Do not shoot the udemerist! Opinion in favor of USSR Minister Eduard Novak

Upon hearing the news of Minister Novak, those who turned their eyes upside down at the speed of fruit from the pecans and who stroked their foreheads with their palms with the hesitation with which Edward Novak pedals were, first and foremost, the deceivers of Romanian sport with their unsuccessful moves from abroad and the journalists who fall on their backs when An athlete who has passed through the locker room of a large team carrying a net with balls in the back correctly performs a throw from the edge.

Romanian sports teams are nowhere to be found because all sorts of useless imports were made, apart from the fact that their arrival feeds the newspapers with statements in which the athletes say they admire Romanian hospitality, sarmal and polenta, but and the old center of the capital. While young Romanian athletes rub bench seats until pieces of wood are exportable only to turn into luxurious furniture, foreign players turn to the sounds of trumpets played by club leaders, loudspeakers and journalists and adorned with tattoos, hairstyles and less. talent. Talents they didn’t have before, or lost on the road because they were unlucky in life, or because they were robbed due to injuries.

Professor Pietro Gervan is Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at the University of “Stefan cel Mare” Suceava, head coach of the first men’s handball team CS Universitatea Suceava and a board member of the Romanian Handball Federation. And one more thing: Suceava handball club, which means teams from children to juniors, supplies the Romanian junior team with no less than 9 athletes.

In an interview about the 40 per cent that Novak and his opponents discussed, Mr. Gervain told me: “It has been something that has long been coveted. It’s all for the Ministry’s lawyers to resist these pressures, because it’s a huge step forward. You know the Handball Federation has imposed some Restrictions But 15 years later. At this moment we are obligated to have Romanian players on the field at all times. In the game report, where there are 16 players, 8 Romanian players are required. I was able to suggest that these 8 Romanian players will be eligible for the national team, Because there are Romanian players who say they won’t come to the group from tomorrow. Now you see in the football team a kind of this wave that they don’t want to be in the group anymore. That person doesn’t have to be a Romanian player on the playing card anymore. Surely it will be There is a lot of resistance from the clubs. This resistance is not justified. If the minister contacts those who donate money, then very good information will be obtained about the money spent, because it is public money, and I am not talking about football, as it has other sources of funding.”

According to Mr. Girvan, more than 90% of sports clubs in Romania are financed from public money, “and the public money is this country, this population, who should benefit from this money. Ultimately, the national teams are the standard by which this money is spent. justifiably.”

So what are we talking about. We’re talking about some public money being spent on some mediocre athletes who wouldn’t find a place on neighborhood teams in their hometowns, but were brought to Romania as superstars. We’re talking about public money being spent on pseudo-talents keeping kids whose parents pay local taxes and fees to town halls that sponsor various teams. Kids who have no way of getting ahead if they stay on the sidelines and who have nothing to learn from some that doesn’t happen elsewhere.

Well, there are also examples of real stars transferred by clubs in Romania, but to no avail. A good example is represented by the CSM Bucharest women’s handball team, which is a team full of money from the municipality and stars who have been transferred from the world, but does not work according to investments and expectations.

Minister Edward Novak’s decision deserves criticism because it was announced overnight, and some teams have made some acquisitions and some calculations. Instead, the leaders of rowdy clubs, especially those with public purse, and the rebellious defenders of the sport of law must temper their indignation if they want as little as possible for Romanian sport to get up from its knees and try to jump into the head with the intent of scoring from time to time.

Even if the UDR Sports Minister, Eduard Novak, suggested that Romanian teams include 40% of Hungarian players, not Romanians, I don’t think there would have been much indignation. If I appreciate Hungary’s investment in Romanian sports in areas inhabited by ethnic Hungarians and stay with OSK Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe in the Romanian Super Cup final in football, what happens? Am I a Hungarian? And what do I not have the right to work?

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