“I guess some guys! The situation was lazy.”

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Romania’s Under-20 performance fell short of expectations at the World Handball Championships in Slovenia, and players point the finger at the disappointing result.

Going into the tournament with real ambitions into the top six, after finishing fifth last year at Euro 2021, the young handball players were disappointed in their last major competition as juniors.

In a group with the Czech Republic, Angola and Lithuania, Romania were hugely favored to take first place to qualify in one of the main groups. After winning, but not convincingly, the matches of Angola and Lithuania, Romania inexplicably collided with the Czech Republic, a match in which they lost 25-32 and reached the consolation championship on 17-32 places.

“In this match we didn’t know how to play with the score. The coaching team’s message was that the match with the Czech Republic must be won. The atmosphere was heavy and oppressive, but that was all they could do at the time. We must not be deceived, for that is the value of the lottery.”This is what Fed coach Nicoletta Alexandrescu told Gazeta Sportulor.

wrong approach

The head of the handball team of CSM Bucharest, Remus Drăgănescu, in charge of children and juniors, considers that many mistakes were made in the U20 group.

“The match with the Czech Republic was handled incorrectly. Some guys thought, just being there, to be elegant in expression. They didn’t sweat enough for the national team. When they tried to come back they couldn’t and they lost qualification. The situation was lazy.”Remus Draganescu said.

At the end of the tournament, Romania ranked 18th after losing the last match with Poland 22-23. “The tournament was a test of the maturity of handball that failed this generation. They have to prepare 100 times better, prove that they want to play for club teams and be fair in dealing with handball. This result is also for the system that trains and teaches them Romanian handball”Nicoletta Alexandrescu concluded.

Remus Drăgănescu considers that the reasons for the goal failure of the world championship are well known. The choice was wrong. Players were taken by name and not by the facts of this season. I think the technical team was also unbalanced from the point of view of experience, especially since it was the CM where I could easily get into the top eight,” said Remus Drăgănescu.

With work and reward

Another problem highlighted by the technicians is the contracts of young handball players, many of whom prefer high salaries, but accept the position of reserve in the club. “The value of contracts is not equal to the sporting value. You play, you get paid, you deserve to be paid, but then, when you don’t return anything, it is no longer good,” said Nicoletta Alexandrescu.

“In the tournament, because of the criteria, there is an auction of young players and they have no value to help the big teams. They should be loaned to smaller teams, and then back to theatrical clubs ”, believes Remus Drogonescu.

Nicoletta Alexandrescu considers there are few promising players in the national under-20 team and only counts on them if they are going to perform. In order to get into the senior national team, they need another 2-3 years of work and it is very important to determine what values ​​will be promoted.

In addition to the value, “athletes have to be humble, respect their teammates and want to get to the top,” the Federal coach concluded.

5 CSM Bucharest players were in the CM U20 group

Romania in the World Cup

  • Andreea Ailincăi,
  • Molina Bashir,
  • Andrea Koeman,
  • Sarah Dare
  • Gabriella Domitraco,
  • Alicia Gugerella,
  • valentina ion,
  • Diana Lixondroyo
  • Corina Lupe
  • Mara Mattia
  • Rebecca Nicola
  • Alexandra Biriano
  • Clara Breda
  • Sarah Ross
  • Stefania Stoica,
  • Andrea Earl,
  • Bianca Voica.
  • coaches: Horațiu Pașca – “main”,
    Mihaela Effie – the second,
    Mihaela Ciopano – coach with goalkeepers

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