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The children’s marching troupe agreements from Nesborini (Republic of Moldova) will start the second edition of the Humor Festival “Marin Semponirio”, which will take place this weekend (9-10 July), in Music Park in Central Park in the resort of Slănic-Moldova starting at 17.00.

The event is dedicated to the late director, screenwriter and actor Petru Mircea Marin Cimponeriu*, who worked for nearly two decades at the resort at the foot of the Nemira and who turned 85 since his birth in May. The festival will be attended by his son, Radu Adrian Semporio, with his family.

Among the guests of this new release are actors Doru-Octavian Dumitru, Radu Pietreanu (founder of the comedy group “Vacanța Mare”), Cristi Grețcu and Florin Constantin (both previously – “Divertis”) and Anisia Gavton, comedian .

About the character of the ex-Marin Cimponeriu, he drew a picture of his son, Rado-Adrien, on the Facebook page with the title Marin Cimponeriu – in memory: “24 years ago, on May 11, such a sunny day. In the year, I received the terrible news of the sudden death of my father We had seen each other less than a month ago, and he had come to Bucharest for a full set of medical examinations and was convinced that they had not indicated any serious condition. It seemed to me that all that was unexpected and unfair was his sudden and very early transition to the Immortal Spirits Realm. He was a man of great spirit, who made the credo of giving joy to the public through high quality artwork, and at the same time, of teaching others how to deliver that joy.He has been doing so for nearly four decades.

It seems that even now the faces of the hundreds of people who made up the funeral procession, the inhabitants of Thessaloniki Moldova, whom my father had enjoyed with his shows for years and who wanted with love, respect and sorrow to be at his side, pass before my eyes. His last terrestrial journey. And because I couldn’t do that at the time, I thank them now. How I would like to thank all those who, as a sign of appreciation, help not to forget him, with gestures smaller or larger, but all important, like this festival. Dear Dad, Dad, I wish you peace there in Heaven. Here on Earth, there are people who have not forgotten you.” Also in memory of Marin Cimponeriu, one of the resort streets now bears his name.

* Pietro Mercia Marin Simponerio (born July 3, 1937, Cluj-Napoca – died May 11, 1998, Thessaloniki, Moldova).

From 1958 to 1960 he was director of the House of Culture in Gatia – Timis Province, and for eleven years (1960-1971) he was director of the House of Culture of Slanic-Moldova. Between 1971 and 1978 he was a director and actor at the Thessaloniki Moldova People’s Comedy Theatre; 1978 – 1983 Director of the Culture House of Trade Unions of Oneşti, director of the publication “Curierul de Slănic” – a periodical of tourist and leisure information.

A graduate of the Bucharest Institute of Theater and Cinematography majoring in acting and directing and the Faculty of Philology within the “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iaşi, it was Marin Cimponeriu who laid the foundations of cultural activity in Slănic-Moldova, by establishing the city’s Culture House and the Popular Comedy Theater The first such institution in the country. During the years of his activity, he provided direction and scenography for more than 70 shows of various genres (comedy, theater, drama, poetry, musical performances), most of which were the author of the scripts.

He played leading roles in most of the performances of the brilliant team of the House of Culture and Popular Comedy Theater, both on stage at the Auditorium in Slanic Moldova, and in performances organized on many other stages in the country.

He has been awarded two prizes at the “ILCaragiale” National Festival of Theater and a laureate of the first edition of the “Constantin Tănase” National Festival of Humor. He was awarded many diplomas, orders and medals – along with the applause of hundreds of thousands of spectators whom he delighted over the years with his theatrical performance – in recognition of efforts and loyalty to quality art. Marin Semponirio was also one of the initiators and organizers of the traditional folk event “Festivalul Slănicului”, which folk bands from all over the country attend annually.

Marine Semporio was also awarded the title of “Honorary Citizen of Selanic-Moldova”. He was married to Adriana Augustina Semporio, a Methodist cultural artist and artist, who was the cousin of the poet Nikolai Lapish. His son, Adrian-Radu Cimponeriu is a management consultant, marketing, advertising and translator. He is a father of two and is married to Adriana-Angela Buciu, daughter of beloved folk music singer Angela Buciu and the late choreographer Valeriu Buciu.

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