Bogdania Magazine – an immortal page in the history of Roman literature

The. Florin Shin

President of the National Writers Association

Member of the Romanian American Academy of Culture and Science

Towards the end of February 2013, the creative and cultural magazine “Bogdanya” took its first steps towards its readers. It writes on the magazine’s website. Bogdanya, as editor-in-chief of writer Ionel N. Marin, President of the Bogdania Cultural Humanitarian Association, which appears under the auspices of the “Bogdania” Cultural Humanitarian Association from Fuchani. From the start, the editor-in-chief said he would strive to become a publication for everyone’s heart and soul, a magazine that would promote the “beautiful burden” of Roman writing. “Through our own editorial team and through you, our collaborators, both permanently and casually, we can add joy and affirmation to Francia’s values, to talents from all over the country and from the Romanian diaspora”, The good-hearted writer Ionel N Marin wrote at the time.

Nine years have passed since the appearance of the first issue, in February next year, ten years will pass since the pages of this magazine are real windows of the Pantheon of national culture (the Pantheon is a building in Italian Rome), commissioned by Marcus Agrippa as a temple to all the gods of ancient Rome, and reconstructed Emperor Hadrian, circa 126 AD.

It was originally built as a temple to the seven ruling deities of the seven planets in the religious state of ancient Rome, since the seventh century it was converted into a Christian church.

It is the best preserved Roman building and the most important ancient building in the world with an intact original roof. Although the identity of the architect remains uncertain, many attribute it to the Apollodorus of Damascus), through which they reach readers, culture lovers, creators, the refreshing “air” of local literary creations, and more.

We have taken this short excursion into the history of the Pantheon to understand the cultural meaning of this journal, which is self-financed with the editor’s money, and not like some who cut down taxpayers’ money, justifying the value of those published by the value of trees cut down used paper. Accessed Year X 95-96 / 2022 (Months: May – June 2022), Issue recently received from writer Ionel N. Published, signed creations by a large group of people (a group of (brilliant) people with the same interests, ideas, etc., according to DEX.) by contemporary writers, including: Ionel N. Marin who signed the editorial “Spiritual Renaissance” and World Peace” in which the topic deals, strictly, with globalization and peace. The editor-in-chief makes an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the life of writer and cultural promoter Al Florin Țene on the occasion of his 80th birthday, an analysis titled “Al. Florin Țene: A Life Devoted to Roman Culture- 80” which ends after 9 A4 pagesNow about 80 degrees of gloss and emphasis, I can say, and for full reason, that the brilliant work and life of great literary achievement and not only of the exceptional and Roman creator Al.Florin Țene, is an immortal example of Roman and unconditional love for Roman language and culture. Many blessed, fruitful and beautiful years! “

A group of well-known names in Romanian culture are published in this issue of the magazine, such as: V. Dulgheru, Tudor Nedelcea, Elena Buică, Ben Todică from Australia, Ionel Marin, Titina Nica Țene, Florin Grigoriu, Ovidiu Țușuianu, Mihai Merticaru, Anghel Hotu, Elena Arminescu, Ecaterina Chifu, Andrei Breabn, Maria Niculescu, George Pettic, Mircea Daroy on the novel by Al Florin Shen “In my poems People will not harmonize with jars – life between reality and the story of the poet Vasili Militaro”, Noa Constantinescu signed about the novel dedicated to Valerio Gavinco by Al . Florin Țene, Geo Călugăru on the poet Florea Marin, Nicolae Vasile on the novel “Under the Full Moon” by Gabriela Stanciu Păsărin, Ioan Holban on the volume of essays by Andrei Breban, Năstase Marin, Ioan Sabău Pop, including the second part of the play “Florei Sarmisegetget by Al.Florin Țene. I apologize that I did not include all the names of the characters published in the magazine due to the typographical space.

The rich content, which we are accustomed to every issue of the magazine, also includes sequences from the Festival Bogdania Awards Ceremony – Bogdania International Literary Creativity Competition, 11th Edition, Bucharest, 21 June 2022.

The magazine also contains stories about the coin fair “Argentum Dacorum”, information about the cultural salon in the “Ion I Brătianu” Palace, the international book fair ALMA MATER LIBRARUM, 8th edition, Suceava, May 2022 and two “opening reference” pages, where we discover signed book covers by Al. Florin Țene, Ion I. Brătianu, Nicolae Rotaru, Andrei Breabăn, Iulian Patca, Ion N. Oprea, magazine pages Cronica timpului, Bucovina Literară, Romanian Independena, Literary-Artistic Conforbury, Wallachia Dacia Immortal, Bucharest Literary and Artistic etc.

Through this magazine, which celebrates 10 years since its publication, writer Ionel N. Marin, along with the editors, editors and honorary members: Nicolae Vasili, Gio Kalogoro, Nicolae Rotaru, Vasili Groza, Cornelio Cristescu, MM Kazimirovici, Maria Filippoio, Marcel Meron, Beatrice Kislev, Adrien Nicolae Popescu, Ioan Racio, Marisica Stroya, Ben Todic, Jorge Chiclet, Corina Marin, Florentin Smarandach, Christian Pietro Pollan, Alexandru Florin Shen and Jorge Stroia write a timeless culture page in Romanian.

We wish, from the bottom of our hearts, Bogdania Magazine, and its founder Ionel N. Marin, many years in the light of the word, in immortal pages very useful for national culture.

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