Program of the second session of Cinefemina Film Festival 2022

Between July 7-10, 2022, the Cinefemina Film Festival will be held in Bucharest. This event aims to be a recognition of the artistic excellence of women in the European film industry – directors, screenwriters, producers, etc., who, through their creation, have contributed to the promotion of gender equality in the field.

Cinefemina presents a selection of 11 films by directors from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. Through the eyes of these artists and through the lenses of their cameras, you will rediscover the world we live in, with a fresh, original, attention to detail.

In the 2022 programme, you will find documentaries and fiction films entirely different as a way of visualizing and perceiving, with complex approaches, from experimental to personal stories, with different perspectives and sensibilities, but also full of strength.

Cinefemina was born out of a desire to promote the artistic visions and creations of European filmmakers. We want to highlight important issues such as the values ​​of women in the art world, gender inequality and opportunity in the film industry, but also to combat stereotypes in society.Therese Hayden, Swedish Ambassador to Bucharest.

I supported this festival out of a desire to promote a change of perspective on weaknesses, in terms of directors. The directors’ articulated voices present in this version of Cinefemina, but also the depth of their artistic discourse enters a A dialogue that we hope will inspire more courage in the community of women in the Romanian film industry, to me Carries ideas forward and professional training”, a Completed by Ramona Chirac, Head of the European Commission Representation in Romania.

Elvire Popesco Program / Cinema, 7-10 July 2022

Thursday 7 July 2022
6:30 p.m.
Let Go / Los (ge) lassen

Germany – 2021 – 1 hour 25: Drama and Comedy (VO: GE, SUB: EN & RO)
Director: Brigitte Drotloff
With: Josefina Felsmeyer, Miriam Verina Jeremic, Salber Williams, Silk Pop, Valentina Sauca, Ute Bronder.

It’s 20:30
Walchensee forever

Germany – 2020-1h50 – Documentary (VO: GE, SUB: EN & RO)
Director: Jana J Wonders

Friday 8 July 2022
6:30 p.m.
Schoolgirls / Las niñas

Spain – 2020-1:37 – Drama (VO: FR, SUB: EN & RO)
Directed and screenplay by: Pilar Palomero
With: Andrea Fandos, Natalia de Molina, Zoe Arnau, Julia Sierra, Francesca Binion

It’s 20:30
Stadium / United Nations

Belgium – 2021 – 1h12 – Drama (VO: FR, SUB: EN & RO)
Director: Laura Wandel
With: Maya Vanderbecky, Günther Dorit, Lena Gerard Voss

9:30 pm. *
childbirth problem
* External projection
Austria – 2020 – 1:34 – SF Drama (VO: DE, SUB: RO)
Director: Sandra Woolner
With: Lena Watson, Dominic Warta, Ingrid Burchard, Jana McKinnon

Saturday 9 July 2022
6:30 p.m.
Vogue / Vogue

Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden – 2018 – 1h42 – Drama, Thriller (VO: POL, SUB: EN & RO)
Director: Agnieszka Smoczyńska
Cu: Gabriela Muskała, ukasz Simlat, Małgorzata Buczkowska and Halina Rasiakówna

It’s 20:30
The life of an actor / My life as a comedian / En komikers uppväxt

Sweden – 2020-1:32 – Drama (VO: SWE, SUB: RO)
Director: Rogda Sekirsos
With: Johann Reborg, Luke Helberg, Elizabeth Exe

9:30 pm. *
Until my last breath / Until I lose my breath / Nefesim Kesilene Kadar

* External projection
Turkey – 2015 – 1:34 – Drama (VO: TR, SUB: RO)
Director: Amina Emile Balsi
Cu: My name is Madara, Reza Akin, Arda Aktulja

Sunday 10 July 2022
6:30 p.m.
Green Sea / Prasini Thalassa

Greece, Germany – 2020-1:35 – Drama (VO: GR, SUB: EN & RO)
Director and script: Angelique Antonio
With: Angeliki Papulia, Yannis Tsurtikis, Tasos Palatzidis, Anastasia Denda

It’s 20:30

France – 2021 – 1:44 – Drama (VO: FR SUB: RO)
Director: Nine Antiko
With: Sarah Forestier, Ines Shanti, Laetitia Doche, Pierre Luten

21:00 *
Otto the Barbarian

* External projection
Romania, Belgium – 2020-1h50 – Drama (VO: RO, SUB: EN)
Written and Directed by: Roxandra Guescu
With: Marc Titian, Ioana Bugarin, Julian Postelnico, Ioana Flora, Adrien Titian

Tickets can be purchased directly from Cinema Elvire Popesco or online by following the link: Book Event Tickets Online.


Countries such as Sweden, Finland, Germany and Austria have long implemented measures to reduce the gap between female and male film professionals, as well as to balance the number of productions they produce.

Discussions in recent years about gender parity, actions and initiatives to support women in this field, have also borne fruit in Romania, and thus more and more films made by women have appeared. Recent statistics show that the number of directors has increased significantly in the past ten years, although the representation of women in the film industry, especially in Romania, continues to decline. If, upon graduation, young filmmakers entered the activity in approximately equal numbers, then the figures show a high drop-out rate of women in the practice of this profession.

This event is organized by EUNIC Romania through the Swedish Embassy in Bucharest, in partnership with the Spanish Embassy, ​​General Delegation Wallonia – Brussels, The Austrian Cultural Forum, the Greek Cultural Foundation, the Cervantes Institute, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Institute, the French Institute, the Goethe-Institut and the Polish Institute, supported by the representation of the European Commission in Romania.

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