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  • Romchim Protect Bacău introduced the 360 ​​Y-DRP machine to farmers and ensured the production of liquid fertilizers that could be used with it
  • The project is implemented by the American company, 360 Yield Center, and Romchim Protect in our country, in the Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria.

Romchim Protect in Bacau, which manufactures liquid fertilizers for agricultural crops, presented for the first time the super machine “360 Y-DROP” to be efficiently managed in such crops. This event was held at the recent Agriventura 2022 Agricultural Fair, which was organized in Podu Iloaiei.

The 360 ​​Y-DRP machine is delivered by 360 Yield Center from the USA, which ensures a technology-based approach that focuses on farmers’ expectations and delivers accurate, timely and affordable plans for optimum performance of agricultural crops.

360 Yield Center is a global leader in liquid fertilizer application machinery from the seeding stage to nearly the final stage of the vegetation cycle. This is due to the distribution systems installed on self-propelled cars for the 360 ​​Y-DRP device. In Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria, this company from the USA represents his company, Romchim Protect, which is managed by entrepreneur Ion Neculcea. Bacău has given assurances that it will provide the best liquid fertilizer that can be used through the new technology.

The 360 ​​Y-DROP system was introduced in the cornfield by Taylor Pulver, Regional Director of the 360 ​​Yield Center.

View in the corn field

The 360 ​​Y-DROP system is named after the shape of the liquid droplets (the letter Y shape) when distributed in the culture series. “This machine helps distribute nitrogen much better in agriculture, which is the most expensive fertilizer this year,” Taylor Pulver said. The use of liquid nitrogen during the growing season gives growers the opportunity to decide whether it is worth investing in fertilizer use in agriculture. With this machine, agricultural production can be increased, applying liquid nitrogen directly to the root of the plant and avoiding favoring evaporation (the amount of water that enters the atmosphere from the surface of wet bodies, from the surface of the soil or from water intercepted by foliage).”

In the cornfield, it was seen how the effects of fertilizer application were so close to the rootstock of the plants. Thus, the fertilizer reaches the plant’s feeding system very quickly without any losses. If ‘foliar’ nitrogen is used or if ammonium nitrate fertilizer is applied to vegetation above the plant, burns and sweating (evaporation of nitrogen from the product) may occur. And if we go to the application on the ground, which certainly 90% of the farmers do sprinklers, they would risk losing a little water from there.

Fertilizer Economy

360 Y-DROP allows you to control fertilizer consumption. In a very hot period, as in this period – as Taylor Pulver said – solid fertilizers tend to volatilize. Now in many areas the ground has cracked due to drought. Once in, the fertilizer can volatilize due to soil temperature or get lost in cracks where plant roots are not located.

360 Y-DROP Fertilizer Distribution allows plants to fully access nitrogen when applied directly to the rootstock. Most of the root system above ground or underground, but very close to the soil surface, will also benefit from the fertilizer applied.

Another advantage of 360 Y-DROP: In the morning, when there is dew, dew granules collect in the middle of the leaves and descend on the plant in the root zone, where nitrogen is. So it helps him get into the root system.

The 360 ​​Y-DROP system allows for a balanced feeding of crop plants, in hoe crops, and helps a lot in reducing fertilizing costs and maximizing results. Manure can be given during the vegetation period, when it is known that the target crop will reach maturity.

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