David Popovici, before the European Junior Championships: Medals were not a goal for me and never will be

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Athlete David Popovici talked about the goal he set for the European Junior Championships.

The swimming pool in the Otopeni Sports Swimming Complex will host the European Junior Swimming Championships, with David Popovici, gold medalist at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest, as the main character. During a press conference, David Popovici spoke about the goal he set.

“I would like to say that I am happy that these tournaments have become so important and that there are so many people in the stands. The atmosphere there will motivate us and I am looking forward to getting started. I invite the spectators to support us all, not just me. I set out to enjoy and enjoy the atmosphere. (…) The hall is huge. Impressive and it’s a beautiful pool. It feels great, I’m glad it’s an honor to do it at home. I’m convinced that everything will go according to plan. Medals have never been a goal for me and never will be, I hope. David Popovici said in Press Conference “I just want to be the best version of myself, that’s it.”

The European Junior Championships takes place from 5-10 July at the Otopeni Pool.

Simona Halep, words of praise for David Popovici: It really is a phenomenon

Simona Halep had nothing but words of praise for new swimming star David Popovici.

“Looking at his results, I congratulate him with all my heart. It’s great what he’s doing. I want him to be so focused on what he has to do from now on, that he has more to do. To receive all people’s love, but to stand on their feet. Because he can work wonders. I wish He has all the success.

He’s such a special boy, I’ve seen him in interviews, in everything he does, in everything he says, congratulations to him.

It is already a social phenomenon, and there is no need to talk about it in the future. He is the champion and miracle of swimming in our country. And I think it would be great. Simona Halep said it’s really big but it’s going to be bigger.”

Danny Oil, a letter to David Popovici, the young man who “defeated the system”

Sorry David Popovici! , Danny Oil transferred, after the athlete’s victories.

“Sorry David Popovici! On behalf of me, on behalf of my fellow media people who just now remembered that we have a sport called swimming in Romania. We’ll clean you up for two weeks. Then, if you miss a final or get injured, roll up yourself. But you’re a smart kid. I heard you on the first broadcast. Live for Neatza a year ago. She turned our backs on us when we were 16. You don’t look like the big footballers we fill our newsgroups with,” Danny Oil wrote on his Facebook account on Wednesday.

“We apologize for what the swimming pools are like in Romania. We apologize for not offering you anything but we are asking now. Maybe one day you’ll get the silver… We’ll ask you why you don’t get the gold… You’ll get the bronze… We’ll ask you why not the gold. We won’t care If something hurts or if you can still afford to train by the time other kids your same age are coming back from the club,” Danny Oil continued in a message.

“We’ll forget the hours of training, your parents’ work, etc… We’ll be interested in putting the flag on your helmet. Drag it through the water to put it on TV graphics. You don’t care about us. Sign up with sponsors, earn money, appear in commercials. You don’t owe us. Anything. You can help us in one way: among our children there are few like you, but we will drown as children. I was drowned by you.

You are superman. Not because you broke records. Because you beat the system.

We are 20 million. We’ve worked on a system to confuse you for 30 years. to defeat you. You beat us. Sorry, David Popovici! Danny Oil concluded.

How David Popovici describes himself: a child who swims fast, an ordinary man capable of extraordinary things

At the age of seventeen, David Popovici spoke with great maturity about the effects his findings could have on children in Romania, on the development of sport. “Swimming is a very healthy sport. I support absolutely any sport, any child or parent who wants to start a sport, or parent who wants to be sent to play sport. Sport is the best ambassador, and cultured society from this point of view is a healthy community,” David Popovici said on public television. I am ready to face other problems in other areas.”

When asked how he would describe himself, David Popovici replied: “A child who swims fast, an ordinary man who is able to do extraordinary things and inspire people, with extraordinary people behind him.”

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