Romania fell under the sign of a severe drought: cultures were completely compromised, and we ended up getting water with stakes. “This year it was not out of 47”


The heat is drying up all over Romania! It is a terrible drought, the Danube is falling alarmingly, in more and more places the water is flowing, and farmers are telling the authorities not to use the anti-hail system, which I believe stops not only the ice, but the rain as well. Desperate, people turn to divinity for water. And in a village in Moldova they prayed for rain and …

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There are horrific pictures that were filmed today in a field in Timis. After days of historic temperatures, dozens of hectares of wheat are scorching, and the winds are fanning the flames. Desperate farmers are trying to limit the disaster. I pull the ground grooves with machines to create a barrier to the fire.

Drought ravaged Romania

In Karach, a man died after setting fire to garbage and debris, and due to the heat the fire spread to the vegetation in the yard and could not save himself from the flames.

Major Ionel Tilka – Commander of the Resita Military Fire Brigade: We call on all citizens to avoid using fire to clean their yards during this hot period. This cost this man his life.

In many other parts of the country, drought makes fields look as if they have been set on fire. The fields were scorched by the heat.

This farmer says all this year’s work has been for nothing. Wheat has already been hacked. He managed to harvest almost 1 ton per hectare, compared to 6-7 tons again. And if the weather does not change, so will corn and sunflowers.

Rado Martinescu – farmer: We have no water supply, we come two years later with less annual rainfall. There are no high hopes for this year. A year like this hasn’t been since 47. I arrived in desperate moments, desperate moments.

Farmers don’t blame the drought so much as they blame the cold regime for the disaster on the land. These rockets are strewn with clouds and overtaken by rain.

Rado Martinescu – farmer: Every time the clouds gather and it starts to rain, within half an hour the clouds scatter at once and zero.

old farmer: Clouds come and go immediately. He can be heard banging and ready. You can’t see the clouds anymore. It can also rain with sweet milk, and nothing happens anymore.

The governor sees the situation differently.

Nicușor Halici – Governor of the Province of Francia: I cannot comply with these requests because this system is a national system regulated by an organic law, only by repealing the law.

There are also problems on the Danube. The river level has fallen dangerously low and ships are disrupting.

Mihai Popescu – Head of AFDJ Galați Service: There are consequences for all sailors because they cannot pass. Failed, the navigable channel is blocked and no one will be able to cross slowly. Especially at this time when the grain trade continues.

The worst is in the area of ​​​​the island of Belen, after the Bulgarians did not respect the dredging part, as the authorities of our country say.

Mihai Popescu – Head of AFDJ Galați Service: We shall build a great cemetery of ships there, of canoes of caravanserais, thrusters striking everywhere and destroying the entire navigable channel.

The water dried up so much that a speck of land appeared in the middle of the river.

Florin Ozumtoma, Director of Waterways: We can see with the naked eye that the island has become traditional. When it appears it means that the water is low.

Due to drought, people from dozens of localities receive drip water.

Sweetened: Forget how it flows! We can’t wash the dishes. Tourists suffer because they have nothing to wash with. There is a problem with the water!

In the absence of solutions, tourists from Corbu wash themselves in the sink.

the tourist: We had to heat the water in a saucepan so we could wash the baby.

Irina Opera, Water Company: The decision was taken to ensure the provision of drinking water according to a specific program to restore the water supply. In the early part of the morning from 6 to 11, and in the afternoon from 15 to 23.

In Maramures, a severe drought brought people to the streets. In Cupşeni municipality, the mayor cut off the water and prevented local residents from irrigating their gardens.

Basic: I said I’d shoot the water tomorrow. But do you know under what conditions? If accumulated in the pool.

If not, I have nothing to give. Let’s be understanding. Let’s turn off the water during the week.


And near the capital, residents of Cernica, Periş and Bălăceanca get water with this part.

Anna Dogaro, Water System: What is required is beyond our ability to capture and process the order. There is irresponsible consumption, watering the lawn, swimming pools.

And the situation could become critical at any time, says the environment minister

Minister of Environment: In many areas, the water level in rivers and lakes is lower than the annual average. We monitor 40 such lakes. We have reservations in those areas, but there may be a deterioration in the situation.

We will move from the attention stage to the restriction stage if necessary.

Eli Vlaicu, Romanian Water Society: Romania is below the EU average for water resources. Obviously we will have to get into another philosophy of life. We must be very careful with regard to water resources. The cycle of water in nature no longer occurs as it used to be.

And when state officials have no solutions, people pray to heaven. And miraculously… it’s raining outside.

Meteorologists give us hope, the rain will increase tonight. It’s just that in many areas, a sudden drop in temperature can cause other problems, such as hail. However, as of tomorrow, temperatures will drop and the air will start to breathe.

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