan Aurel Pope, addressed to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Lucien Bude.

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