Mixed opening, Tuesday. Heritage under the spotlight Timisoara. Citati Neighborhood – A world in the mirror

In 2022 we challenge the limits of time with the help of technology and explore the literature, culture and heritage of Timisoara across the Citate district – a world in the mirror, through poetry, literature, innovation and the scent of roses!

The Politehnica University of Timioara through the ID / IFR and the E-Learning Centre, the Multimedia Center, together with the National Museum of Banat, is organizing, on Tuesday, July 5, at 19:00, the opening of the exhibition “Heritage under the spotlight Timișoara. Setate neighborhood – a world in woman “. The event will be held in a hybrid format, and participants can choose to participate in either the Attic of the Maria Theresia Bastion, online, via Zoom, Facebook or YouTube.

The event will launch the exhibition at Theresia Bastion, the street fair of 18 emblematic locations in the Cetate neighborhood, but also online, virtual and mobile applications, through which the residents of Timisoara are invited not only to discover the many stories of Timisoara. The year 2022 highlights literature and poetry that celebrates Timisoara, multiplied by the illustration of the olfactory symbol by making use of the urban legend of the City of Roses, which recreates a neighborhood atmosphere that will come every now and then – one that is transmitted to the virtual and the virtual generation.

2022: Setat – A World in a Mirror: Highlights Literature and Poetry Celebrating Timisoara

Spotlight Heritage Timioara / Heritage in the Spotlight Timioara invites the people of Timioara and not only on a foray into the world of Timioara from last year, and combines the multiple stories of Timioara – stories of cultural and historical heritage, technical development, communities, ethnicities and residents – with the latest generation of technology to offer an experience Complex, inspired by history and enhanced with the help of the digital world.

The literary texts collected were selected by Prof.univ.dr. Smaranda Vultur and Associate Professor Ph.D. Roxana Rogobeti, Memories from the Oral History of Timisoara Benefited from the Collection Oral History and Cultural Anthropology Combined with Original Poems, Created for Heritage under the Reflections of Timisoara, by the well-known poet from Timisoara Robert Serban.

The historical and literary exploration of Cetate is compounded by olfactory symbolism by drawing on the urban legend about Timioara as a city of roses, created in the second half of the nineteenth century through the activity of some dynasty gardeners. Old photographs show the activity of the Mühle family, a sequence from the gallery devoted to flowers and another to scientific experiments, in a modern transmission and tradition of Timisoara.

The hosts of the opening are the teams of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara and the National Museum of Banat.

station by station to the same destination

The possibilities offered by the digital world allow us to “challenge” the limits of time and explore the culture and heritage of our city, through means that capture our senses. And this year, the Spotlight Heritage project Timișoara – by highlighting the Cetate neighborhood – presents us with a world in the mirror, with a sense of smell, dedicated to literature, innovation and the scent of roses!

And by crossing roads and buildings as places where stories are built, we connect with people from the present, but also from the past, and activate our civic awareness. During this period, Timisoara is taking important steps towards a collective awareness of the need for culture, supporting all actors in city life, regardless of their role, to rediscover aspects of their urban life.

Live interventions in the Cetate neighborhood with details about token points

Also during the opening, the residents of Timisoara are invited to discover the street exhibition with 18 information panels from the Cetate district along with experts from the National Museum in Banat and the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, who will be conducting a live broadcast of interventions from Unirii Square and Victoriei Square, where they will participate Lesser known details about buildings and monuments from the Timișoara heritage.

Web and Mobile Applications – Discovered by Interactive Table and Tablets

It will be possible to discover the digital components of the Spotlight Heritage Timișoara project in the exhibition through an interactive table and several mobile devices that will show the people of Timișoara how they can “travel” in the atmosphere of ancient Timișoara using mobile phone and augmented reality applications. Multiple stories from Cetate neighborhood online, at https http://spotlight-timisoara.eu/ and how they can contribute their own stories to create multiple layers of personal memories and data from neighborhood and community histories, races and neighborhoods with the latest technology. For those who choose to participate in the online event, the digital components – website, mobile applications and augmented reality will be presented by the team of the e-learning center and the multimedia center UPT.

Share by preference – physical or online

The opening of the exhibition dedicated to the Settat neighborhood offers multiple options for those interested in participating. Regardless of the option, participation is free.

Thus, the people of Timisoara can choose to participate in the physical exhibition – in the attic of Maria Theresia Bastion, Martin Luther Street no. 4.

