As in the West: Rapid put the name of the stadium up for auction!

Until the end of the month, the arena will bear the name of the sponsor, but the people from Giuleşti still have a reason to rejoice: Pro Rapid base again in CS Rapid Legacy.

After a model patented abroad, Rapid became the first team in Romania to auction their name to the stadium. If all goes well, at the end of the month the Giulești stadium will be named after the sponsor.

Bids can be submitted until the end of July and at the same time the decision on the winning company will be made. – Bogdan Vasilio, President of CS Rapid.

In addition, it is desirable to organize other events during the competitive layover on the arena in Giulești.

“We have a department that deals with this topic, to bring events. We are in advanced discussions with several producers of big events that we are trying to bring to Giulești to do a concert or festival depending on their needs” – Bogdan Vasilio, President of CS Rapid.

Another good news for the Rapids was that after many years, the Pro Rapid Base regained possession of the Rapid Athletic Club.

“We are delighted to have the Pro Rapid base back in our club. We also want to achieve a high level of quality there and give back to the fans and quick supporters” – Bogdan Vasilio, President of CS Rapid.

Rapid Hall is being updated

Romanian handball champions were not forgotten either. They will play in the indoor competition in a modern hall, and the plans are even greater: they want to start a project to build a new multi-purpose hall.

“The current hall will be ready until we have our first handball match with CSM. There will be significant changes, I think all the fast fans will be delighted when they enter. We have updated it, but the capacity cannot be increased at the moment. But what we really want is to provide A project so that in the coming years we can build a new hall at the level of these years ” – Bogdan Vasilio, President of CS Rapid.

Even if the current hall is updated, it is known for certain that Champions League handball players will only be able to play in the Polyvalent Hall, a place they have to share with the other Bucharest teams in the competition, CSM (women) and Dinamo (men) .

“It’s a complete series. We, those from SCM and those from Dinamo are fighting in Polivalenta. Only there can the Champions League matches be played in Bucharest, unfortunately. I hope that by the end of the week we will have a solution so that all three teams can take advantage of the Polyvalent Hall” – Bogdan Vasilio, President of CS Rapid.

The leader of the Gulisti club wants to be the example of the handball players, who won the national title, that other divisions follow.

“With the growth of handball, all sports should develop as well. Organic, natural, good. In handball I was forced to grow. In just 3 years we managed to reach the first place of the second league. There are professional people who lead the handball, basketball and ball departments I have great confidence in them that they will follow handball in terms of performance.” – Bogdan Vasilio, President of CS Rapid.

“The men’s polo team has already signed contracts with the players”

Regarding the men’s water polo team, which was said to have been disbanded, Bogdan Vassiliou said it was all “a storm in a glass of water”.

“The men’s polo team already has signed contracts with the players. It’s not going away, it was a bit of a silly discussion. Things are very clear. The men’s polo team will make history again as they did in the past” – Bogdan Vasilio, President of CS Rapid.

Club Children’s Academies, the big bet for CS Rapid . Chief

One of the bets of the new president of the club is the revival of the children’s and junior division in the group. He hopes that the future stars of Giulești will be born from there.

“We definitely came from behind with the profile academies, the handball academy in full swing. We are also waiting for the volleyball, basketball and polo academy, and all sports should bring youngsters and kids into motion. The academy and kids and junior center growth are my bets. I want to attend As many children as possible to move under the colors of white cherry ” – Bogdan Vasilio, President of CS Rapid.

source: sports net

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