Agenda LiterNet/Oana Balaci: TIFF Fantasy Competition, 2022 (VII)

Szelíd / Gentle / Tandrețe Directed and written by László Csuja, in the second feature film, and Anna Nimes, who And the Thus, marking a film debut, it focuses on two athletes Edina and Adam (played by non-professional actors Eszter Csonka and György Turós, professional bodybuilders). movie won George Gund III Memorial Central and Eastern European Film Competition to me Cleveland International Film Festival He was selected in the competition in Sundance Film Festival.

How far a person is willing to go to me achieved the goal? Edina is the champion of the local bodybuilding competition and will take part in the world championships. Adam, her boyfriend and coach, who has already had the honor of being the number one bodybuilder internationally, is determined to put her down that path too. But at what cost? The common obsession of the two becomes costly in many ways, leading them to risk losing their money, their health, and even their relationship. to me Realizing the Dream. When the cost of the drugs they have to buy jumps to stand the chance of exceeding three thousand euros, Edina and Adam try to find solutions. to me Glory Cycle Financing. But she won’t want to give up on her solution even after all the expenses have been paid.

Szelíd / Gentle remember Baby, the Italian series on Netflix, in which two high school girls enter the world of luxury prostitution in order to feel themselves. Constrained by her strict diet and training to which she undergoes daily, Edena finds sanctuary in her new job, which she hides as a trainer. Kind of a companion, but without sleeping with any of the men she sees, she meets Krisztián. Through his unique games and sensory experiences that he often provides a A natural and soothing ambiance, he manages to reconnect with her tender side that Adam wished to keep for her dance number. The white satin dress you’re wearing a An almost surreal spectacle, in contrast to the costumes of colossal sequins for competitions – the only ones that offer a splash of color in the dark color of the film – is the best example of the contrast between the profession that Takes She was marked by life and who she really is. Over time, he begins to wonder if the goal he’s worked towards for ten years is what he really wants.

The strange feeling of peace and harmony that He. She Krisztián offers something ridiculous because he was introduced to us as an opponent a Horror movie: In the woods, at night, with a white mask on his face. The circumstances in which our hands are alone, clearly indicate danger, until the moment when the man breaks his head Confrontation From Ghosn and the whole scene falls into a paradox, she has to carry him to the car – it does not mean that there will be many people who Will be He dares to attack a person with his physical constitution. However, the hero does not mock his weaknesses, on the contrary, she seems happy to play the role of a caregiver, at least once in her life. The irony is that Edina feels safe in the dark, a A deserted place, with a stranger–who finally gives her chocolate, the luxury of someone with his ambitions–more than she feels in the intimacy of her home with her boyfriend who treats her like a doll.

Although Adam is clearly a control freak, wishing As if more than Edina her absolute success – as if her gains reflected his qualities again, Reaffirm it In the bodybuilding world, though she’s still a celebrity – and Edina has clearly been the victim of some form of abuse, producer Gabor Firenze says that Szelíd / Gentle He wants to focus more on the sacrifices athletes make to have “the best in the world for something” and less on the toxic relationship between the two. Firenze also admits that it’s hard to work with two directors simultaneously, especially when the two champions aren’t professional actors (both have been world bodybuilding champions), but he accepted the challenge because he appreciates movies.”Out of the box‘, which tells a story of a different kind.

Despite their lack of experience, Csonka and Turós really played on the experiences of their two protagonists, helping to shape a film about desires, sacrifices, and self-discovery, about the fine line between sincere ambition or blind obsession and about the trajectory of an athletic performance. The size of the world. Thus, they also provided a view of their field of activity, which did not have much openness to the general public (I did not know that the contest participants are covered with powder, because the foundation makes the contour of the muscles more prominent ). We can only hope that the pathological stubbornness shown by Adam and Edina and the determination to win and take everything to the limits will not really be a constant in the bodybuilding world.

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