Room 2 will be rehabilitated at the National Theatre, part of Theresia Bastion

Part of Theresia Bastion, whose construction began in 1732, the building was erected in the middle of what would become, two centuries later, Civic Park in the second half of the 19th century and had various destinations: a riding school, warehouse, archive, and gallery space. In the last decades of the last century it became a gymnasium, then a former gymnasium, and finally a theater. Given the eclectic style and location, the space is perfect for this use.

“Of course, we started playing at this venue in 2008, immediately after the theater had completed its first emergency interventions and sanitation operations. The look that Hall 2 TNTm currently has dates back to 2009, when the entire building underwent a major restoration which included the construction of a stand-alone structure within the walls of a school Former equestrian, creating and equipping the space for the stage and intended. For the audience, but also creating a dedicated level for the booths, below the performance hall level, “select the representatives of the National Theater.

European Capital of Culture concept

At the opening ceremony, on January 25, 2010, the two authorities representing the city and the Ministry of Culture came together for the first time in the concept of the European Capital of Culture. Motivated by the visual transformation of Hall 2 TNTm, Mayor Gheorghe Ciuhandu, along with the representative of the Ministry of Culture, Demeter András István, launched Timișoara in the race for the title of European Capital of Culture.

In 2016, Mayor Nikolai Robow approved the transfer of Hall 2 TNTm from municipal property into the public domain of the state and in the management of the National Theatre. From this moment, Hall 2 TNTm became an exclusive space for theatre, an important step in the contemporary history of Romanian culture and the country’s cultural infrastructure.

In 2019, Minister Daniel Prause recognized the importance of this main objective for Romania, through the European Capital of Culture: the Ministry of Culture includes the restoration of Hall 2 TNTm in the emergency decree on the financing of the Timisoara project – the European Capital of Culture, as a priority objective.

Minister Lucian Romașcanu Hall 2 TNTm invests in the meaning of the future through the culture of Timisoara European Capital of Culture, and as such, funds this goal through GEO.83 / 2022. From this moment, Hall 2 TNTm begins its existence as the cornerstone and legacy of the European Capital of Culture of Romania, From 2023 onwards. The city, through its powers, will continue to take advantage of the opportunities that the National Theater opens through Hall 2 TNTm.

From this perspective, the expansion and modernization of the TNTm 2 chamber represents a great opportunity for evolution and development.

Photo: Adrian Pîclișan

“Today, the Timisoara national team is building tomorrow’s stage for the next generation. Room 2 TNTm is an expression of society’s evolution in terms of civilization and education. It is a visionary project that transcends the boundaries of the present and embodies, in a concrete way, a valuable legacy for the future of the European Capital of Culture. Because that is what it is all about.” : 2023 turns Timisoara into a turntable that will transport Romania from the past to the future. As we prepare it now, people will live in the future. The National Theater of Timisoara is consistent in its supposed choice to build sustainable, valuable, accessible and promising cultural infrastructure”, says Ada Hausfatter, Director National Theater.

As such, in its new configuration, Hall 2 TNTm will meet theatrical performance standards for a twenty-first century man. Besides the renovation of Room 2 TNTm, the new configuration will have the effect of protecting the walls of this part of the Bastion. Likewise, in terms of its location, Hall 2 TNTm will be an attraction with important influences in the urban renewal of the area and, therefore, a great social opportunity.

According to representatives of the National Theater from Timisoara, the European Capital of Culture means more than a year of cultural events.

European caliber theater center

Hall 2 TNTm was a place in imminent ruin, the National Theater transformed it from a metaphor for normalcy in the sense of urbanization and the clotting of creative energies, into a modern performance hall, where it has since been set up to become the heart of Timisoara – the European Capital of Culture, as a theatrical center of European caliber.

“Room 2 TNTm attracts a team and an audience with a shared education, skills, rejection of professional compromises and the joy of being together, and being a part of their upbringing and where they live and work,” says Ada Hausvater.

We are in 2022. Emergency Decree No. The 83/2022 room includes 2 TNTm in the European Capital of Culture investment programme. From now on, the realization of this project is a race against time. Race for which the National Theater is fully equipped.

The National Theater visual project makes Hall 2 TNTm a mirror image of this city that draws its breath from its eclectic past and presents itself, in avant-garde formats, towards the future.

According to representatives of the cultural institution, at the moment, the project is at the stage of preparing a feasibility study, the deadline for which is August 15. The National Theater will submit the feasibility study for approval to the Economic Technical Committee of the Ministry of Culture, as a financier. Once the technical project receives approval and funds are included in the budget, the open tender for design and implementation will be launched.

After the approval of the winning technical project in the Economic Technical Committee of the Ministry of Culture, he is following the actual stage of the works, which is estimated to start in March of next year.

“This legal path to the implementation stages, from the feasibility study to licensing the operation of the new Chamber 2 TNTm, includes, of course, obtaining all necessary approvals, from all authorized institutions in this regard. As such, an accurate assessment of the end point of this ambitious project is premature in the this time.

What is certain, however, is that the National Theater is clearly geared towards imposing TNTm Hall 2 on the city’s and Romania’s cultural landscape as the first performance hall of the future – complex, equipped, audience friendly and comfortable with those who work there, a keeper of history and a visionary. At the same time, the rehabilitated Hall 2 will be opened before the end of the year of the cultural capital,” said the representatives of the National Theater from Timisoara Latiune.

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