Suceava hosts the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity

Between July 9-12, 2022, it will be held in Suceava, National Olympiad in Scientific Creativity Organized by the Ministry of Education through the Suceava District School Inspectorate in partnership with the “Ștefan cel Mare” University of Suceava and the Cygnus Scientific Society. The opening ceremony will be held Saturday 9th July In class 17:00 At the Joseph Schmidt Hall at Ștefan cel Mare University in Suceava. At this National Olympic Games, students will participate in a team with hands-on work that will be shown to the general public at Atrium Corp E – USV. These special works performed by students in the country will be judged by a central committee made up of famous professors from the university and the pre-university environment.

Olympiad of Scientific Creativity It is a national competition for excellence, in which students participate from all over the country, from fifth to twelfth grade (the thirteenth) and from vocational education, from all forms of education (day, evening, part-time), from state and private education, theoretical, technological or vocational Students with special skills, inclinations and interests for the subjects stipulated in the Regulation, which were previously selected in their districts at the district stage of the competition.

This National Olympics capitalizes on the open and flexible cultural character of a student who is able to perform in pre-university education and is geared towards creative students, with an age-appropriate cultural horizon, who can benefit from previously acquired knowledge, and have proven documentation skills. Competition. Olympiad of Scientific Creativity Develops and utilizes students’ ability to work in a team, to harmonize their skills, abilities and knowledge with those of a business partner. Each team participates in the Olympiad with a project or study in the field of science, technology, innovation or invention, that solves or explains the problem of contemporary society. Since the scientific aspects that can solve crises in contemporary society are manifold, students have always suggested interesting topics as they are well documented and solved, covering the field of natural sciences: biology, chemistry, geography, physics, astronomy, environment, ecosystem management, applied mathematics or interdisciplinary fields For the included sciences.

Olympiad of Scientific Creativity It is held in order to discover and promote creative and talented young people who are able to become original, brave and inspiring scholars like their predecessors honored through this national and international competition: Nicolae Polescu, Stefan Procopio, Anna Aslan, Horia Hulube, Petrash Poinarro, Ștefan Odobleja, Emil Palade and Victor Bab, Anghel Saligni, Dimitrie Gusti and many more.

So, let’s make our meeting in Olympiad of Scientific Creativity More than participate in the profile contest. Let’s try to understand that through the projects that we present, we really contribute to the development of science in the Roman space and respect the memory of Romanian researchers, their work and their altruistic vision.

The sponsors of this edition of the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity to be held in Suceava from 9 to 12 July are: Akwa Karpatica, Dorna, Ndava, College of Art “Cyprian Borombiscu” Suceava, College of Bukovina Campulung Moldovensriy, Bogdan Vody Sports School “Câmpulung Moldovenesc, School High School with Suceava Sports Program, “Ștefan cel Mare” National College Suceava and “Mihai Eminescu” National College Suceava.

At the opening ceremony of the National Olympiad, an artistic program will develop in it: many teachers from the Art College “Syprian Borombisko” Suceava, Polish mountaineers “Sołonczanka” from Solonețu Nou, artistic troupe Jura Izvoruloi from Vatra Moldovici Coordinator Mrs. Professor Ilaria Pushka and Ukrainian dance troupe .

Suceava County School Inspectorate

Deputy Inspector General of the School,

a. Peter Christmas

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