Agenda LiterNet/Oana Balaci: TIFF Fiction Competition, 2022 (VI)

Vincent Mile Cardona, author of short films Swan stomachs slip into my strange comaAnd the his cuckoos- clouds And the Try a trickIn his debut, he follows the trend of films that tell stories from the recent past, I own Philip Pichon – a very apt name, as the character is as cute as bichon – a young radio presenter who lives in Brittany in the 1980s and is drafted into military service and sent to West Berlin. magnetic monsters won in Cannes Film Festival In 2021 the award SACD (Managers Weekly) and the award for Best Debut Film in Cesar AwardsIt is presented or awarded at other prestigious festivals and festivals.

Philippe Bichone (whose well-thought-out passions are mastered by Thimotée Robart, in hill His second major role) working on an illegal radio station with his older brother Jerome (his impulsiveness was honestly explained by Joseph Olivine). The latter is the frequency sound, and the other is the technical genius, always on the buttons. Together they form a proud rebel pair. But things get complicated when Jerome’s girlfriend Marianne (Mary Columbus), starts dating them, and Philo, while the two flirt with him, ends up having feelings for it. In addition, his “stupid” cover was spoiled and the army forced him to go to West Berlin.

The film begins with a text that tells of an improper definition of military service and a colloquial synonym: “idiot” – exactly what Philip failed to be, unlike his brother. Then the image credits are scattered black Which depicts the presidential election at that time. Later, during the film, we review the same images, this time in color, and discover that he won the favorite of most in the pub (except for the hero), the first boss who is not a part a The Socialist Party – because before the winner was announced, an angry voice shouted “Anyway, the Communist always wins.” Thus Cardona provides a brief political commentary, only to return from the drama of the nation to the drama of the individual.

magnetic monsters It uses the context of the period in which it is placed only on a stylistic level, but does not attempt to place all the emphasis on it. Philip subordinate Right ignorant of the atrocities that unfold on the other side of the wall and even complete East Berlin when you go there for an organized party a A cathedral, it claims to be a kind of paradise where you find it all – an outside perspective that hasn’t been explored much in other film productions. And so the universe in West Berlin intersects with the obsessive world in another TIFF movie of the year, last executionwhich seems, for a few moments, less bleak.

Cardona’s characters, who wrote the script in collaboration with Chloe Larucci and Maille Le Garic, are designed to be smart and polite. Rich cultural references, not only in the field of music and others sound design, Which the protagonist confidently masters due to his involvement in the radio world, but also in religion or poetry (adapted from the Bible and Rilke) highlights this fact. Even Marianne who works in a barbershop has a sudden craving for knowledge, ask him Philip questions about how the radio works.

The film’s soundtrack, selected by David Sztanke, is varied and contains popular songs from the 70s to 80s, when the sound is light (that is, when it is part of the narration), such as teen blows of tones. With my color contrasting warm yellow tones with cool tones of blue, the director creates a vintage and nostalgic atmosphere, perfect for Philippe’s dedication to Jerome, which he does through Voice commentaryCPC From the beginning and throughout the movie, until the narration finally ends by saying the same words from the beginning of the movie over the old radio microphone, a symmetry Final opening influential.

Thus, French director Cardona tells a story about love, friendship, family, misfortunes, ambition and life in general. Unlike other films set at the end of the last century, magnetic monsters It’s not nearly as tragic. truly, A situation in which the protagonist finds himself not very desirable, an important character dies in the middle of the film and Marianne is left alone, but the result offers a dose of optimism strange to what we’ve seen lately. Philip has his whole life ahead of him. He is talented, determined and ambitious. His flame “still burns”.

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