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It is no coincidence that Romania retreated to all team sports, be it gymnastics, football or handball. Basketball is no exception, even if our country is not a force at the continental level.

There are also problems in this sport and they are not different from those we face in the general phenomenon. presents a case of a match played between Dinamo and CSS Târgoviște, at the level Carpentry. Specifically, the junior teams of the two clubs.

match BasketballJunior, he finished with a big mark scandal

A trivial stage warmed the souls so much that he was left with insults, physical contact, and threats. Moreover, one of the players involved suffered in the long run, as he jumped from the chart to the national team.

The game was coming to an end again dynamo Led 1 point. Ștefan cel Mare’s Alex Luca (17 years old) tried to return the ball, but the opponent, Sebastian Tonas, stopped him. The opponent was asked to take the usual distance. Share the judgment and ask for the same. The basketball player from Târgoviște did not comply and swore in the “middle”.

Alex and Mihaela Luca

The referee decided to award the ball a free kick to Dynamo. Dâmbovia’s coach, Cătălin Tănase, the father of the athlete from whom the struggle began, intervened and threatened to stop the match. He sent his counterpart at Dinamo Alex Luca to explain to Tonas Sr that the referee had a real basis for dictating the penalty.

Alex Luca, expelled from the national team

Mihaela Luca, mother of basketball player Alex Luca, who was present at that game, recounts how the chaos went.

“The Dynamo coach sent Alex to assure the coach from Targovite that his son had taken an oath and that the referee’s decision was correct.

Pushing their coach Alex, our coach got angry because he didn’t have the right to touch the kid. From here there was a very big commotion,” Mihaela Luca told us.

The big problem came after that match. When the basketball player was called up from Dinamo to the under-18 team, where the coach is Cătălin Tănase. The athlete was informed that he would not be arrested for the actions of the national team. The player’s mother thinks it’s revenge.

“A report was made to Cătălin Tănase… My son was called up to the group, he was later fired, and I think the decision was unfair. And in the middle of this situation, this conflict that they had at the time.

Alex didn’t even play in friendlies to prove his worth. Which was adopted in the last tournaments in which he played. Because there are statistics. Technical data do not lie. So we can’t talk about incompetence, as the coach said to him when he said goodbye when he told him that if he came home, he wouldn’t starve,” says Mihaela Luca.

Her son was the top scorer in both national championship finals. Champion U18, U19, 3x3indoor U18, Best Five U18 MVP EYBL Levice, Slovenia.

The amazing explanation given by the selector

She also accuses the astonishing interpretation that her son received from the Mukhtar. “He made a big mistake when he told Alex that he is part of a good family and doesn’t eat basketball. In general, the talent and the work he did have nothing to do with his family. If he got where he got, he did it through work.

He wants to play basketball, to go his own way, so that the family is not eternal, and give him money all the time.”

Furthermore, the coach’s son Sebastian Tonas replaced Alex Luca. “Tănase jr stayed in the group, playing 2-3 where Alex also plays. He told me this when I asked him who he plays in his position, and Mihaela Luca concluded.

Cătălin Tănase coach was reported after the match with Dinamo, but the referee remained in the air, as federation officials did not announce any result. Otherwise, in the work of the national team, the Mukhtar arrived after 7 days, because he was on vacation. And at that time, another coach took his place.

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