Participants can choose to register via Zoom, where they can interact with the organizers through comments. Registration is free, by filling in the form: https://upt-ro.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_THpNCOJ2Q0qd6FR3Yh1ldg

The event can also be watched live on the Facebook page: https://fb.me/e/nPPwDlgub and on the UPT E-Learning Center YouTube account: https://youtube.com/user/cidupt

About the Spotlight Heritage Timișoara . project

Spotlight Heritage Timișoara / Patrimoniul sub reflectorare is a digital cultural initiative of the University of Politehnica Timișoara completed in partnership with the National Museum of Banat, part of the Timioara 2023 Cultural Program European Capital of Culture. A cultural project co-financed by the municipality of Timisoara through the project centre, Timi County Council.

Heritage in the Spotlight invites the people of Timioara and visitors to a complex world where the history and ancient stories of Timioara are updated through digital technologies – a website and mobile application with augmented reality – and a museum exhibition that takes place in the National Museum as well as in prominent places in the neighborhoods, under the title “Timiشوارoara and the Story of senses”. The project aims to build multiple layers of personal memories and data from the history of neighborhoods, communities, races and their inhabitants that will be presented digitally through smart applications and physical display. The stories from Spotlight Heritage Timișoara are: Iosefin (AUZUL, 2019), Elisabetin (TACTILUL, 2020), Fabric (VĂZUL, 2021), Cetate (2022), Giroc (2023), Stories of Historic Buildings in Timișoara, Rectorate UPT, 2019), For Public Art Works (ArtTM 2018-2022), for Communities (Jews, 2019), from Tech Innovations (2020).

With the theme of Smell, 2022 is dedicated to the stories of the Cetate district, with the symbolic points – Maria Theresia Bastion, the Roman Catholic cathedral “Saint George”, Union Square and the Holy Trinity monument, the Serbian Orthodox Episcopal and cathedral, the Discount Bank (Max Steiner’s Palace) of Unirii Square , Roman Catholic Episcopal Palace, Brück Palace, Diocese – Timiشوارoara Court, Lutheran Church, Roman Academy Library, Timiشوارoara Branch, Castle Synagogue, Military Hospital and Former Civil Hospital, Greek Catholic Church, Old Town Hall and Saint Mary’s Monument, Casino and Garrison in Freedom Square, St. George’s Square, Opera and Theater Building, Lloyd’s Palace (Rectorate Polytechnic), Row of Palaces on Victory Square, Roman Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral – Metropolitan Cathedral “Saints Three Hierarchs”, Piarist Complex, Roses Park, UPT Art Museum – Experimentarium, Kimmel Villa / French Institute Timisoara – und Memories from Oral History will be drawn up by the Oral History and Cultural Anthropology group, coordinated by Professor u niv.dr. Smaranda Vultur, along with a selection of literary texts compiled by Ph.D. Roxana Rogobeti with original poems created for heritage under Timiشوارoara Meditations by the well-known Timiشوارoara poet Robert Arban.

The digital components of the project – mobile applications and website consist of the following sections:

Landmarks – cultural and historical heritage data and information, geographical maps, photos and films, with building recognition through augmented reality (with information and old photos), 360 photos

Sequences – The life of the Cetate district of Timioara is illustrated by the selection of literary texts collected by prof.univ.dr. Smaranda Vultur and Associate Professor Ph.D. Roxana Rogobeti, Memories from the Oral History of Timisoara Inspired by the collection of Oral History and Cultural Anthropology, but also with original poems, created for heritage under the reflector Timisoara, by the well-known Timisoara poet Robert Zurban. All selected to provide a historical, social and cultural background to the 24 stations in the neighborhood presented in the classic exhibition in the Attic of Theresia Bastion, the 18-panel street exhibition and the digital exhibition (website, virtual reality and augmented reality applications) – 24 stations with old and modern photos of buildings Landmarks, video and 360 photos, plus the option that when users get close to the landmarks, they can view the old image of the buildings, overlayed on the new ones with augmented reality apps help, thus creating a feeling of “a trip into the past”.

Community – Information from the history of neighborhoods, communities, races, and organizations that were or exist in the neighborhood

Your Story – Users can add their own personal stories, comments, photos and videos

Events – events from exhibitions, guided and virtual tours, street theater, events, dance performances, digital installations, with active participation from students and citizens, with digital exhibitions with XR and digital stories abroad

The project’s digital components can be accessed online at https://spotlight-timisoara.eu/ and through mobile applications that can be downloaded from the Android and Apple stores, search for “Spotlight Timisoara” or scan the QR code next to this version.

Application link for Android users: https://is.gd/SjiIgv

App link for iOS users: https://is.gd/y6JxeV

Event information is also available at:

Website: https://spotlight-timisoara.eu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpotlightHeritageTimisoara/

Twitter: @spotlight_TM21

Instagram: spotlight_tm



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