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23.9 million lei is the funding that the Sibiu International Theater Festival (FITS), from the Ministry of Culture, has received in the past 10 years. Of this money, most of the money came under the PSD ministers: 12.7 million lei. The liberals sent 5.89 million lei to Sibiu, the UDR ministers – 2.6 million lei, writes

In one year, freelancers filled the cultural portfolio, and the amount awarded to FITS at that time was 2 million lei.

During this period, the Social Democrats had ministers in 4 years, the Liberals had ministers in another 4 years, the UDMR in 2 years, and in another year the Ministry of Culture had an independent head.

Minister Romacano: “Last year, the Ministry of Culture paid almost 70% of the money it had on salaries. Getting 30% for projects is something else that is hard to imagine.
The Minister of Culture, Lucien Romacano, in Sibiu, during a press conference at FITS, complained that the foundation’s budget does not allow for the financing of cultural programmes, because 70% of them are consumed exclusively with salaries.

“If you fail to fight successfully for your ministry’s budget, for day-to-day matters, during the year, with your colleagues from the government, you are a statue in a ministry that is not working. I have been through these situations and I repeat: last year the Ministry of Culture paid out nearly 70% of the money it had On salaries. The minister said that getting 30% for projects is something else that is hard to imagine.”

He called on local governments to participate more financially in the financial support of cultural institutions, even in the case of national theaters.

FITS receives funding from Sibiu City Hall each year, but the money is allocated through the Radu Stanca National Theatre.

The director of the festival, Constantin Chirac, claims that the money given to culture returns, in any society, to the benefit of the population.

“Sibiu is a city that has never been conquered before and that has opened its doors to artists. It is the best example of how an entire society can be changed through cultural action. I was a member of the jury of the European Commission for Cultural Capitals for four years and in many cities saw that I was elected by my colleagues as president for the jury.

My first question to every mayor was: What is the culture budget? It was usually an answer between a comma and a comma max. The largest budget was in Wroclaw at 4.9% – an impressive budget.

Do you know how much Sibiu has? 14%. It is the largest budget in the world. Thanks to this budget, we return the consolidated budget of the city by 18%. It is the best example of how culture is not only a driver of economic development, but also to put what Sibiu means on the world map.

I remember, when I was in front of the European Commission jury, one of the questions was “How many 4 star hotels do you have?” – no one! “Who is 5?” – no one! “Who 3?” – 8!

Now there are five 5 stars, 29 4 stars, with scores of 3 stars. I’m not talking about pensions anymore. But what has changed the most is the audience. The fact that we have about 68% of the audience under 25 is the biggest gain. An investment in the future,” Chirac said in an interview with România Libera newspaper.

Ministers of Culture for the past ten years:
December 21, 2012 – December 17, 2013 – Daniel Konstantin Barbeau (PNL)

December 17, 2013 – February 26, 2014 – Gigel Știrbu (PNL)

March 5 – October 9, 2014 – Honor Clement (UDMR)

November 24 – December 17, 2014 – Cecilia Hegedus (UDMR)

December 17, 2014 – November 17, 2015 – Ionu Vulpescu (PSD)

November 17, 2015 – May 3, 2016 – Vlad Alexandrescu (Independent)

May 3, 2016 – January 4, 2017 – Corina Șuteu (Independent)

Jan 4, 2017-June 29, 2017 – Yuno Volpesco (PSD)

Jun 29 2017 – Jan 29 2018 – Lucien Romacano (PSD)

Jan 29, 2018 – Nov 20, 2018 George Evako (PSD)

November 20, 2018-4 November 2019 – Valer-Daniel Breaz (PSD)

November 4, 2019-November 24, 2021 – Bogdan Giorgio (PNL)

November 24, 2021 – Present – Lucien Romacano (PSD)

Funding obtained by Sibiu International Theater Festival between 2012 and 2022
2012 – 1,000,000 lei (PNL)

2013 – 800,000 lei (PNL)

2014 – 1000000 lei (UDMR)

2015 – 1,600,000 lei (UDMR)

2016 – 2,000,000 lei (independent)

2017 – 2,500,000 lei (PSD)

2018 – 3,000,000 lei (PSD)

2019 – 2,700,000 lei (PSD)

2020-700,000 lei (PNL)

2021 – 3,399,892 lei (PNL)

2022 – 4,500,000 lei (PSD)

Total: 23.19 million lei (4.63 million euros).

Festival allocations according to the political color of the ministers:
PSD – 12.7 million lei

PNL – 5.89 million lei

USSR – 2.6 million lei

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