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People’s Advocate Rinat Weber informed the Romanian Constitutional Court a few days ago of the new youth law, which, in essence, opens the way for the robbery of the legacy of the former UTC, which is currently managed by youth institutions.

Despite Renata Weber’s sins, the Civil Rights Center’s complaint here is valid when it says that alienating the destination of youth foundations’ heritage can lead to “arbitrary interpretations that can have the effect of completely changing the destination of assets (…) an example for commercial purposes.”

On the other hand, the law passed by the Romanian Parliament now only recognizes a long series of irregularities run by youth organizations over a period of 32 years. Frankly speaking, since the early years after December, the establishments’ websites have changed direction, turning into nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, pawnshops and gambling venues. Do not think about cultural activities, seminars, conferences, libraries. In fact, the situation is similar in the case of some political party headquarters.

Iliescu Rules Bowl

How did I get here? As with most electoral handouts, the FSN has drawn its people to the polls by any means, even if these handouts impoverish the state by billions of dollars. I am only referring to some of the Physician laws here.

President Ion Iliescu won his landslide victory on May 20, 1990 with 85% of the vote, not only by the slogan “Iliescu appears / the sun rises”, which was interpreted in hysterical approaches by FSN residents, but also by resorting to some legislation. bluffs. The first of them was a decree-law according to which the fortune of the UTC corporation would be transferred to the ownership of youth foundations, which were quickly established in every province and in Bucharest. Hundreds of leisure and entertainment homes, culture houses, clubs, and hotels have passed on to the legacy of former Uticians. Additionally, more than $50 million in Communist Youth bank accounts was shared among these youth groups.

Another electoral supplement of ELESCO is the issuance of Decree-Law No. Resolution No. 61 issued in February 1990 regarding the sale of housing built from state funds to tenants. The prices at which they were purchased were ridiculous. In this way, half of the population of Romania was owned, and they became property owners, the first in Europe. Later, Iliescu also passed a law on the restitution of nationalized homes in Parliament, which actually addressed ex-security guards, militiamen with several stars on their shoulders, and activists who had seized villas worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

UTC’s legacy transformed into LLCs

Many of the young people in charge of these institutions became loyal electoral agents of the National Salvation Front. Service for service. Later, they took over the leadership of the enterprises and joined the party youth organization. From here until the election of members of Parliament or appointment to government structures was just a stone’s throw away.

People’s Advocate, Rinat Weber (2013 archive)

I come back again and say that the youth law challenged by Rinat Weber in the CCR is merely applying the PSD-Penelist stamp to old habits. The legacy of the former UTC Corporation is managed by shell corporations that have not had a public assembly in years. The premises are rented at modest prices in accounting documents and “investors” share the spoils with young people from the management of these former communist institutions. I have not heard of any of these weaknesses being brought to justice.

Real estate agencies, sewing workshops, second-hand clothing stores, fitness rooms, restaurants, and nightclubs where marijuana smoke enters your nose, all these were and still are a cash cow for resourceful young men. For a long time, the Constitutional Court should have been notified about changing the previous legacy of UTC to LLCs with business activity.

After 32 years of post-communism, we don’t know where the legacy of PCR, trade unions, UASCR and UTC has disappeared. The cannons made by Romania’s first millionaires led by the Securitates were formidable. I have seen tacit vindications of the judiciary, governments, parliament and public opinion. This important chapter of communist wealth theft has been kept under scrutiny by investigative bodies.

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