They walked 1,000 kilometers in black to promote therapeutic fasting. Pilgrims from Iasi arrived at the Cathedral Church of the Salvation of the Nation and completed the longest pilgrimage without food in history: 25 days, 1,311,000 steps, 1,017 km

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Yesterday, around 13.00, pilgrims left Iasi on May 7 with the intention of arriving in Bucharest without eating but only water, and were able to worship in the chapel in front of the Cathedral of the Salvation of the Nation, according to Ziarul de Iasi.

Five people, led by Cesar Elisey, President of Therapeutic Postal Association, managed to travel 1,005 kilometers, through the provinces of Iai – Suceava – Bistrita Nosud – Cluj – Alba – Sibiu – Valcia – Argi – Braشوفov – Prahova – Bucharest in 25 days without consuming any Food but only regular mineral water and from time to time electrolytes (Mg, K, Ca), and thus managed to break the world record set in Sweden in 1963, which is 540 km traveled in 14 days without food.

In the chapel next to the Cathedral of Salvation, a number of priests were waiting for them, who gave them the Blessed Sacrament and blessed them. “I wish with all my heart that Caesar Elisha’s dream come true as soon as possible. I was fortunate and was with Caesar Elisha’s approach from the beginning because I believed and believed in the power of youth, especially since youth was inflamed with an accurate and noble idea and belief, which is to establish a fasting clinic with water only”, Father said. Justin Peter, Abbot of Saint John Cassian Monastery in Constanta.

“It was 25 days long, but so beautiful. There were days of fasting, repentance, prayer, gnashing of teeth, pain, abstinence, glorification, and great joy.” Caesar wrote to Elisha adding:

“This post was the easiest I’ve ever run. It wasn’t a short fast, but it was very intimate, clean and simple, something you can do from the heart for God. That’s why I felt like it wasn’t. As if I had eaten in the morning and I hadn’t I need food now.The 25-day fast was not actually by us who participated in the Hajj, but by the Lord Himself for us. I was not hungry nor did I suffer from it for any reason.

Physically there was a lot of pain. There was one for every step and one very intense for every morning and evening you spent on the road. However, surprisingly, I had no weeds or blisters. I had no upheaval or issues that would make me or us delay or put off. The legs became stronger and knew another way to work – much more intensely for God’s sake. And they managed to get us where we wanted to go.

From a spiritual point of view, we had the opportunity and time to review all our sins, all our lives. We confess to God daily through prayer that is said mile after mile. In the past 3 days, I also made sure that our trip was approved by God, and then I got rid of this question as well.

We have had the pleasure of not being bothered by almost any media reporter, which is why we have had the time to seek God’s help to spread the information we bring. I have gladly received the understanding again that this approach must be carried out more quietly than in the light of rooms. So yesterday we quietly arrived at the Cathedral of the Salvation of the Nation, where we made our sacrifice to the icon of the Mother of God and the Lord Jesus Christ and. The longest walking pilgrimage without food in history was thus completed: 25 days, 1,311,000 steps, 1,017 km.

May God help us all to walk in the path of truth only and to do the will of the Father. Fasting and prayer should be tools for us to discern the good and cleanse ourselves from the bad.

The Therapeutic Fasting Association, an entity that aims to promote water-only fasting in Romania, will take additional steps to promote the unimaginable benefits of abstaining from food for a limited period and to build a fasting center in our country. For details and ways to support our cause, please visit

“What can we learn from these young and old? Join them in prayer and fasting. In times of trouble, everyone fasted, from the emperor to children and animals. We are more and more superficial in this age, but with fasting you become more serious, and you know what you want, And you feel the need for prayer and goodness.” said Fr. Arseny Dragan, abbot of the monastery in Alba.

All these days, the six pilgrims had to face very difficult weather conditions and severe leg pain. However, in a sign that the pilgrimage was auspicious, no major problems emerged during the 25 days he spent across the country. They lost between 14 and 20 kg, but did not suffer from hyperlipidemia. He explained that they were consuming between 2.5 and 4.5 liters of water per day Ziarul de Iași.

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