Brasov will own a multi-purpose hall within 3 years. He also wants a new stadium

Brasov will, within three years, be a new multi-purpose hall, according to the Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration, Sheki Attila, who examined, on Monday, in the Brasov Province, the stage of implementation of the projects that the Ministry, by subordinating it, examined. Entities and finances.

One of the main points of Minister Czeke’s visit program was the signing of the contract for the implementation of the new multi-purpose hall in Brasov, an investment of 356.7 million lei, carried out by the National Investment Corporation, which will have 11,233 seats, G4media reported. ro.

“It is the dream of the people of Brasov. From this moment, there are 36 months, as the term for the implementation of the works, in which this investment must be made ”the Minister, on the occasion of the signing of the contract, identified with the Director of CNI, Manuela Pătrăşcoiu, the authorities of Brasov.

The mayor of Brasov, Alain Kuliban, who attended the event, told the minister that the residents of Brasov also needed a new municipal stadium and that he intended, by the end of the year, to put on the government’s table a project for this investment. Given that by that time, a feasibility study is being completed in this regard, for which funds are provided in the local budget for the current year.

I’m not the kind of minister who makes promises. (…) We welcome all projects we receive, especially if they are mature, and it is clear that Brasov deserves a modern sports infrastructure, which should include a stadium.

However, I think that if we want things to go well, we must take them step by step. We are at a stage where the business contract for the new Polyvalent Hall is already confirmed, and as soon as we are close to finalizing this investment, which is important to Brasov, I think it will be possible to talk about a new investment related to the municipal stadium. I think this is the correct procedure.

Otherwise, we are waiting for Brasov City Hall, and with ( nurseries and all other investment programs that we have opportunities today ”Chiki Attila said.

A consortium of companies from Bistrica, Cluj and Brakov will build the Polyvalent Hall

According to the technical project, the multi-purpose hall will have a capacity of 10,059 seats, with flexible use conditions, and is intended for sports competitions, concerts, conferences, conferences and cultural activities, in accordance with the rules in force in the field, allowing it. To agree to national and international standards and to ensure the organization of a variety of sports competitions, according to

Inside the multi-purpose hall, a heating room will be built, which is also equipped with amphitheaters for the audience with a capacity of 1152 seats, resulting in a total of 11,211 seats.

The construction of the multi-purpose hall will allow the development of the following activities:

– Sports (main arena and outbuildings): field tennis, table tennis, basketball, handball, indoor soccer, badminton, volleyball, floorball (ground hockey), boxing, athletics (indoor), gymnastics, sports shooting Weightlifting, fencing, karate, judo, aikido and other potential sports due to the modularity and kinetics of the playing surface and adjacent spaces. The stadium will have a removable, multi-sport FIBA-certified parquet floor for international sports. For handball competitions, a removable PVC floor will be installed over the parquet floor.

– Cultural events: theatrical concerts, sports dance, international dance competitions, conferences, symposia, openings, religious gatherings, etc.

The construction will be functionally organized on four levels:

The lower floor (height -5.70 m) is the level where access is made to the games room in the gymnasium, the heating room and the athletes’ annexes (locking rooms and training room). On the same level are the VIP access roads, the press and administration areas, connected to specially reserved car parks and separated from the public access roads. Under the steps are placed booths for artists. In addition to technical spaces, storage, civil protection shelter, landfills and the provision of public services.

The ground floor is the level where public access to the building is achieved, with commercial spaces for rent and bar services, access to toilets and vertical distribution of spectators over 8 flights of stairs, up to the first floor.

The mezzanine (height +3.62) is for the public, with spaces for restrooms and two areas with loggia for outdoor entry, and at height +3.30 there are four meeting rooms, two with 129 seats and two with 60 seats, with attached spaces for bars, lockers and toilets. In the southern area there are art spaces and a kitchen area serving the restaurant on the next floor.

The first floor (height + 7.24 m) is intended for the public, VIPs and the press, and the latter benefits from a separate access area, which is served by a bar, restaurant and terrace adjoining a non-circular herbal resort area above the secondary hall. Attached to the dining area are the kitchen area, storage spaces and art spaces.

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