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Recently, Professor Gabriel Stan, from the Economic College “Ion Gika” Bakau, participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) professional program on the application “Countering Holocaust Distortion and Denial: Building a Framework for Detailed Action”, organized by the United States Embassy in Bucharest, Israel and the USA The choice of teacher from Bacau was a result of the quality of the member of the working group for the development of school curricula, the mandatory system “History of the Jews. The Holocaust ”- High School and Vocational Education, organized by the Ministry of Education – National Center for Policy and Evaluation in Education.

The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) is administered by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Cultural and Educational Relations and is authorized under the Mutual Education and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, known as the Fulbright-Hague Act. Facilitate mutual understanding between the United States and other countries of the world. Participants in this program are nominated by members of the diplomatic missions of the United States in those countries.

The programme, “Combating Holocaust Distortion and Denial: Building a Framework for Detailed Action”, in which Gabriel Stan participated, included a series of visits to government and academic institutions, to consult and share experiences on the subject, in several cities from around the world. different regions, to document field-specific practices and for discussions with representatives of relevant organizations – federal, local, academic and non-governmental. One of the important meetings was held at Tel Aviv University.

Debates with educational leaders, historians and researchers, focusing on topics of common interest such as: Holocaust education, and the professional training process for history teachers who will teach the compulsory discipline “History of the Jews”. The Holocaust ”, the education system in Israel, but also about how it is possible to cooperate in the coming years.

The US program, organized by the State Department, identified the following specific objectives of the project: The United States’ system of government. development of curricula for Holocaust awareness; government efforts to combat anti-Semitism; Innovative educational information activities. government agencies that promote Holocaust awareness; Media education to help combat Holocaust distortion and denial; Legislation requiring Holocaust education; Civil Society and Academic Contributions to Holocaust Awareness.

Discussions focused on developments in Romania in recent years, on the new law establishing the mandatory system “History of the Jews. The Holocaust”, but also on the way in which Romania’s administrative, educational and political environment responds to the task of combating anti-Semitism, xenophobia and hate speech.

In this context, Gabriel Stan supported the idea of ​​establishing a regional training center in Bacau, with the aim of training history teachers, with a view to implementing the new programme. The idea of ​​creating a specific interactive educational platform to replace the absence of methodological guides and textbooks at the present time was also agreed upon. It can be consulted free of charge, both by students and educators, but also by the general public interested in the subject. The project will likely be financially supported by the US Embassy in Bucharest.

“The Romanian education system faces a unique challenge. Introduce by law, starting from the academic year 2023-2024, to the academic program “History of the Jews.” The Holocaust, which aims to gain new knowledge and perspectives on the history, culture and traditions of the Jewish communities in Romania, and how this national minority contributed to the development and modernization of Romanian society over time, but especially an understanding of the history of the Holocaust from Romania. This subject will be studied in high school and vocational education, one hour per week.

The opportunity to participate in this international program has given me a more complex perspective on the perception of the Holocaust, as well as on other phenomena of genocide in the contemporary world, with special attention to education. Meanwhile, we benefited from a valuable exchange of experiences and good practices,” said Professor Gabriel Stan.

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