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The parish house of the reformed church in Roșia Montană will be restored and strengthened: the auction of more than 7.5 million lei, launched at SEAP

Recently, the National Heritage Institute launched in the electronic public procurement system, a tender for construction work with the aim of “restoring and strengthening the historical monument” Parish House of the Reformed Church Roșia Montană”. The total value of the investment is 7,552,100.50 lei.

According to the geotechnical study prepared to determine the foundation conditions and to divide the foundation land into layers, respectively to adopt the infrastructure cementing solution in accordance with the applicable technical regulations, which included field observations, base surveys and investigations into the building infrastructure was found during the archaeological diagnosis:

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The site does not pose stability problems. No active landslides have been identified at or near the site.

The studied area in terms of landslide risk is located in a low risk area.

From the point of view of flood hazards, the hydrological and hydromorphological elements on the ground do not pose the flood hazards of the area.

Given the advanced state of deterioration, the main objective of the investment is to remove the risk, halt the deterioration and re-convert the building for the sustainability of the building.

The building is in a pre-collapse condition, and all structural elements and sub-assemblies are in an advanced state of deterioration. Due to lack of use and maintenance, respectively, lack of safety interventions – except for the main facade timber scaffolding system, respectively, the building has permanently deteriorated, causing the roof to collapse, most of the floors and many sub-building blocks, respectively destroying the wooden components (staircase). , cast iron, carpentry, etc.).

In addition to the restoration of the parish house, the re-conversion and use of the entire plot along with the body attached to the plot boundary to the northwest is required. This building will contain the thermal power plant, space for the building manager, and restrooms. The plot will be completely coordinated with three parking spaces, but also a camping area.

Through this investment will be provided by traditional methods, and with the possibility of participatory restoration, one of the few buildings built entirely on the built structure, participating in the increase in the number of tourists in the area, providing accommodation, cultural and recreational spaces, including cold periods.

Restoration, consolidation and strengthening works of the historical monument “The House of the Reformed Church of Rocia Montagni” Rocia Montagni Village No. 551, Municipality of Rocia-Montani, Province of Alba, LMI code AB-II-mB-00309, consists of the following main activities:

C1 Company:
  • endangerment of the building and minimum temporary protection;
  • Valuable items (metal components, carpentry, carved oak, partitions) are stored with the possibility of reuse;
  • landing in the basement, carried out on partitions with a maximum, a maximum of 20% of the total surface;
  • masking the foundation with masonry and injecting gaps into the masonry mass; Restoration of continuity of collapsed walls – using stone similar to existing stone, brick, lime mortar (hydraulic), grouting, inspection and reactivation of existing metal tie rods, disposal of new and replacement of oak belts on the ground floor and first floor;

Unity works

The following architectural interventions will be implemented in the parish house:

  • Local resurfacing, re-grouting, preservation of original plaster and re-plastering using lime-based plaster and traditional techniques (circulation).
  • Historic updates will be restored according to the monuments preserved on the site using traditional materials, and the italics will be restored according to the preserved monuments (building gaps, wooden elements, etc.) and archive photos.
  • The roof volume will be reconstructed and a shingle roof made, according to photos in the archive, which confirm that all homes in the area were shingled and had skylights. The chimneys will also be restored.
  • The basement and the attic will be arranged and an access staircase will be entered from the first floor to the attic.
  • The joinery will be restored according to the saved models, taking into account the dimensions, profiles and hardware and in the accommodation areas the inner frames will be installed two 4 mm glass panels, separated by a 10 mm heat stick. Wet areas (toilets and showers) will be entered.
C2 Company:
  • Building new foundations.
  • Subdivisions, taking into account the ground footprint of the original building.

Tire recovery

The proposed electrical installation works are as follows:

  • construction of an electricity supply pole from the metering niche to the general electrical panel located on the ground floor of the building;
  • conduct the distribution from the general electrical panel to the electrical panels in the TE-E floor and from the annex building TE-A, respectively, from them to the various receivers;
  • general interior lighting, with the sequence of use;
  • safety lighting
  • building exterior lighting
  • installation of sockets for general use;
  • supply of power installations: thermal power plant, boilers, elements of the photovoltaic system;
  • Low current installation:
  • installation of fire detection, signaling and alarm; Anti-theft alarm system
  • data installation – wireless network;
  • Lightning projection installation and grounding.
  • plumbing
  • cold water installations
  • hot water installations
  • Domestic sewage installations.
  • water supply and external sewage installations;
  • Thermal installations.
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