Agenda LiterNet/Oana Balaci: TIFF Fantasy Competition, 2022 (XI)

Emmanuel Parvo – His powerful and resolute interpretation of miracleBogdan Aptri I deep marked – And the sent to TIFF.21As a director and screenwriter, the second feature film in his film career. Morocco / Mikado (which could also have been called dominodue to its sequential effects that have the narrative thread it focuses on) was first shown in San Sebastian International Film Festival2021, unde to me Also in competition. The film shows how an unimportant, easy to overlook, and even well-intentioned event can have disastrous consequences over time (just as in The Butterfly Effect).

The script, written in collaboration with Alexandru Popa, begins with Magda (Ana Indricău, in her debut), a high school student celebrating her birthday. On this occasion, she receives from her father, businessman Kristi (Serban Buffalo), a white gold chain, shaped like the “Tree of Life” – ironically, considering how many lives will be lost because of that jewel. Magda choose let him He donated the gift of a girl with cancer, born at the same time, from the hospital where she volunteered with her beloved wizard, Iulian (Apprentice Theodore). Coco Domitrescu). This simple gesture of affection, this act of generosity, will set off a chain of consequences that can no longer be changed. Rodica, a nurse (we will find out later that she is Aeolian’s mother) finds the necklace in the girl’s bed and, according to her, sets it aside to prevent her loss, From Back the next day. But the next morning, the girl’s father accused her of theft and alerted her that the chain had disappeared from his daughter’s neck. One Hasty discharge, the hospital director orders her dismissal, otherwise she will abandon the care of the institution. The employee soon has a heart attack and dies. Gossip is spinning at the speed of the wind and the world starts pointing fingers at the protagonist as a killer. But is he really guilty?

Morocco / Mikado He proposes a moral dilemma, which grinds into Christy’s subconscious, as she is forced to lose it suffer Same in the past (the death of Magda’s mother). Can you be accused of having a heart attack on a man? “We are all dying. Who is to blame?” But Iulian and especially his friend Mihai (Vlad Brumaru who plays the perfect Golan) are determined to solve this mystery in court, where they can be compensated if the blame for the death lies with Christie. The death of a man and the potential trial of Christie are not the only negative effects of the series. Magda’s relationship with her boyfriend is also in danger, as he can no longer look at the girl as before. The teenager is also far from her family. despise and the father. Just like at the scene of the accident in The strange case of Benjamin Button By David Fincher, we can analyze what Will be It would have happened if nothing small had happened at the beginning of the movie. So Magda Will be They are taken to school instead of going to the hospital, as they did advised parents. If she received another gift or did not receive a gift in the morning. If only Louisa, the girl from the hospital, had not been born on the same day. But life has an ironic way of tying facts together. And Cristi finally receives a bigger punishment than And the No operation offered. A kind of ironic justice to the universe.

Despite frequent coincidences (in which Emmanuel Parvo says he does not believe, but that is how things are arranged), Morocco / Mikado It is one of the most established productions in reality I ever, and especially among the Romans – another example would be Babardeală with a problem or Porno balamuc Radu Good. Since it was also filmed in a pandemic, we can see a mask scattered here and there. Moreover, the director embeds social networks in the script and even offers them a crucial role in the story – Christie notes in photos on Facebook the lack of jewelry – but also apps like Bolt or Food Panda. both and Social media They are very present in our daily lives, but they often don’t appear in movies unless the topic revolves around them.

It seems to me that the most realistic scene is in which Magda wants to leave Iulian and in a hurry she leaves her phone. This moment is (apparently) meaningless from a narrative standpoint, just as dropping your phone on the floor doesn’t change the course of things (apparently). But this happens. Many things are just happening. An acorn falls from the tree of life and the leaves remain motionless, just as we take out one stick at a time from the Morocco game without moving the rest. But again the oak falls and makes a terrible noise, just like a clumsy player who breaks all the sticks. Sometimes it is under our control. Sometimes it’s just a matter of luck.

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