Annecy. World Fiction has launched an author series dedicated to Roberto Bolaño, “the most important literary voice of his generation in Latin America” ​​(The New York Times)

The first two titles published are the volume of short prose Bitch killer And the novel distant star, published by Alina Cantacuzino, books already in physical and online libraries across the country. The series will continue with A night in Chile And the 2666planned to see daylight in 2023.

“I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say Rob’s prose and poetryrto Bolaño au He established and gathered a true school among Roman writers Around them are a real sect of enthusiasts. It was from the start The secret wish of the team behind Anansi is such a wonderful writer

To join our listannounced Bogdan Alexandru StenskoAnansi Group Coordinator. Fantasy world.

Praised by many of the great names of world literature such as Susan Sontag, who called him “the most influential and admired prose writer of his generation” or James Wood who called him “one of the greatest and most influential contemporary writers”, Roberto Bolaño goes on to be one of the most recent thinkers despite his disappearance.

“All I wrote was a love letter or a farewell letter to my generation. We were stupid and generous, like young people, giving everything and asking for nothing in return, and now these young people are gone, because those who did not die in Bolivia died in Argentina or Peru, and those who survived died in Chile or Mexico, and those who were not killed there were later killed in Nicaragua, Colombia or El Salvador.All of South America is woven on the bones of these forgotten youths Announces Roberto Bolanoin his last interview.

The size of the stories Bitch killer It is one of the two titles with which author Roberto Bolaño’s series begins. In the narrow space of his stories, Roberto Bolaño manages to sum up his entire literary world, one of the most destructive and personal of Spanish literature: the literature that saturates everything; sex. the lives of characters who, although living a common life, are in ecstasy and unusual events; Rebellion of those who live on the margins of society. Traveling as a means of escape but also as a way of life; youths; hanf; Art is an obsession.

The second book from the debut of author Roberto Bolaño’s series from the Anansi Collection. The novel of the world is the novel distant starA story about the lives that ended and the fate of destruction that no one blames for its destruction.

Alberto Ruiz Tagli was once a silent, secretive, and somewhat acceptable member of the younger generation of Chilean avant-garde poets. But the 1973 military coup turned him into a famous literary figure named Carlos Vader. Known for his bold and daring poems written in the sky with smoke from the aftermath of an airplane, Wieder is a mystery to his peers: Where did this unexpected talent come from, what is the connection between his transformation and the mysterious disappearance of the beautiful twin sisters Garmendia?

Roberto Bolano He was born in Santiago de Chile in 1953. He lived a life of exile, strained relations with his homeland, sharp political gestures, and a nomadic life that took him from Chile to Mexico, El Salvador, France, and Spain. He settled and where he died at the age of fifty.

He is the author of numerous fiction, non-fiction and poetry books, including wild detectivesAnd the distant star or A night in Chile. In 2008, he was posthumously awarded the National Book Critics Circle Award for the Outstanding Novel 2666.

Roberto Bolaño established himself as a literary revelation in the 1990s, considered one of the most talented and original authors of the new generation of Latin American writers: “Roberto Bolaño’s literature is on the frontier and is supposed to separate literature from politics” (Boston review), “Roberto Bolaño Brilliant Storyteller, Family of Thomas Pynchon and Don DeLillo” (Newspaper).

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