Launch of the “Through the Bucharest Metro History Tunnel” project

The Society Rediscovers History in cooperation with the National Archives of Romania, Bucharest Metropolitan Library and Bucharest Municipal Museum announces the launch of the cultural project “Through the Bucharest Metro History Tunnel”.

Co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration, the project “Through the Bucharest Metro History Tunnel” aims to recover, preserve and make use of Bucharest metro history for the benefit of the general public by digitizing both documents and images held by the Romanian National Archives, those in private collections and archives, In addition to newspaper articles on the Bucharest subway, they were published in the main Romanian periodicals in the collection of the Bucharest Metropolitan Library. At the same time, the cultural project aims, in addition to digital documentary materials, to highlight specialists in the design, construction and operation of the Bucharest metro, whose character will be evoked by the work of biographies and – where (more) possible – in some interviews, these interviews had the noble purpose of In reviving his pre-1989 history he was often described as a “fantastic creation of Romanesque style”. The resulting documentary material will be scientifically utilized in a unique approach to presenting the history of the design, construction and operation of the subway in the Romanian capital through the online platform, Study of the “Electric Subway Framework”. The “Old Lady” who wrote the history of the Bucharest subway, as well as the thematic exhibition “The Subway: More Than Can See”.

Due to its role in increasing the accessibility of documents and images kept in the funds of the National Archives of Romania, the online platform also contributes to the long-term protection of original documentary materials from damage caused by repeated manipulations in the search process. Also, within the online platform, you will find information about the project itself, as well as data on the design, construction and operation of the subway in Bucharest.

The study “The structure of the electric subway. The “old lady” who wrote the history of the Bucharest metro “that will be printed in the project has a double meaning: on the one hand, it marks the forty-fifth anniversary of construction in Arad and brings to the capital the subway prototype of the Romanian metro framework (December 1976 – August 1977), this is the first designed element of the subway, the dimensions of which subsequently determined the volume of tunnels, galleries and subway stations. On the other hand, the study is also the first work of this kind Made in Romania, documenting in more than 400 pages the design, manufacture and operation of railway cars produced in the country for the Bucharest subway. Based on a huge proportion of archival documents supplemented by the testimonies of specialists who participated in what might rightly be called the “Great Adventure of the Yellow Train”, but highly inspired, the study will also contain rich illustrative content, largely unknown to the general public, from the archives and private groups.

In turn, the thematic exhibition “Metro: More Than Seen” – to be organized in the Bucharest Museum – aims to be a journey through the history of Bucharest Metro, from the first implementation plans to the exploitation of the present. In fact, this exhibition aims to be the first “stop” of the motorway to create a permanent collection dedicated to the design, construction and operation of the metropolitan metro, open to the general public, as is present in 30 cities around the world (Berlin, Budapest, Delhi, Madrid, Mexico City Petersburg, Shanghai, Tokyo, Wuhan, etc.) where sections dedicated to the subway are opened in museums that present the history of public transportation and technology in general, and museums have even established that deal with this – urban transportation. This is also the reason why the project team also appeals to people who have intersected with the design, construction and operation of the Bucharest subway by profession, or a passion for rail transport and who are willing to support us in this pioneering, by anyone. Kind of contributions – including monuments – that refer to the Roman metro.

The cultural project “Through the Bucharest Metro History Tunnel” will run until November 11, 2022.

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