Fits 2022. Ophelia Poppy, 15 years after Faust: “How much I would have slept last night, if I had no more feelings!”

Ophelia Poppy at FITS 2022 – Signed Reporter from Dragoș Vasile


We met in Sibiu, “in the hall”, also called “the factory of culture” or, simply – “Then, I will take you to the factory in Fausti? – as expressed, elegantly, by the taxi driver who left me there.

Ophelia and I talked outside, somewhere behind the hall, somewhere post-industrial, with hot cement, rusty tin, and even the most gullible grasshoppers of Heinrich Faust, who had no idea what a flood of rain would hit them in the grass. , in about 45 minutes.

Ophelia Poppy:

I didn’t think I’d be in this role for 15 years. I didn’t think I’d ever play her, especially since at first, in the initial cast version, we only have one role: The Witch. But I remember I was very happy anyway. And when Mr. Purcărete said to me “Come, learn Mephistopheles!” It seemed like a joke. Then I got a UNITER award for that. From the bench to the bench!

I’ve always had a little confidence in myself. For example, at the beginning of my career, after I finished college – and by “beginning” I mean the first ten years – I felt some embarrassment to give a one-on-one talk. I wanted to say it quickly, finish it once, and hide somewhere. I’ve always felt good in my relationship with my partner, but when I had something else to say on stage, it seemed like people were wasting their time with me.

Over time, I’ve been able to fix something, to work on it, I’ve been able to find support—things I can cling to in my mind so I don’t slip when I’m feeling scared.

Ophelia Poppy with Miklos Buck at the Faust production of “Radu Stanca” National Theater in Sibiu.

But I still have feelings when I play Fausti. How much I would have slept last night if I didn’t have them! And yes, I still repeat the text. We have a show at ten, and tonight, about eight, my friend, the blower, comes to practice together.

It’s also very sensual. And if you don’t know what to expect, it will surprise you. When the crowd comes. And pass! And rich! And it rocks where they live, which spectators know must be a safe place – because, on other shows. Only now it looks fragile and vulnerable. You can sense them hesitating.

People still come to the festival to see for the first time Fausti And I feel the things that the onlookers who first saw him in 15 years felt. It’s great to see that, yes, it still works.

for her role in

For her role in “Faust”, Ophelia Poppy in 2008 received the UNITER Award for Best Female Performance in a Leading Role.

We are now in Sibiu, but I come from Cluj. Because that’s where I went to school. On the other hand, before FITS, I went to TIFF. And it’s another chance to realize that I can still feel comfortable here, because I’m not used to acting in movies yet.

I have yet to get over this initial embarrassment. Stress. suspicion. Perhaps also because offers to play in the movie rarely come and I feel like, somehow, I’m missing the job. Playing in movies is another thing. Search, for example, for dog man, the first film by Stefan Constantinescu, worked with Bogdan Domitrash. You’ve seen what it really means to know the trade. In addition to his obvious talent, he really has the science to play in the movies.

Ophelia Poppy will be featured in a movie

Ophelia Poppy’s ‘Man Dog / Man and Dog’ directed by Stefan Constantinescu will have its world premiere at the 2022 Gothenburg Film Festival.

I, in the movie, are in a continuous start. This is costing me effort. In the movie, it seems to me that I always take the risk of making mistakes and that leads to a certain amount of stress. And then, seeing myself in the final product, I started to realize the mistakes, and how I could have handled a particular scene better.

And I’m sorry I didn’t feel them then, because in the movie you can’t really go back and, in general, you see that it’s modified too late. And I say to myself, “Oh my God, but if this was the best double, what would the others look like?”

On the other hand, look, a character in the theater can live in you even for 15 years. In the movie, you made it in a few months, ready, you got rid of it, you beat it, and if it bothers you with something that came out, you wouldn’t watch the movie and you’re done. Fortunately, I really enjoyed working on it dog man. And from what I was told after the show at TIFF Talks, it turns out my role has gone well. I conclude that I rarely like to play in films.

According to the presentation text on the FITS page, Faust is

According to the presentation script on the FITS page, Faust is “an extrasensory experience on the border between Earth and Hell, a spectacle amplified by projections, live rock music, dozens of actors and dancers, and an original soundtrack signed by Vasile Şirli.”

Over time, I learned to be very disciplined. before and after the show. You cannot prolong the state, that perturbation of the role, without burning yourself, without affecting you as a human being.

That’s why, when the show ends, I spend more time here. I slowly, slowly remove my makeup – anyway, at Fausti I have a lot of make-up – I don’t rush anywhere, then I drive a little, because I like to drive at night, and only when I feel completely calm do I go home.

No, it’s not about being “out of character,” which sounds like a mystical thing. no. I just have adrenaline, and I have to calm down. I have a little girl – I can’t go home and somehow scare her.

to me Fausti I didn’t bring it. I hope we play it long enough to show it off. But it is true that she already knows what her mother is doing: I went with her to other shows and took her to meet my students.

What did I like the most about this year, at the festival? a house, after Maxim Gorky, production from Chisinau, directed by Dumitru Akres. Very interesting suggestion: the actors were playing in a cross space, between us, the spectators, sitting on four islands, very close to each other, you can actually see how the hair on the actors’ hands stands or what their skin looks like made of chicken in certain intense moments of the play . And it works beautifully with scents! At some point, one of the characters wanted to set the house on fire and pour some kind of gasoline on the floor. I immediately felt the danger, I felt it in your nose.

What I didn’t like about FITS: People who come to shows and go out. And they don’t necessarily leave the room because they don’t like the show. They go out because they are in a hurry to get to another one. And for another. And for another. Don’t lose anything. There is a desire for it, heredity, a desire to select as many songs, titles and events as possible. And I can’t explain why. Why don’t these guys take some time, after the show, to think a little bit about what they just saw.

I’m disappointed that what I was hoping wouldn’t happen didn’t happen. I thought that after all this common negative experience, two years after the pandemic, empathy would be reborn, and caring for the other. We sat like this, locked in the house, in lockdown, and I thought that such an experience could not help us but change us for the better, because now we know, we know what we can lose and how easy it is. I thought that the common pain would end with the common salvation. But then I met people who had left the house and realized that nothing fundamental had changed.

What makes me happy now in 2022? My daughter. the work. And my students, in whom I already see some good people and whom I wish with all my heart to remain that way. That this world around them, around us, will not change them.

* Drago Vasili, Sibiu

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