Dan Șucu is plotting a big shot at Rapid. The attacker confirms: “I talked to them!”


date of publication: Saturday July 2, 2022 at 10:53

Update date: Saturday 2 July 2022, 11:01

Driving it off the bench Adrian Mutu He quickly progressed well in the competitive hiatus in terms of transfers. With a financial addition since then Dan Oko came to the team, The man who created the giant Mobeexpert, the band from Giulești set high goals.

If Adrian Mutu has a defensive option, at the level of the offensive division, he is still looking for solutions, and in the list of acquisitions he is Dennis Alibeck. The footballer who played in Atromitos (Greece) in 2022 separated from the group to which he belongs, Kayserispor. The Romania international has not received his money from the Turkish national team for a year, according to Gazeta.

  • Dan Doko

Alibec, wanted by Dan Șucu in Rapid

Alibek confirmed to the source quoted above that he sat down to the negotiating table with the team coached by Adrian Mutu.

“I also spoke to Rapid! Yes, but I think I played for Steaua. And I don’t know if I can stand the idea that people consider me a traitor. I love a lot of Steaua fans, they still take pictures of me, ‘My name, I can’t get over it.'” I’ve talked to a lot of speed pioneers and they said they have no problem with that (no: with the past at FCSB). But this is how I feel. I think any footballer in Romania would like to play in Rapid today. He has a dreamy atmosphere, “ Denis Alibeck said about Gsp.ro.

  • 700,000 Euros Alibek share
  • Alibek is 31 years old (1.87 m).
  • Scored two goals in 23 selections for the national team

FC RAPID 1923. Market

  • Coach – Adrian Mutu (Confirmed)

at Andre Ciopano (24 years old / central midfielder / FC Varol / 100,000 euros), Valentin Kostas (23 years old / far left / CFR Cluj / 100,000 euros), Florin Tefan (26 years old / left defender / CFR) Cluj / €200,000) Paul Iakop (25 years old / central defender / Chindia Tarjovit / free of contract)

loan returns – Rari Lazur (23 years old / central midfielder / SSU Poli Timișoara), Enrichi Finică (19 years old / left defender / Unirea Constanța), Alexandru Tătaru (20 years old / goalkeeper / Foresta Suceava), Antonio Prado (20 years old / central) Midfielder / CS Hunedoara), tefan Lefter (17 years old / goalkeeper / CS Hunedoara), Sebastian Miko (21 years old / goalkeeper / CSM Reșița)

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departures – Nikolai Carney (23 years old / far right / CFR Cluj / loan approved), Albert Stahl (23 years old / far left / Uta Arad / borrower), Adrian Bilan (32 years old / striker / “U” Cluj / contract concluded) Cătălin Hlistei (27 years old / left midfielder / concluded), Petre Goge (30 years old / left defender / contracted), Alexandru Dandea (34 years old / central defender / CSC elimbăr 1599 / concluded), Saifuddin Alami (29 1 year / offensive midfielder / contract concluded), Raúl Costin (37 years old / midfielder / contract concluded), Mircea Les (23 years old / right defender / contract concluded)

Dan Șucu transforms Rapid

Businessman Dan Şucu took over 50% Of the shares of FC Rapid football club, the remaining fifty percent remained in the possession of Victor Angelescu. FC Rapid will benefit in a year and a half from two sports bases in the north of the capital, Constructorul and Coresi, and their rankings will reach a total of nearly 8 million euros.

“The new Rapid base is 3.6 hectares, it’s the former Constructorul base. We don’t have a name yet, because we haven’t decided which sponsor will help us. The main field will be a hybrid, just like the one in the stadium and will be used by the big team, there will be locker rooms, a hall Sports, relaxation, a small hotel…something we don’t find everywhere in Bucharest now, this base will be run by Rapid club.Its cost 3 million and a few euros, the investment there will be from 5 to 6 million, deadline – about 18 months.

The second base is Mobeexpert Sports Base, formerly known as Coresi, which is dedicated to table sports. About 1,000 children between the ages of 5 and 17 play football here. This second base will be run by Rapid Football School, a non-profit organization. The cost of the table sports base is 2 million euros, its arrangement will cost another 2 million, and everything will be ready in 18 months. Investments in these two bases are a purely private mine,” Dan Oko identified.

  • Dan Oko’s estimated net worth is 120 million euros
  • Dan Oko is 59 years old

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