Facebok a space for ‘civic culture’ for Vaslui Mayors

Facebook has become an important means of communication for local governments with the public. Thus, many of the county’s mayors pass on the information that they consider the citizens should have access, but also communicate with them. Recently, the mayor of Băcani, Vasile Stoica, excelled by offering a real lesson of civic culture at his social expense.

Facebook has become an important tool for communication between the Mayors of Vaslui and the residents of the communities they lead. Many problems of communities are presented on the pages of institutions, especially on the accounts of mayors. The best in this regard is the mayor of Parade, who communicates excellently with the townspeople, as well as with the press. The other mayors, from Negrești, Șuletea, Hoceni, Vinderei, Grivița, Tutova or Bălteni, are also among the best communicators, by these means, of the Vaslui public administration.

In their personal accounts, mayors display their achievements – and receive words of praise from their fellow citizens – but also problems, as when the mayor of Solita showed people how internet and telephone cables were stolen from poles between two municipal villages. Or when the mayor of Pulteney explained how thieves destroyed the water supply in some villages.

The mayor of uletea, who constantly sends messages to citizens via the Internet, also made a video question-and-answer session, an action that was successful among the residents of uletea. Days ago, the mayor of Bralad answered questions collected from citizens, also online, on the foundation’s socialization page.

Mayor Pekani offers a real lesson in civic culture

The accounts and social pages of institutions and mayors do not lack advice and exhortations to citizens, such as those for selective collection of household waste or rational consumption of water.

The mayor of Boccani, Vasily Stoica, although he is not one of the most active mayors in cyberspace, when he publishes his posts, he does so with the utmost sense of responsibility. Recently, the mayor of Picani excelled in terms of communication with a position in which he provided the residents with a real lesson in civic culture.

“Dear compatriots, after all the intense activity in recent years for the implementation and implementation of several ‘local development’ projects in the municipality of Picani, I wish I could have easily and easily entered the civilized communes of Romania! If, with great effort, I say, very quickly, We managed to build! Let’s keep it together!!”, the mayor told the people.

Here are some tips for kids. “Eid has come! A great joy for children after two years of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic!! Every village in the commune has two or three places (areas) where children meet every night to play, socialize or enjoy freedom. This is a good thing, Our children, but some of them have moved on to things that are less pleasant, such as: destroying the common good or worse, offending and threatening the elderly who live in those areas.”, The context in which the mayor appeals to the civic spirit of the residents: “Given the good will, As well as the ‘civil spirit’ of all citizens of the municipality, I call for the destruction of public property.”

“At the same time, I sincerely ask parents to supervise their children very carefully so that they do not cause harm to the public sphere, but most importantly, we need close supervision for their safety, because they are in the municipality, because these asphalt projects have been made and they are spinning at very high speeds , and children left unattended can be injured at any time.(I ask the traffic police to take action.) I ask parents to warn and supervise their children when they go to play to avoid accidents and harm the public interest, here I refer to: breaking down fences, gates, destroying benches, cans litter, writing on fences and at minibus stops; throwing litter in public places: bottles, juice cans, tonic beer, carton packages, tissue paper, seeds.At the same time, I sincerely ask all parents to talk to their children and prevent them from appearing loud after 22.00, or – what is worse – avoid talking miserably, threatening or insulting the elderly citizens of those villages.” Mayor Picani continues his message.

Dear compatriots, dear children, I have informed you of a series of facts that must be avoided, so as not to contradict the applicable legal provisions. Violations of some rules of social coexistence, public order and tranquility are considered an offense and a fine of 1,500 lei to 5,000 lei is awarded. Like you, I want a clean, safe, calm and prosperous municipality! God help! ”, this is how Vasily Stoica ends his message to children and parents.

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