UNITER Awards Winners (Version 30)

The 2021 Best Actress Awards Ceremony was broadcast live from 21.00 on TVR1, TVR International, TVR Moldova and Radio Romania Cultural; Online at www.uniter.ro and www.tvr.ro and acquired by UNITER’s Facebook and Instagram account. From 20.00 I did a live broadcast on UNITER ROMANIA’s YouTube account and on UNITER’s Facebook page upon arrival red carpet Concert guests: some of the most appreciated Romanian artists of the moment, professionals from the world of culture, close to theatrical phenomenon and UNITER Gala, representatives of local authorities from Bistrita and cultural institutions, partners.

The show direction was signed by Radu Avrim, and the scenography by Irina Moscow.

Presenters: Raluca Abrodo and Emilian Oprah.

Here are the prizes!

Excellence Award – In Memory of Ion Karamitru

Best Supporting Actor Award:

CSABA LÁSZLÓ role Zeta Szilveszter From the show “Grand Hotel Pasărea Retro”, script and directed by Radu Avrim, Targu Morris National Theater – “Tomba Miklos” Company

Romanian Music Show Development Award: Rozvan Mazilo.

Best Supporting Actress Award:

Gabriella Popescu role Fraulein Schneider From the show “Cabaret”, script written by Joe Mastrov, after John van Druten’s play and the stories of Christopher Isherwood, directed, choreography and costumes by Răzvan Mazilu, Odeon Theater Bucharest

Award for the educational role of the classical and outstanding theater and music project – The Childhood of the Great Musicians

The award was won by Irina Serbo and Monica Scioto.

Entire Activity Award: VIRGIL OGĂȘANU

Video Design and Mapping Creativity Award for the show “The Plowman and Death”, drama and direction by Silviu Purcărete, from the National Theater “Vasile Alecsandri” Iași: Andrey Koslak

All Scenography Activity Award: Adriana Grande

Best Scenography Award:

Cosmin Floria About the scenography of the show “Three Sad Plays”, after Maurice Maeterlink, script and directed by Radu Avrim, National Theater “Vassily Alexandri” Yash.

Best Supporting Actor Award:

LÓRÁND VÁTA role Lopahin Iermolai Alexeivici From the show “Cherry Orchard” directed by AP Chekhov and directed by Yuri Kordonsky, Hungarian State Theater Cluj

Theater Critics Award: Clin Siobotari

Best Leading Actress Award:

Nicoletta Lefter role Svetlana Alliluyeva From the show “Here Moscow” by Iulia Pospelova, directed by Katinka Drogonescu, Bucharest Theater

Prize for the entire activity of the actress: Dana Dogaroo

Best Romanian Play Award 2021, a program developed under the auspices of the Romanian Royal House.

OANA HODADEfor the song Scenes from unresolved family life.

The following pieces were also nominated in the final selection:

Comments on Snow White By Radu F. Alexandru

“among the planets” by Anna Sorina Corniano

“Urban fairy tale” by Norbert Boda

Machu Picchu by Radu Popescu

double bass player by Lucian Uegrin

Award for the entire directing activity: Andre Belgrade – In Memory

The award was raised by Mariana Agustin Belgrade, the director’s sister.

Best Debut:

OANA JIPA role Connor From Lucy Pribel’s “Side Effects” show, directed by Vlad Blanc, Bucharest Theatre

Award for Continuing Support for Young Directors Through the Project Comedy is yourself From the new hall of the Bucharest Comedy Theater

The award was presented by Monica Semelia, Deputy Director of the Comedy Theatre.

Best TV/Teleplay Award:

Today Z Written by Eunui Susiyo and directed by Bobby Prikop, Constanta Theatre

The award was raised by ERWIN ȘIMȘENSOHN, Director of the Constanta State Theatre.

Best Broadcast Theatrical Show Award:

“A Century of Roman Theater in Chisinau – Revenge of Forbidden Memory”screenplay by Mariana Uncino, radio adaptation by Magda Doyo, art direction by Pietro Haderci, Romanian Broadcasting Company

The award was won by the owner of the artistic signature, Petro Hadorki.

The value prize of the original HEKTOMERON project he started

VLAD Drogolescu At the National Theater “Marin Sorescu” Craiova

Host Award:

The British Council Prize was awarded by Andrew Glass, Director of the British Council for the project culture in shura To promote access to culture in rural areas.

The award was raised by actress FLORENTINA NĂSTASE and project initiator and director, VICTOR OLĂHUȚ.

Best Director Award (Lucian Pintilie Award):

yellow run To direct the full “Mines Trilogy” by Csaba Székely, Romanian Playhouse, Bucharest

Best Presentation Award:

“The Plow and Death” Written by Johannes von Teepel, Dramatic Actor and Directing by Silvio Birkrit, Vasily Alexander National Theater Yachi

The award was presented by Christian Haji Kolya, director of the National Theater “Vasily Alexander” Yash.


Present the prizes and announce the winners:

Her Royal Highness Princess Sofia of Romania,

Iwan Türk (Mayor of Bistrica),

Dragoy Buhajjar (Head of Unit),

Ovidiu Buluc (President of the Foundation “PROCULTURA” Magdalena and Ovidiu Buluc),

Marcel Juric, Ioana Bugarin, Mircea Bravo, Marcel Lubicci, Marina Constantinescu,

Ada Melia, Mirella Oberator, Nico Mihawk, Rodica Mandashi, Adrien Titian, Mariana Mihoy.


Gala jurors

The nomination jury consisted of theater critics:

Alina Ibungik, Doina Pap and Maria Zornescu.

The jury of the ceremony that decided the winners:

Mihai Constantin (the actor), Doro Mario (theatrical critic), Tania Buba (an actress),

Viorica Petrovici (set designer), Theodor Christian Popescu (boss).

Jury for the Dramatic Drama Competition “Best Romanian Play of 2021”:

Andre, Andrea Grosso, Mariana Comoran and Erwin Simsenson.

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