Girls in Bruscles and boys in Port Arthur and Ghi Falcă are everywhere – Special Arad Latest news from Arad

The absolute event last week in Arad was undoubtedly the concert that ended the much-tried Philharmonic season. Attention was enough, the Philharmonic, in order to satisfy the demand for tickets, performed public rehearsals with the audience. A very beautiful and perfect gesture in keeping with what culture should mean in a self-respecting city.
Attention to any music lover was natural: Carmina Burana by Carl Orff is an event wherever and whenever it is presented. It’s a challenging and complex piece, but more penetrating, and requires competition from orchestras, and some choirs, not to mention soloists.

We sincerely expected that those responsible for what is happening in this city and in this county would take note of this symbolic gesture by the Philharmonic Orchestra. Especially given the turbulent history and recent scandals of the Philharmonic Orchestra, respectively, the political tivatura and the other tivatura relate to the eventual dismissal of the former director, Doro Urban.
You guessed it: None of our leading horns were at this party. Not even a token one. They had other things that, as you’ll see, far more important. Led by the supreme leader, who began his week by inviting liberal women from Arad, led by Jenny, to Brussels. Yes, that’s how it’s written, although we know that most oscillate between Bruscles and Brucsles. Lovely, enthusiastic, especially when they are “casual” with him as a big leader and finally in a bar in one of the “capitals” of united Europe (the other two are Strasbourg and Luxembourg). Agree here, don’t go through Brussels without tasting Belgian beers in a pub like the rest of the world.

And so, just to have a beer with the girls in Brussels, it’s Thursday and you hear that Bibi is in trouble again instead of going to the Philharmonic concert. The truth is, here we tend to agree with the great guy from Bruscles (however, we also have respect): you can’t find a nicer program for a silver wedding than going to Carmina Burana with his wife. This is it.
But Bibi chose Port Arthur, we somewhat understand it, the call of nature is hard to refuse. Guy Falco did not hurry to Carmina Burana, on the contrary, this is how we understand why no one was there: they were all sent to Port Arthur to see what Pepe was doing there too. To control him, as he will come, and watch over him, so that he may know that the eyes and ears of the party are not out of his sight. And even if the show of force ended with the tail between his legs, he achieved his goal: to be clear to everyone that nothing and no one happens without the consent of the person above. We’re thinking about MEP, of course.

The one who showed up at Ineu on Friday to officially announce the start of renovation of the castle – in fact, a fortified castle – is from there. Just like Pepe: the presence of the undisputed leader was shown to all, but especially to Abrodin, the stubborn liberal mayor of Eno, that no, without Falco, it could not. At least seven years ago, Abrudan tried to start the project while he was the only opponent in the far east in Arad PNL, and that has not been possible until now. But look, now you can, you just have to listen to the boss, call and hire the recommended people, and you’re done. I let him go, not sooner, of course, by inviting the leader to say a few well-meaning words. Not the other way around, but living words, language errors are hard to hear.
In the evening, on Friday, the day after the guerrilla events in Port Arthur, he is with Basil Morrigan on Arad TV. It’s a good thing here too because others write, the big guy just talks. He teaches the poor Basil how to deal with the press and questions. What to do, this is inevitable when you are face to face with the most important man in Arad. The one who has nothing to do here, we are too small for him, the government is following, and who knows

And so, after a busy week of work, relaxation comes. In Lipova, at an open-air concert called Lipova Symfonic City. For those who are not fluent in English, this means Lipova Symphony Town. Anything could mean that, and it’s definitely not about Arad. But you still have our Philharmonic, already on holiday on Thursday, plus Paula Seeling. And free, plain, not crowded with tickets like Carmina Burana on Thursdays. As for people, how will they come, and if so, you should be there, next to Cionca or Bulbuc, in your blue Robespierre suit, to see who sets the tone.
It tells you what culture is and how it works. Even if the residents of Arad on Thursday showed you that they aren’t necessarily confined, they’ve thronged for a fee to the Carl Orff, where they would have thronged the theater had it not been for the logs and boots.
And you can watch it for free at any party or government event in vain in Arad: outdoor concerts, beer festival and you can see that the days of Arad have not yet begun.
There to see the crowd free under understanding the smile on the great man’s ears…

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