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I’ve been waiting a while, waiting for things to develop.

I do not hide that the idea of ​​saving the tower building in which the first automobile factory operated in these parts of Europe had been familiar to me for a long time, and I even participated in it as much as my time and power allowed me. reevaluation. Suffice it to say that there I participated in labor protection courses when I was working at Wagons during the summer holidays during high school. It was not yesterday, but it was as it was yesterday when, with a good friend, I visited the then American management of the company to ask him about the ways in which the city could take possession of the building.

Things have evolved with their development, and more got involved without much opportunity, but it is good to know that the end result, announced not so long ago by the mayor of Arad, the fact that the building finally became the property of the city, is the culmination of a long process in which many people participated and not Only from the city council.

The news came that City Hall is seriously considering renovating and reassessing the building as something natural and satisfying. Even if the participation of the last deputy mayor, Eli Chicha of the PSD, casts a shadow over politics, I said: It doesn’t matter who, it’s important to be healthy. Especially since I learned that behind the initiative is the same friend with whom I went to the Americans about ten years ago.

But as things began to take shape, my basic optimism began to falter, replaced by a bitter taste of vanity.

The icing on the cake was the last outing on FB for the deputy “in charge” of making the HUB. I quote from yesterday’s article by Mr. Eli Chicha: “In essence, we believed it to be an alternative, interdisciplinary space, where fine art, dramatic arts, film, photography, music and literature meet, and with the function of a creative space for socializing and positive entertainment.
We’re talking about personal and creative development workshops (including extracurricular school activities and intergenerational activities) and genre enthusiasts around non-traditional exhibition spaces.”

At first glance, if we look at the countless emphatic words used in ignorance, it sounds good, but it is not. No problem at all.

And we are not talking here of the already existing organizational scheme of the new institution of the mayor’s office – we don’t know how, the idea is that it is not through the famous municipal cultural center, the cultural piggy bank of the mayor’s office from time immemorial – not even for the newly appointed director the primary subject of activity . A new cultural center, look, oh my God, an alternative and multidisciplinary in which everything is done, but nothing has been done about the past and even the somewhat shaky present of the building: nothing about the automobile industry, nothing about the Arad Industry Museum, nothing about the idea Central to the core project.

Let’s establish from the beginning, the two are not left out: a museum dedicated to the Arad industry, with a focus on MARTA cars – and a few years after 1918, Astra, for the angry and ignorant, and the first Roman cars were made here – this does not mean that it is not a center (centre) The culture hosts all kinds of events of this kind, alternative and interdisciplinary, says Mr. Cheetah, who in turn quotes from others. But that’s not really the point.

To compete with the municipal cultural center? impossible! There is a highway to Arad’s money for so-called cultural events, even if it is embodied in the Manele parties or the beer festival, not to mention the Arad Days, a kind of regional festival with chestnuts and beer, which has a lot to touch on what it is the real culture of the Arad administration with Shakespeare. It seems that the idea will be to create real culture, elite and value in this new center, and the guarantee is the new director, theater director Stefan Yurdescu.

It also explains the abandonment of the basic idea of ​​the Arad Industry Museum. Iordănescu can be a genuinely artistic man, even skilled in renovating old theater buildings, he explained in Oravița, where he participated in the reappraisal of theater there, which as an antique competes with the famous ancient Arad Theatre. The theater from which the Bibi administration ran away. But there’s nothing to look for on top of the local Museum of Industry, even if it functions as a cultural centre. Here we agree with Mr. Gheorghe Schwartz, a person who appeals to the conscience of Mr. Iordănescu as an original artist.

However, unlike the more famous prose writer of Arad, I think that when he accepted the position, Mr. Iordănescu knew exactly what was before him, and what were his possibilities, advantages and disadvantages, and not vice versa, but differently, I know him, I do not accept.

And I also think, at least as it now appears, that the marta HUB project is going the wrong way, the beaten path to expropriation – by the Arad political administration – good initiatives in order to steer them towards the cultural basis of the picture blows from which also drops some money to those involved and those who give ferociously from their hands …

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