Together we are the best!

July 2, 1997 is the day the first issue of the daily ProSport appeared. ProSport was created in full colour, large format on 16 pages and then 24 pages, by the MediaPro Trust, led by Adrian Sârbu.

Initially, the newspaper’s director was Ovidiu Ioanițoaia, and Cătălin Tolontan served as editor-in-chief.

The initial price of the newspaper was 1,400 lei. This equates to $0.15 at the time.

How the most beautiful Romanian sports press story and ProSport Shows started

The first version of ProSport was released on July 2, 1997

Universitatea Craiova – Dinamo 2-1 was the first Division A match that ProSport wrote about, on August 2, 1997. August 19, 1997 is the date the newspaper first wrote about a match for the national team, Romania – Macedonia 4-2.

During its 25 years of existence, ProSport has made many premieres in the Romanian media market. It was the first full-color newspaper in our country. It was the first newspaper to exceed 100,000 print copies per issue.

It was the first sports newspaper to have editions abroad and the first to offer special editions in the stadium before and after the match.

Huge names from ProSport

In the first stage, the editorial team consisted of journalists who worked for the newspaper “Sportul Românesc” between 1991-1997. Ovidiu Ioanițoaia was the director of the newspaper.

Ovidiu Ioanițoaia, Director of the daily ProSport,

At that time, ProSport set out to compete with the major sports dailies in Europe. At the 1998 World Cup, ProSport was the only daily sport, along with L’Equipe, with journalists present in all of the tournament’s final matches. The chief editor was Cătălin Tolontan.

“Before it became a brand, ProSport was a passionate team effort. I was fortunate to be a part of it” – Cătălin Tolontan, Former Editor-in-Chief of ProSport

He wrote for ProSport important names such as Ioan Chirilă, Radu Cosașu, Adrian Păunescu, Fănuș Neagu or Tudor Octavian.

Ewan Cherillo

Also in 1998, Kristi Gymbau and Marius Mitterrand joined the newspaper’s editorial team.

November 14, 2001 is the date on which the website was opened, marking the qualification bridging for the 2002 World Cup between Romania and Slovenia.

Who has been running ProSport for decades

In 2003, the team changed! ProSport was taken over by the Ringier press Trust, and on June 15, 2003, Christian Obescu became the newspaper’s director. Dorin Chioțea was appointed editor-in-chief, and Marius Mitterrand was appointed first deputy editor-in-chief.

In 2005, Dan Velotti became deputy editor-in-chief, and eventually became president of the newspaper. Three years later, ProSport returned to Adrian Sârbu’s portfolio, with Lucian Lipovan, Costin Ștucan and Andru Nenciu also responsible for the publication.

December 9, 2013 is the date when ProSport became available exclusively online.

In 2019, Adrian Sârbu sold the ProSport brand to Gândul Media Network Press Trust, the only press group in the 3 largest online newspaper companies in Romania, with 100% Romanian capital.

Currently, ProSport is led by Adrian Artin, managing editor, and Andrei Trevan, managing editor.

ProSport is currently among the most important players in the sports website market in Romania, with notable numbers, reaching nearly 3 million unique readers and 43 million impressions per month.

ProSport Special Projects

One area in which ProSport has seriously distinguished itself all these years is the field of special projects!

ProSport readers always enjoy memorable projects. Here we mention the Fantastic Division, the virtual football game that is considered the best in the history of the Romanian press. We run Bucharest Cross, which is organized by ProSport newspaper.

A young man prepares for the cross organized by ProSport in Bucharest

The Prosport Awards, which are given each year to the best athletes in the country, are another project much appreciated by the reading public. In 2006, for example, Gigi Becali was named patron of the year in Romanian football and received it personally from ProSport.

Gigi Becali speaks to the press, after being named by ProSport the Football Owner of the Year, during a ceremony in Bucharest, Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ProSport’s latest project is Nat100nala, with which we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Romanian national football team.

Together we are the best!

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